32 thoughts on “Only The Populist Left Can Defeat Trump & Republicans

  1. 11:15 they mean abolish PRISONS not JAILS!
    Nice smear-job, Kyle.
    This was embarrassing to watch.
    Instead of showing ignorance on the topic, have the DSA on.

  2. I would like to see no borders. Though I agree that they won’t work, at least not until there is a world government. Something I also hope to see one day. One step at a time though. A lot has to happen first before that would be possible. As for banning profit, I am also for getting rid of capitalism. I think it does far more harm than good and if it ever provided any benefit, it is definitely at the end of its life now. We need an entire change of system – in my opinion – if we are to survive and thrive into the future.

  3. All populists suck – right or left.

    You'd privilege 1 "poor" American worker over 50 Bangladeshi workers living on $2/day.

    Is that "justice?"

  4. Those must be paid by the right to post those signs to make the left look radical. I have never met anyone that wants not profit, and no borders..I think the right is saying if you want to abolish ice you want no borders. There is nobody wanting no profit.

  5. So…
    Populism is really bad, so get down to that level too!
    That's why american politic is sooo bad right now.

  6. I find it hard to believe that the Leftist Physical version of Ben Shapiro(Kucklinski) grew up and hung out with nothing but black kids. He looks like he grew up around a bunch of other lame white kids.

  7. So Kucklinski who lives in NY knows who Hoosiers and CornHuskers are gonna vote for??? Quick, all Democrats must get their campaign managed by Kyle Kucklisnki.

  8. The further the left moves from the center the smaller the chance they have of winning elections. Where are the Bill Clinton Democrats ? These new liberal ideas are fairy tales. Obama was able to win elections but he had to hide his true feelings. After he won his last election Obama revealed his real political beliefs and America didn't want it. Americans are mostly in the center. Left of center or right of center but they are not enough people on the far edge of the chart to win. Liberal Democrats cannot beat Trump so they are acting like fools with these outlandish ideas.

  9. I agreed with most of what you said in your critical response to the DSA opinion. But Bremmer basically said the same. I did not understand at all what your problem was with that.

    One more thing: You guys should definitely copy the populist Left economic ideas that our Social Democratic party has here in Denmark. But you should also copy our tough immigration laws that the Danish Social Democratic party also favors, otherwise it does not work. You do not yet have strict enough immigration opinions to win.

  10. Kyle nails it. There is an old saying that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. The DNC and centrist neo-libs are a prime example of this thinking. A progressive message can play in Middle America…we saw that Tuesday with the election of Rhashida Tlaib in Michigan's 13th Congressional District. it's going down- because progressives do have a better message for working America.

  11. Socialists are "anti-corruption" if you believe that Stalin was fighting corruption when he seized his competitor's assets.

  12. Kyle, you, and many of your followers, do not understand the ideas of the far-left.

    When socialists argue to "abolish profit" they want to abolish surplus profit, or private ownership of company profits. Essentially, the surplus profit – after all necessary expenses are paid – would be distributed to the workers of the company, not the top executives of the company, thereby raising the salaries of everyone. I personally advocate for distributing this surplus profit based on the contribution of each worker. I do admit that the DSA should find a better way of expressing that idea than simply "abolishing profit", but that is the context behind their choice of phrase.

    Abolishing prisons is another phrase taken out of context. DSA socialists believe the establishing full democracy – political and economic democracy – would eliminate the need for prisons, by reducing levels of inequality to virtually nothing through social ownership of the economy and resources, poverty would no longer exist. This – along with reducing levels of mental illness in society by providing for the needs of other people – would make a virtually crimeless society. In such a social context, you would hardly have need for prisons. In this society, there would be criminal rehabilitation centres (CRC's as I call them), which I would argue are not "prisons", for those who wrong society. Though at least you argue we should abolish cash bail, private prisons and detention centres, and for-profit detention facilities.

