Oklahoma Tornado Relief and Conservative Ideology Fail

Oklahoma Tornado Relief and Conservative Ideology Fail

s you are i’m sure by now well-aware massive toward nato struck oklahoma
yesterday consider to be from what i understand perhaps the biggest and most powerful tornado that
hit the united states in our recorded history twenty four people died including nine
children uh… the devastation it was amazing the
images of this tornado just trucking in many respects uh… there is any toward a don’t watch i know we have a listener is uh… who
listen to the program in north texas and central texas there
is a tornado watch stop listening to the program tune into your local into use and hit the word please stay safe there are the people receiving criticism i know on twitter yesterday foreign
anyway raising the issue of of politics at a time like this but the fact of the
matter is is the moment that that tornado is gone the moment that the search and rescue turns to searching recover the question becomes who will help but these people and yes the red cross is receiving
donations in yes there are other places to donate but the reality is that only the federal
government has the capacity to help when you have the aid catastrophe like this in any meaningful way in any long-term weight to rebuild a
about lives of these people and selling it necessarily becomes
political at that moment not small bore politics in terms of
who’s going to get elected in this net we’re talking about politics in terms of
the way it affects policy and in the wake of uh… this tornado you have oklahoma senator tom coburn says that he will seek aid federal aid for victims of this tornado but only if the cost of this aid is
offset by budget cuts somewhere else in our federal government i guess it tom coburn in needs as some
measure of respect for maintaining consistency but consistency is the hob goblin of
little minds particularly when it means that you are going to either provide del aid from tom coburn sp
respective to these people whose lives have been
devastated or you’re going to necessarily hurt other people that is the policy choice that he is
offering james inhofe the other oklahoma senator who join tom coburn in voting against
the aid for hurricane sandy relief has told msnbc that this situation is totally different that that aid was poor clayton at the aid that he will request or
abroad for in the case of his own constituents is going to be totally different there’ll be no pork in that it’ll just be to rebuild people’s lives i don’t know which one of the senators presents a more despicable attitude in both instances this is not political this is simply
policy oriented in both in both situations their perspective is completely warped an indicative of the real problem that people with this
ideology have when it comes to acknowledging that the
federal government has an important role to play in
people’s lives not just in there and everyday lives but
also in those moments where tragedy strikes but the fact of the matter is is a
tragedy strikes americans different americans at all times whether they have become bankrupt
because of medical bills whether they have uh… uh… lost her job because they’re corporation
is outsourcing whether they’re being shot buy guns whether they are unable to get medical care because of
where they live there are unable to reach their
potential because their mired in poverty because their kids and their pay their
family doesn’t have enough money to feed them it doesn’t happen to every american at
all times but it at one time at any time i should say americans are suffering because of choice is not that they made whether those uh… does disasters are on an act that cannot
or just simply can’t find to their own home and their own lives and these two senators our stock in an ideology and in a political reality that they
have the in many respects created for themselves that forces them to ignore that reality so it’s perfectly warranted to disabuse them of that idea in a point out the fallacy in that position there’s nothing else that i can do sitting here in new york sort of donating a couple of dollars to
the red cross other than to say that that ideology he is is demented cut

72 thoughts on “Oklahoma Tornado Relief and Conservative Ideology Fail

  1. i am hoping harry will load the okie relief bill with all the things they voted against in the sandy relief bill, then watch them squirm. that would be beautiful.

  2. The goal is to set Americans against other Americans over the table scraps
    Who doesn't like a civil war?.

  3. For consistently voting in Inhofe and Coburn, perhaps we should send Oklahomaphobia some good ol' bootstrap soup.

  4. No! Just a pdf on how to assemble such materials. And the the pdf will be sent to a public library domain!

  5. Obama has storm troopers? Did he create them or were they always around? What branch of the military? How many drugs are you on?

  6. Gonna need a shitload of bootstraps to fix this up, unfortunately the bootstrap factory was destroyed in the tornado.

  7. Well I hope they don't ask for not receive any federal aid and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I also hope they start reading their bibles cause you know why GOD send them tornadoes and hurricanes.

  8. The market does a better job of taking care of disasters then government. That is an indisputable fact.

  9. That's the prayer of conservatives drawn to the Prosperity Doctrine type right-wing churches: "God bless my 4, and no more."

  10. When Republican's aren't directly effected, the "problem/issue/need/events" don't exist

    And the people in need are all, "moochers/losers/weak/government parasites/leeches"

    But, when they're personally effected & need help, it's "noble/justified/earned/different"

    They're not a political party, they're big hypocritical anti-society economic sociopaths

  11. Where did you come up with this "fact"? Exactly when has the market taken care of disasters that they didn't cause, or even that they did cause, without the government forcing them to? When you say these things we know you're talking out of your ass.

  12. inhoffe and coburn have a long history of being class "a" jackasses and hypocrites, coburn is simply a 24 karat asshole, inhoffe is one of the most ignorant senators ever elected.

  13. I notice that when you go to right wing links on FB, republicans always talk about the pork in the Sandy relief bill, but can't specifically name any. That's because there is none.

