Open Grave in a Forgotten Cemetery [Kult America]

Open Grave in a Forgotten Cemetery [Kult America]

On today’s episode of Kult America I am in Poland’s Subcarpathian Region to search for abandoned cemeteries. So I’m in the village of Łodzinka, and there is said to be an abandoned cemetery with outlining foundations of a orthodox church somewhere upon this hill. So imagine that you are just going on a nice walk through these beautiful hills as a tourist, and you notice that there is a kind of cement foundation on the side of the road, open. You might not realize what it is until you take a closer look and discover a headstone. A cross. Glass is not really too biodegredable but it would seem that someone remembers whoever lies below this mound because there are plenty of candles someone returns all the time. Yeah. Look at that. Looks like a headstone that’s fallen down. I’m not going down to uncover the whole thing today but… It’s a kind of fascinating all the same. We put our names and our dates on these headstones so that we can hopefully be immortalized, so that our descendants will know where their ancestors came from. But I suspect thousands of years from now, when archeologists are looking for places that might or might not be cemeteries, it won’t be headstones and bones that tell them the story, but it will be our garbage. Look at this. Look at how many unattended graves there are. This is incredible! And… I saw one of the dates on the grave which was about 1920. So this has been sitting unattended for many, many years. And in the scale of history, this is only many years from our perspective. I think that within our lifetime this place might even become unrecognizable as a cemetery. We’re about 15 or 20 km away from the Ukrainian border. And this headstone is written in Ukrainian. The Subcarpathian region actually use to have a very large and significant Ukrainian population but because of political tensions that has since changed. And I have noticed the candle here is quite new so someone, we could assume Ukrainian, comes back to this spot to pay their vigilance. I’ve been looking for the foundation of the church that would’ve been associated with this cemetery, and I haven’t really been too successful but purely speculating this hole behind me could perfectly fit the outline of a small orthodox chapel. I’m in the city of Leszczawa where there’s said to be an abandoned Ukrainian cemetery just inside of these woods. So I can see the first grave and actually it’s very, very well attended for a place that is supposed to be abandoned. This graveside is from 1939 and it’s really really well preserved. But the others in the area are quite neglected and actually you’d have to dig trough this brush to find them. It’s incredible. So there’re probably a lot of graves actually under this brush, around these trees which we wouldn’t really be able to distinguish with the naked eye. But I’m really curious why that solo grave it’s so well preserved when everything else is… is gone. When motorists drive through this city of Leszczawa, what there might not be aware of is this hidden cemetery on the side of a hill. It’s just next to the main road and you would never guess it was here if you didn’t venture in. I’m in Leszczawa Górna right now and I’m just amazed by a beauty of the nature. And what amazes me even more is that under this beautiful blanket of trees are hidden abandoned cemeteries, such as the Ukrainian cemetery. So I can see the first grave, and there’s not exactly a paved road so I have to kinda…. take the village way up. This is graphic. The first thing I discovered when I was walking here is a huge open hole in the ground. And it doesn’t leave much to imagination, because inside of that hole you can clearly see a very old casket. Despite the fact that these graves are all very covered by natural growth, you can clearly see the outline of where dead bodies are laying. Just in front of me there is one, two, three, four, five, six… This must have been a pretty big cemetery. Even when I look up the hill I can see in a distance some headstones. But I’m a little bit paranoid after seeing the collapsed grave. I really would not like to fall into an ancient grave. In front of me lie the remains of a small chapel. And you can clearly see some of the craftsmanship in these logs. And also just how long this has been sitting here by all of the moss and erosion that has happened to the foundation. When I explore the woods and find things like this, and I see the little details of craftsmanship, it really makes me wonder what are their stories this forest might have to tell. Not only are these headstones old but I have the impression that the candles that loved ones brought to these headstones could be as old as I am. This is a very forgotten place. Just everywhere I look in this enormous cemetery there is bump, after bump, after bump on the hill. It’s almost like ski moguls. And when you start to think that each one of these bumps was an individual life with an individual story, it’s very very moving and very very somber to stand here. And also I have to wonder, how many thousands of descendants exist today because of the bumps in the ground around me. I’m clearly not a historian, I’m just a curious human being who likes to travel around, have experiences and comment on how I perceive those experiences. But for those of you who are history-savvy, please write me in the comment section below your theory as to why these cemetaries are abandoned, and what are their significance to the history and legacy of Polish society. Beyond that, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter where we could continue and evolve this discussion on a more personal level if that is your preference and please subscribe, share, all of that. Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. I would like to commend you for being so polite and respectful as you made this interesting video.
    If you Google about these abandoned cemetery's in and near Poland etc, it says that during WW2, the Nazi's forced the Jewish slave labourers to dismantle cemeteries,using headstones and dismantled synagogues etc to make roads for the German tanks etc. Many of these slaves were then murdered, and buried in mass graves in these cemetery's, so you may find a larger grave mound sometime, and be aware it may be one of those.. very sad.. I look more of your videos. Very interesting and educational. Thankyou.

