Omar Claims Crisis At Border Is ‘White Nationalism,’ And America Calls For Trump

Omar Claims Crisis At Border Is ‘White Nationalism,’ And America Calls For Trump

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nationalism trump utterly destroys her representative Ilhan omar claimed the
only real crisis at our southern border is white nationalism the Minnesota
congresswoman was responding to shocking numbers of migrants rushing our southern
border that Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McHale Enon says is
at a breaking point Omar dismissed reports 1 million
migrants are heading to our border claiming it’s white nationalism which is
to blame well that’s when President Donald Trump utterly destroyed her you
ll love this the southern border crisis is only getting worse now
Border Patrol officials are warning us it’s at a breaking point and they are
begging all Americans to take it seriously while President Trump is doing
everything he can the commander-in-chief is still being met by political game
playing by the likes of Democrats such as Rep Omar
US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McHale leaned and
said the border was at its breaking point noting there are not enough agents
to respond to the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the us-mexico border
Fox News reports that breaking point has arrived this week at our border McAllen
and said during a visit to the border in El Paso Texas
CBP is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis
all along our southwest border his agency also tweeted that they saw
the highest number of apprehensions and encounters in over a decade this week
over 4,000 in one day hashtag CBP saw the highest total of apprehensions and
encounters in over a decade on Monday with 4,000 migrants either apprehended
or encountered at ports of entry in a single day yesterday that record was
broken again 4117 in a single day enter representative Ilhan omar who is
dismissing Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McHale Eden’s dire
warnings instead the radical left-wing congresswoman’s response was to blame
white nationalism is the only problem she sees at the border this is abhorrent
and inhumane it’s without a doubt a reflection of what white nationalism is
doing to our country as a country we have to acknowledge that this is how
people are being treated here and decide that we are better and we must do better
tweeted Omar in response to a report that El Paso has a crisis with migrant
families rushing the border well maybe it would be a good idea for
Omar would volunteer her district to immediately take in all those poor
migrants since this is just a problem of white nationalism we wonder how her
constituents would like to have tens of thousands of unvetted migrants dumped
into their hometown president Donald Trump responded to all the naysayers
like rep Omar and her cohorts by issuing the Steyr warning Mexico is doing
nothing to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our country they are all
talk and no action likewise Honduras Guatemala and El
Salvador have taken our money for years and do nothing the Dems don’t care such
bad laws may close the southern border and patriotic Americans are
overwhelmingly are on board with closing the border close the border it will stop
the flow of illegals drugs and trafficking as much as is possible right
now finish the wall you have to stop the flow before you can deal with the ones
already here or it makes no difference said Twitter user for a friend so in
response to the president’s statement the American people shocked the world in
2016 when we elected the political novice and billionaire from New York
over the so called seasoned politician and former Secretary of State and the
one issue that drove voters to elect Trump was resoundingly illegal
immigration the American people are smart if any message can be taken from
the 2016 presidential election it is that we the people identified illegal
immigration as the biggest issue facing our nation we are now faced with an
invasion force down south we now stand on the precipice of a disaster that
could if left unchecked transform America into a third-world nation we
must send a rallying cry to the president that we will have his back he
must do the hard things to save America from the corrupt likes of rep Omar and
her cohorts in the Democratic Party who would rather see America perish so they
can stay in power Benjamin Franklin knew this American experiment could easily be
destroyed he was approached by a Miss Powell of Philadelphia asking what sort
of government the delegates had created his answer was a republic if you can
keep it let all your family and friends know we have a choice support Trump and
urge him to close the border so Americans can keep this great Republic
from ever vanishing from the face of the earth
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28 thoughts on “Omar Claims Crisis At Border Is ‘White Nationalism,’ And America Calls For Trump

  1. Obviously this is an jihadist operative in our country….it's her way to get more of these operatives in to the country and than unleash a 911 type jihad…notice to the shamming tactics

  2. It's always always race with the Democrats, all they use is the race card without that they have no card, in Omar's case she's lucky Obama let her in unfortunately, she is nothing but a hater, and she has to go!!

  3. All immigrants that have to be let go in the US because of overflow, should be bused and released into sanctuary cities like San Fran or NY. Let those mayors take care of them.

  4. Yeah, its kinda like Mexico has Mexicans, Canada has Canadians, Somolia has Somilians, and so on….so what's the problem with America having white people considering its their country? This is what you get when you welcome your enemy with open arms while turning the other cheek….the people you welcome shit on you and try to destroy you. That's means they are no longer welcome and have become the enemy.

  5. This woman needs To go from congress and senate. Then deport them both back To their country. She does not represent me. Shes a fake and a liar. Yes shut down the border and start the deportation. I am sick of all of these traitors in our gov. Pres Trump's job is To protect the American ppl and country, who cares what the dems want.

  6. Wonder if she is color blind. If Congress would get off there ass and get to work something just might get done.

  7. That low-life I'm so sick to see her face ungrateful our country gave New life . marry her own brother she needs to be removed from the Congress.

  8. People like her at the border is the crisis,and getting worse all the time!All Muslims/Islamists in this country,are Enemies of the State,and need to be immediately deported.C.A.I.R. needs to be prosecuted into non-existence or completely outlawed!

  9. Impeach Omar, she is obviously not for the U.S.. Deport this ragheaded somalian who wants nothing better than institute sharia law in America. Woe to you Minnesota…what are you thinking??? Also make her remove that rag off her head when in the House of representatives. She serves America! We don't kowtow to her.

  10. Shut the border down if it's the only way we can keep illegals from entering our country here in the United States and let's close the border Mexico will wake up or suffer the consequences. Mexico could stop them but they're not and that should tell everybody something, that Mexico does not stand with America…

  11. Hey! No. Keep them out of Minnesota.state of hockey for Christ sakes.😂🙏🏒🥅
    Send her and her kind back to Somalia. Thanks for asolutiinfor everyone!!

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