  14. "federal assistance will be forced upon oklahoma whether they need it or not".. and what tells you they don't need federal assistance?

    personally i'm fine if they don't. why not make these assholes live by their own distorted idealism? it's what oklahoma voted for.

    as for "insurance companies needing a bailout", that would be the ideal privatized plan of coburn, inhoffe, and the majority of social conservatives in congress, fuck the people, let's help corporate donors.

  15. why dont the two senators grow some balls and a good pair of brains to realize that they do have the choice to come out and say confidently that they do not require the federal assistance?

  16. Will you report on Senator Whitehouse saying that it's the Republicans fault that the tornado happened because they don't want to act on climate change? If you do you'll probably spin it to make conservatives look like the only evil there is in the world.

  17. The fail is anyone who supports a federal government to be that big. Do you even have an idea on how small the federal government is supposed to be? They shouldnt even have that much money to throw that kind of money around

  18. Price incentives are what makes it better. Now, you bring up a good point, some people will have nothing. This is where charity comes into play. Charity should be voluntary. If you saw a homeless person on the street, you might give them money. Forcing someone else at gunpoint to give them money is wrong, which is what happens if you don't pay income taxes. There are lot's of historical examples of recovery done better and faster without government.

  19. First off, market incentives encourage people to live in safe places because you cannot get insurance in some geographical areas. There are also lot's of historical examples of the market doing better then government, and quite frankly, the government failing to be successful. Off the top of my head, hurricane sandy was a complete disaster. An example of the market doing better then government would be Joplin, Missouri. They got close to no, if not any relief money from the federal government.

  20. Not you, they are schizoid. Say opposing things and do opposing things. Split personalities. Why was the first thing you thought being referred to was you? To be so self centred as that makes it impossible to be a schizoid.

  21. here is my plan if i were one of the senators: don't ask for federal assistance, take care of the damage through the state funding, and if DC and insurance companies start creeping up, have the media pick up on the story and you have another controversy to bash the government.
    that way i can avoid the whole hypocrisy AND prove the federal government need not be so big.
    either the senators didnt think this through at all or they really really needed that federal assistance.

  22. if the senators know its gonna happen anyway, why dont they come out and say, albeit devoid of influence on policy decision making, "oklahoma can deal this by ourselves."
    instead inhofe comes on national television and specifically said that he supports the tornado aid. did he say that because that's what's gonna happen nonetheless?

  23. haha i laughed at "consistent" and "principled".
    tell me, if your beloved Inhofe is so consistent, why doesn't he do the same as he did with Sandy relief package?
    and yes he should be able to say things not just to say them but to make his point and show people that he is actually a man of his word.

    oh and your picture… laughable. tell me how much you know about Mao and what he has in common with Cenk. *gasp* COMMUNISM? sod off.

  24. Will you report on yourself not being able to tell the difference between calling someone out on hypocritical requests for federal aid and blaming someone for a natural disaster? A true buffoon would read Whitehouse's actual comment and deduce that he's "blaming" anybody for the tornado. One would have to be too stupid to even hopefully discuss the topic in any meaningful way if he were to do so. That's just an opinion, of course. Hail Satan.

  25. These are NOT conservatives these are reactionary Machiavellians. Ironically its PROGRESSIVES that are more conservative. Wanting protections for environment, for welfare preservation, for community, family, continued help for old, young, sick, poor, disabled and disaster victims. We need to call a spade a spade. If you read a lot of academic literature, you will find the technical term for these people that claim to be conservatives, they are called by their technical name 'cunts'

  26. Really? All those people in Oklahoma in the tornado zones are living in safe places? What safe places are you talking about? People don't choose to live somewhere because they can get insurance. See, this is why free marketers fail–they think that economic realities inform every decision. People live in flood plains, on mountainsides, along ocean fronts, at the edges of cliffs, not because they can insure their property but because they like it.

  27. I never said that there wasn't a difference between these two stories. I was pointing out how this "news" show spins everything against its political enemies. Of course Whitehouse was blaming republicans for the tornado. The Senator was talking about how republicans don't want to stop global warming. Isn't weather supposed to get worse when sea temperature rises? If the "Hail Satan" thing is supposed to offend me, it doesn't. I don't believe in Hell or Satan.

  28. When you have some sort of data to back that up, rather than just things you think should be true, I might be convinced to listen to you.

  29. There is endless evidence in support of price incentives but I've never come across a study on homeowners insurance affecting population. Even if there was a study or two I don't think it would really help the argument.

  30. Yes they voted for the scumbags, but I feel like they deserve aid. If that's what you meant. I live in Kansas. I know about how scumbags get voted in. lol

  31. You can't cite any evidence. All you can do is puff up empty claims, knowing that evidence has shown that Oklahomans' state funding will not be enough for this task. Pork barrel spending has produced more tax income from where it was used and areas around that.

  32. Ya unlike the fed gov. Red Cross can't write a blank check. Such foundations have no choice but to be cost efficient. However the government can (and usually do) carry out favors. Government never let's a crisis go to waste. If something comes up and they can possibly waste money on it they're going to do it.

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