  2. It's amazing that that wooded area was actually at one time an open Cemetery but it has fallen into disrepair and neglected over the years decades even up to about a half a century maybe a century and what's even more amazing is how nature starts to reclaim her territory after man stops tending to it it's just simply amazing who knows maybe twenty years from now you won't even find a headstone they would have to have archaeologists dig it up and maybe build homes on top of that

  3. you have to look at the dates..The cemetery care taker should have appointed someone to run his business if he passed. It also cost money. They only make money when someone passes. The state should have took over it. But like my grandfather said" the living don't care about the dead because they can't make money off of you anymore" 👊if you care about the gravesite then start a fund and quit asking stupid questions. 👊

  4. In my neighborhood there are many abandoned German (Prussian) cemeteries, which is also sad. Nobody cares about them and does not remember.

  5. I dabble in genealogy and what I have found is cemetery's get abandoned because of family moving away or some bad thing going on (war, depression), roads were moved away several yards away, so they become just out of site of the traveler and once in awhile people buy land that includes a cemetery and try to keep others out.

  6. I love video's like this! you are very good at this, I really appreciate you making these video's! Very interesting and well done!

  7. There are whole villages abandoned. War ended, Ukrainians went to Ukraine, Łemkowie who were supportive towards Ukrainian UPA were removed from terrirtory of Bieszczady during operation Vistula, to live in the north part of Poland.

  8. and of course there are villages that were slaughtered and burned to the ground by Germans during WWII, e. g. if people living there were hiding their Jewish neighbours

  9. we have found some old forgotton cemeterys here in wv lotos of then are in old mining towns that are abandoned

  10. I stumbled across this video and I must say I am impressed. Very well done, intelligent and respectful video.

  11. The cemeteries are abandoned for the simple reason that no one is currently living who either remembers these people or who has any connection to them even though they very well may have that connection, but are unaware of it. The same thing happens in American cemeteries. I've never understood why cemeteries advertise "perpetual care" because that is just not possible given enough time. My ancestors are all from the Czech Republic and therefore, I know I must have ancestors buried there; but I too would have no clue as to who they are or where they are buried.

  12. Hello, Just wondering if you have ever heard of Linda Hazard from Port Orchard WA. Its a story that begins with good and ultimately ends with many sad families. She has a huge cemetary that is almost forgotten as well as bodies still appear from time to time on the cliff. Let me know!

  13. sad I didn't become interested in history until I became part of history because of my age. now at 49 I'm fascinated by it and love learning about it. thanks to people like you who help provide information and facts regarding it. thank you to my polish people for all you have endured through history and time.

  14. This cemetery might have been abandoned because it was full of Draculas. Watch out for Draculas. You don''t need them in your life.

  15. Congratulations! Very nice presentation. I could just imagine how many people from years pasts who were forgotten, whose memories are no longer passed on to the the present generation. Thank you for your cause. More power!

  16. Nicely done. Very professional.

    As to theories about why they are in that condition: The disruption of WW II and near 50 years of Communist rule. Many families probably wiped out or dislocated. Perhaps lack of incentives under the Communists.

  17. The grave that is open was really close to the surface… isn't is procedure to bury "six feet under"?

  18. What's an abandoned" cemetery? Did all the dead people just get up and walk away from it? Hardly. Just because it isn't maintained doesn't mean it isn't as meaningful a burial spot as Forest Lawn.

