Ohio Is The Roller Coaster Capital Of The World

Ohio Is The Roller Coaster Capital Of The World

Ohio is a bucket-list destination if you want to experience some of the tallest fastest and twistiest roller coasters on the planet sitting on the banks of Lake Erie one of the state's parks Cedar Point has been awarded best amusement park in the world 16 times since 1998 by amusement today in less than an hour outside of Cincinnati sits Kings Island which is home to 11 more thrilling coasters here's some of the most epic rides that make Ohio the roller coaster capital of the world the vowel Raven is the tallest fastest and longest dive coaster in the u.s. riders are taken 223 feet in the air where they dangle over the edge for some time before taking the plunge at a 90-degree angle speeding up to 75 miles per hour right off the track on this winged coaster the gatekeeper riders dangle their feet in the air as the coaster twists and flips at 67 miles per hour speeding through winding turns and narrow obstacles the ride has set several records including tallest drops and most inversions on any winged coaster get twisted on this inverted coaster the wicked twister takes riders back and forth between two twisty towers it is the tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster reaching up to 72 miles per hour this coaster is a force to be reckoned with the award-winning Millennium Force reaches 93 miles per hour and drops riders from a whopping 310 feet before being launched over steep hills and through winding tunnels it was the first coaster to ever top 300 feet in just 3.8 seconds riders are launched from 0 to 120 miles per hour on the top thrill dragster head up a 90-degree angle before being dropped from 420 feet the ride lasts a mere 17 seconds once completely wooden steel vengence is a hybrid steel wood coaster with an epic wild west beam it is the world's first steel on wood hybrid coaster to stand over 200 feet tall drop from 200 feet at a 90 degree angle steel benjin's also features a world record-breaking four inversions for a hybrid a roller coaster known as the world's longest steel inverted roller coaster banshee has all the twists turns and flips you need jingle your legs from a 150-foot drop before speeding to 68 miles per hour the coaster features seven of stomach-churning and versions since 1979 the beast continues to be one of the longest wooden roller coasters in the world at 7,000 359 feet the base speeds up to 65 miles per hour and features vertical drops of 135 feet and 141 feet according to Kings Island Diamondback is the tallest and fastest coaster in the park it is named after one of the most deadly Saints on the planet the track is over 5,000 feet long the first drop is 215 feet and the ride features ten drops this roller coaster may have you going in circles the vortex launches riders through two vertical loops a double corkscrew boomerang turn and a 360-degree helix at 55 miles per hour do you have what it takes to conquer these coasters

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  1. ok was top thrill dragster made after or before thorpe park's roller coasters made because i'm pretty sure that they look exactly the same.

  2. Don't mean to burst your bubble, but Ohio is NOT the rollercoaster capital of the world….. CALIFORNIA is! Ohio only has 2 major them parks, while California has 8 major theme parks, including the happiest place on earth……. Ohio take notes.

  3. Actually it isnt tbh. Cedar Poiny has a crap ton of MayFlies past 5pm and any ride you ride in the front seat you will get a mouth full of them or it will hurt rlly bad. Also half of there rides are standard rides and not unique at all.. the dive coaster is pretty bad.. the ali lift is pointless as it doesnt even take you across… Magic Mountain I would say is better if you are looking for more unique rides. Cedar Point just has ehh attractions. Even Top Thrill Dragster.. it hurt rlly bad at top and it wasnt even scary despite its speed/height… KingDaKa was the same.

  4. I love living only 3 hours from Cedar Point. Been there 25+ times. Best amusement park in the world. Best coasters: Millennium Force, Maverick, and Steel Vengeance.


  6. Yo just letting you know the thrill capital is six flags magic mountain but cedar point is the second thrill capital just letting you know

  7. Wouldn’t New Jersey be the capital because they made the most roller coaster world records in a state

  8. Cedar Point has done a wonder job at being the best theme park on the planet. Always something new there and packed full of people.

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