    Abolition of borders is an idea that I agree with, I just would not actively support it, at this moment in time. I just do not believe that we have achieved the level of societal prosperity and development yet. But abolishing border controls like in the European Schegen Area is not a bad idea. It promotes free movement of people and capital, which is good for the economy; and it promotes unity and cooperation between nation-states. When different countries leaders, people, workers, and industries become inter-connected and inter-dependent of each other, you reduce the likelihood of war, violence, and conflict. In Europe, the idea of waging war against another European nation is never seriously pondered by anyone in the government-sphere, for it would be devastating. If we want to establish true world peace by ending war forever, ultra-globalizing by establishing a no-border world with a strong international government – not the UN, a real international government – would save the world from endless violence.

    You seem to be under the belief that socially democratic, welfare capitalism is the be-all, end-all of human socioeconomic systems that maximize human prosperity. Maybe in the short term, but to believe the capitalism as an economic system should be the last human economic system is just silly, and horrifically short-sighted. The left should not all become social democrats, because social democracy does not solve the largest problem of all – the power of the elite. Capitalism is a way for the elite to control the economy and the state, and thereby the people. Historically, human economic systems have always focused on maximizing and projecting the power of the elite until the majority of the population. Capitalism is just another economic system that does that. Socialism – which is worker ownership of the means of production – would, for the first time in history, be a system where the majority of the population would have true freedom and power over their lives and work, and destroy the endless reign of the elite.

  13. I can't speak for the DSA, but I interpret Abolishing Borders to mean the following: a united humanity. I know; scary! One World Government! But really though, what do you think the banks are? I honestly don't see a problem with a United Earth Government, and I think it's absolutely necessary if we're going to start colonizing other planets.

    Thinking you can have a nation without borders is bordering on mental retardation, but there's really no good reason for a modern nation to restrict immigration to the extent that we do; we end up spending more to keep them out than it would cost to let them in. My father works for a security company that's been contracted by I.C.E. to transport illegal immigrants that are in custody. Care to guess how often he sees repeat offenders? I'm willing to bet it's more often than you think. That's anecdotal, sure, but something tells me it's pretty representative. It isn't like we're saying to give them full citizenship as soon as they cross the border, but residency should be a fairly simple and straight-forward thing to get, with a clear and attainable path to citizenship.

  14. Be careful when releasing the drug dealers, that they are not indeed a total bastard who the police only GOT for drug dealing, but was guilty of a lot of violence that went unreported because of the way the streets work.

  15. 'Abolishing prisons, borders and profits are Radical Libertarian Socialist/Anarchist ideas. Abolishing borders means abolishing nations: this is the peak internationalist position. Abolishing prifits means switching the way we distribute resources, from merit-based to need-based. Abolishing prisons means abolishing personal responsability from crimes committed.

    This is all very utopian ideas; the goals of democratic socialism in the end, and implementing them now in America would lead to a catastrophe. However, we need to remember that 500 years ago, neither profits, prisons nor borders existed in America. The native tribes did not have the consept of land ownership, profits nor personal responsability from crimes committed(the whole community would make reperations for crimes committed by one of their members. Native american societies would not take prisoners of war either: they would only take the scalps of the people they defeated to show their victory.

    Anyway, no socialist or communist government anywhere in the world ever abolished borders and prisons. Even If whoever wrote that tweet was president of the united states, and they had a supermajority of like-minded individuals in congress, they would not abolish any of these thingsm but would attempt to create a world in which making this policy shift becomes a possibility.

  16. Omg I just spent the last week learning about Socialism and I am actually to the left of Kyle now…feels strange. Either way I agree DSA is dishing that stuff out too early…

  17. Is Kyle going to make a video about the awful smear job Sargon has been doing against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

  18. Profit is theft, Kyle. It’s no circle jerk, and we’re not trying to win elections, we’re trying to win hearts & minds. This is Socialism. Do you really think a deli or any
    small business that doesn’t exploit its workers makes a profit? We at DSA do want to abolish Capitalism! Don’t trash our philosophy. Just bc you are a Capitalist doesn’t mean our positions are silly. Pls bring on someone versed in DSA positions so you can educate yourself and your audience.

  19. This "The left will eventually defeat Trump and the conservative menace" things been spouted again and again and it still ain't happening.

  20. She won't win in the Midwest talking about abolishing ICE. She can be as populous as she wants but if she talks about free everything and abolish ICE she would lose in the most liberal of Midwestern counties.

  21. Nations shouldn't exist, in any case; they are merely arbitrary divisions between people. No-one is illegal.

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