  19. A drunk man stumbles out of the tavern to go home and decides to take a shortcut through the village graveyard, and immediately falls into an freshly dug and open grave; he tries with all of his might to climb out to no avail due to his drunken stupor and decides to wait it out until morning. Well, directly a cold rain commences and he starts to yell HELP ME, I'M COLD! HELP ME, I'M COLD!!! well, by happenstance another drunkard is TAKING the same shortcut and hears the man yelling HELP ME, I'M COLD!!! Upon investigation, the second drunk man finds the open grave and sees the man at the bottom of it yelling HELP ME, I'M COLD!!! To which the second drunk replies IT'S NO WONDER YOU'RE COLD!! YOU'VE KICKED ALL THE DIRT OFF OF YA!!!

  20. You showed Respect. I live near many Ghost Towns, most have no buildings left. Some of the Grave Yards are hidden. Only the local inhabitants know of them.

    Though I have Kin buried in the Mountains thair Graves will not be found. As the invaders ran them off and Killed the rest.

    We were everywhere traveling trading, With the Feet, Shoshone, and others.



    LOST River Valley.


  21. The Soviet Union did not fund retired cemetery maintenance.
    The morals and values of a society are represented in the manner that their ancestors graves are protected and maintained!
    Unfortunately once all those who knew the dead are also gone cemeteries are neglected and lose their priority for funding.
    When I once complained to my mayor here in Oakville Ontario she said to me, "why bother, they cannot vote"!
    I persisted we got a new mayor and I got the funding and the job is nearly done, unfortunately the town employees and the neglect did a lot of permanent damage!

  22. Thank you kindly for your dedication and interested time on seeking history of the worlds loved ones. You are a special individual the really reveals the phrase " Lost but never forgotten ".

  23. Takich opuszczonych wiosek, cmentarzy, kościołów, cerkwi na Podkarpaciu jest mnóstwo, setki szczególnie na wschodzie i południu Podkarpacia. Te tereny zamieszkiwała spora liczba Ukraińców, Łemków i Bojków. Niektóre cerkwie stoją do dzisiaj z innych zostały tylko fundamenty , dzikie sady pośród gór, lasów i łąk.

  24. Wars cause great swathes of population to due or to leave an area. It's sad that so many of these dead will never be remembered by anyone.

  25. I've taken upwards of almost 80,000 pictures of headstones, for both findagrave and billiongraves. It's a shame the condition of cemeteries.

  26. You have to pay attention to the dates on the Jewish stones because ww2 occurred and many relatives of those buried never lived through the war due to the Holocaust.

  27. I think it would be very fitting for you to contact some people who live in that area to see if they could form a group of people who would agree to clean up the cemetery together. It appears it would be way too much work for one person to do it alone but if you can get a group of people working together it can be done. Those people who are buried in those cemeteries are somebody's relatives, somebody's ancestors, and with people doing their genealogy today they need to have answers of where their loved ones are buried. So if the cemeteries could be cleaned up and photos taken of them after they are cleaned, someone could post them on so that genealogist can have the answers they need.

  28. This is great video! So what I believe happened was as the generations passed, people no longer knew who their great, great, etc., grandparents were. I myself recently discovered, through, that my great great grandfather was buried in a church yard about an hour north of my house. Until then, I had no idea who he was or what his name was. So I believe that a similar thing happened where you were.

  29. Remember we are remembered long after we are gone
    We live in the hearts dreams memories of everyone who remembers us..

  30. That's so sad.some old cemetery get abandoned that sad there family not around anymore or.don't care that sad to

  31. Why don't the locals fix them up again? What did they say did you ask around? I have always wanted to be a restorer of old cemetery's and gravestones.

  32. I agree with Lom…you were very respectful, but it is so very sad. The families who buried their loved ones here, thought the grave markers would stay erect and legible forever…but how sad that nearly all these graves have gradually been taken over by nature, and authorities have not thought to at least erect a notice to say this is still a cemetery, with many loved ones remains here.
    What would have happened to the church records, recording those who were buried there ?? Also if you had access to a drone with a camera, that might show the outline of where the church, and graves are, the way archaeologists do when looking for and at old earth workings etc??
    They seem to show up much better from an Ariel view. Well done with this unusual research. Without you, I imagine this would have been completely forgotten by all except the silent individuals who still light a candle for their loved ones.
    I look forward to more of your investigations and videos. Best wishes from Helen in the U.K. 🙋👍👏

  33. This happens a lot when they stop burying people in cemeteries and they are not used anymore.. Where I live, there are a lot of old, long ago forgotten ones around and many times stores, apartments etc are built around them. I remember as a child finding one that looked a lot like this one here, behind a store that my mom shopped in . The cemetery goes back to the 1700s, but has not been used in over 100 yrs. . Their decedents move away, die etc.

