36 thoughts on “Oh Boy, He Broke Out The 'Nationalist' Word

  1. All veterans would sacrifice for their country and kill for it, so by definition all veterans are nationalist. So when you hear that word think of veterans.

  2. The official Trump definition for himself as a nationalist as the best thing he did in his presidency to now.

  3. Obama was such a good president both senate and house turned red!!!! He was such a good president he made healthcare unaffordable!!!! He was such a good president that he regulated tf out of every small business and made it harder for people to make money!!! lol chill w the obama love

  4. Stephen Colbert, lackey of the establishment, in his daily fight to be lackey number one (vs Jimmy "cry the river" Kimmel and John "so funny" Oliver). Who will win the right to serve their martinis and brush George Soros' boots?

  5. I watch both left and right media. What I think is most hilarious is the contrast in the comment section. On posts such as these. Woke folk as I call them revert to childish insults about how anyone who disagrees is a child. On the right wing videos. They mostly just stick with the mentally ill dialogue. I know what is right. And it's strange to see such a disallusion between the masses. I feel a civil war is imminent as both sides seem to harbor such hatred for one another.

  6. Now they're over and your votes voted in republicans who'll keep the senate so Trump won't be impeached and the new Dems won't do it either! Congratulations people! We're stuck with Trump 2 more years and his re election because your electoral college will vote him in NOT YOU! Happy?

  7. that's absolutely genius! just change global warming to america warming, and trump will be absolutely shitting his pants about climate change!

  8. socialism has killed more people than 1000 Hitler's. socialism is the real loaded word. liberals seem to be living in a fake virtual reality. I wish I was lol. thourly brainwashed.

  9. There is literally nothing wrong with being a nationalist Colbert, you've conflated racial nationalism with traditional nationalism. You're not as smart as your crowds of NPCs cheer you are.

  10. So if you love your country and want it to do well…you're a dirty nationalist? If you're a globalist your'e treasonous! Colbert!…this is comedy??? I don't own a TV anymore and you're the reason!

  11. You know Hitler also claimed to be a nationalist before he destroyed europe and slaughtered millions….

    just saying

  12. Chummp akak "Jew Klux Klan" as ive dubbed him was on ur lips mr. Colbert!!! Lmao! I love ur show, u keep my mind at its high speed unlike chump who cannot spell or speak above sixth grade level. Like the newspapers now.

  13. This Colbert should be in Russia or China and try this kind of late night show mocking & making fun of their presidents, It will be a miracle if he wont go to jail or murdered. Im glad I lived in a democratic USA.

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