  34. It doesn't surprise me, Ryan. I recently started looking at Polish – Soviet war of 1919-1921. It would not surprise me that one of the consequences of that war was the displacement of the Ukrainian communities that were displaced after the war and then not allowed to return, even after the 1945 resettlement of the Ukrainian – Polish border.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this video. The way we treat the deceased reflects how we treat the living. P.S.- when a plane crashed in the Ukraine some of the towns people stole credit cards off the dead.

  36. It's hard to say why they're left to rot that way. I guess people nowadays don't wish to be bothered with such things.

  37. You are such a respectful.young man. It's sad to see how this cemetery has became so forgotten. Would there be any records of its history somewhere, if it had a church or chapel.there it might be a place to start. If your interested in finding out about its history. That open grave with the visible casket was so sad . Maybe some townspeople nearby would be willing to go in and repair damage, to re bury these peoples remains, or at least cover them with some dirt. Time is not on their side, it will only get worse. I have a Great Uncle who was in World War I and buried in a small village in France I'd hate to think maybe his grave has ended up like these have. Thank you so much for this most intresting visit to this place. Are you ever planning on maybe coming back here? Maybe doing a follow up video.

  38. Someone needs to uncover and restore these cemeteries!!! I can't believe people just disrespect the dead like that!!

  39. Along time ago people used to bury loved ones in their own backyard, so even when houses aren’t there anymore the graves will still be there.

  40. Happen to see any versions of the last name “Werick”? I’ve been told it’s polish in origin but I assume it’s probably been changed in the spelling over time

  41. It's very Sad, that these remains of people love one have been forgotten forever, maybe their love one have passed on also, thanks for sharing this with me,(US)😑

  42. Yes Time Forgets Us All…. There are Forgotten Cemeteries All over America…
    Time Will Forget us All… In Time…

  43. Hello I really enjoyed this video but how very sad to be forgotten about but I know it happens all tha time .Love from NC

  44. Thank you. I love your shows. So deep and thoughtful.
    You really love Poland and country history.
    Please, keep your great job going!!

  45. There's plenty of forgotten or near forgotten cemeteries right here in the USA. In a way, it's sad they've fallen into neglect and are being overgrown. But in a way I like the idea of burial sites returning back to nature as we turn into dust.

  46. So Many of the Early Settler home sites are lost now. Many had Wood Markers. If you were buried in a shallow Grave in a Wood Box your Bones Dissolve so you wouldn't find any remains anyway.
    In one of my family Grave Yards there are Indian Graves that have only a Sand Stone at the Head of them. Cant Find Any Writing on Them.
    But they are listed as Indian.
    Porch Creek
    you have to Think the Indians Had Burial Mounds… I know where many are…
    I have Photos of them if anyone would like to see. But out of RESPECT & fact that I have seen many GRAVE MARKERS DESTROYED I won't tell where they are

  47. Good video but you are lucky a vampire or some other creature did't get you. Carpathian cemetery? You are asking for trouble dude.

  48. You could probably go to the public library and local funeral home they should have the history of all cemeteries since the funeral homes work all cemeteries

  49. Hi Ryan. Beautiful piece. The reason you are finding the abandoned Ukrainian cemeteries in Podkarpacjs is due to ethnic cleansing. Following WWII, after Poland’s borders were moved west to the Oder the Polish Government expelled its remaining Ukrainian population and the Soviets did the same with the remaining Polish population in Western Ukraine. My great grandfather was born in Husiatyn, which was a border town between the USSR and pre-war Poland and there you see the abandoned Catholic churches and cemeteries. My great great grandmother died in Tarnopol in 1920, and we will never know where is her grave. Likewise, the Jewish cemeteries are forgotten as well.

    In Poland’s west, you will find the same situation with German cemeteries.

  50. Cemeteries are not always actually "abandoned": those who were alive and tended to graves of loved ones buried there are themselves dead and gone elsewhere. It is a law of life for all of us to eventually be forgotten; it is not a criminal act, it's just life.

  51. That part of the world has seen many wars , starvation, disease , executions and other types of violent conflicts. Who knows how many unnamed and forgotten graves there are. Interesting and also sad.

  52. There are thousands just like this all across the USA that aren't even as old as this one. There's no money for repairs and maintenance, and ancestors who either dont know or dont care.

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