Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer | Ep.2 | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME

Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer | Ep.2 | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME

Erev tov.
My name, Captain Erran Morad. Today, we learn defense
from radical Islam terror. Picture the scene. You are chained to a radiator,
naked with a bag over your head. All of a sudden, terrorists
break in and kidnap you, completely ruining
your birthday party. Yalla.
What we waiting for? Let’s go. My name Erran Morad. I was
in the Mossad for– I mean, I was not
in the Mossad for 13 years. I here to teach you Krav Maga.
Who are you? My name
is Jason Spencer. I’m a state representative
in the Georgia General Assembly. That’s the House
of Representatives. Jason Spencer, a Republican, threatened his former
Democratic colleague after she criticized
his support of Confederate monuments
on Facebook. Representative Jason Spencer
says his bill is definitely in response
to mass terrorists. House Bill 3
would make it illegal for people to conceal
their faces in public. I don’t call it
a burka ban. I call it
an anti-masking statute. -Okay.
-Okay, because– -Politically correct.
-Because in the United– Well, to win
in the legal system, you cannot– you cannot
be against the First Amendment. See, this is how
the Muslims in the country are using our First Amendment
against them. You have to fight
fire with fire. Yeah, so do you know
how to spot the difference between somebody
who is a terrorist in a burka and the normal woman
in a burka? I cannot tell. -We have developed a technique.
-Mm-hmm. Do you want to know
how to do this? Sure. Absolutely. ♪ heavy metal music ♪ We take
a selfie stick, and we take
a photo underneath. It is the same that you do
with the car. Mm-hmm. These are photos
that I took. Mm-hmm. Look at these.
This was a man. -Yeah.
-What is that? It looks like
a Glock .45. Yeah. You recognize this guy? I recognize the gun. I do not know
whether this is a woman or a man
with a explosive. We pretend to be a Chinese tourist… because the Chinese
are always taking selfie. Okay. Convince him or her
that you are Chinese. Go. [imitating
speaking Chinese] Konnichi wa. Red Dragon. Beijing.
Hong Kong. Hong Kong.
Sushi. Ah, I see there.
Is this a Red Dragon? Do you speak Chinese? Ho Chi Minh City. [Mumbles] Thank you.
Thank you. Red Dragon, chopstick. Sushi, sushi.
[Mumbles] Good.
Let’s look at the picture. It’s not a terrorist. ♪ heavy metal music ♪ Because of
who you are, you could be the victim
of kidnapping by ISIS. You have two second
to attract attention. How do you
attract attention? You start screaming. Take your clothes off. In America,
there is one forbidden word. It is the N-word. Now, I am going to be
the terrorist. You have three seconds
to attract attention. Go! Nigger! Nigger!
Nigger! Nigger! Wait!
Are you crazy? The N-word is nooni,
not this word. This word
is disgusting. Got it. ♪ heavy metal music ♪ ISIS are scared
of being seen as homo. -You know what it mean, homo?
-Yeah, yeah. If your buttock
touch them, it mean
they have become a… Homosexual. Now I am going to
teach you how to use your buttocks
to intimidate ISIS. Hmm. Show me the buttock.
No, trousers down. [zipper opens] Okay. Go. America! Good. One more time,
but louder with “America.” America! [grunts] Good. We say in the Mossad–
I mean, not in the Mossad– “If you want to win,
you show some skin.” Okay. Okay.
Show it to me. Now try to touch me. I’ll touch you. I’ll touch you
with my buttocks! I’ll touch you! You better drop the gun,
or I’ll touch you! USA! Okay. Stop.
You have to remind me, “If I touch you,
you will become a homosexual.” Okay. Okay?
Now try to touch me. Go! Ah! Ah! Ah! Go, go,
go, go, go! Ah! Go!
Go, go! Ah! Ah! USA! USA, motherfucker. Okay, Jason,
you show me your weapon. Go. I’ll touch you!
I’ll make you a homosexual! You drop that gun right now!
USA! -Okay.

100 thoughts on “Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer | Ep.2 | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME

  1. Just when I thought I’ve seen everything! I have to ask; is that a real person? And is he in on it? If that’s a real person he’s the dumbest motherfucker on earth.

  2. Lol lol lol… This is so pure sarcasm.. I think borat and this guy terorist is the best… I am happy that sacha cohen still has fresh ideas

  3. Any time an American says there's is the greatest country on Earth I think of how easily they are fooled into being themselves 😂

  4. Someone needs to print that representative a certificate stating he is genuinely mentally handicapped. That way when people ask, he can present it as proof.

  5. Georgia's state representative. U believable. Is this really all this country has to offer where people like this are given such positions?

  6. Hey Captain morad as you are exposing all the nationalities, when will you expose haredies and talmud? Be fair and do not show only the one side of the coin.

  7. That chowderhead Jason Spencer looked and sounded quite enthused to be yelling the n-word at the top of his lungs.

  8. It’s almost endearing how he wants to impress Capt. Morad, since he falls for the technique to spot a man with a burka and managed to do increasingly embarrassing stuff.

    -USA, USA! 🤣

  9. How stupid is this guy? For real…!! "If you want to win show some skin.." the guy literally bent over and charging backwards screaming America…! LMAO


  11. You know the scary thing about america? He didnt immediately resign when this became public. He acted as if he was some sort of victim of a setup that made him act in this way.
    In the UK, this sort of action by a politician would have immediately resulted in his position becoming untenable and immediate resignation for bringing his party into disrepute.

  12. Lol ! If u drop ur pants and try to touch buttocks u are gonna get a bullet in ur A** before u can touch the kidnapper 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Republican politicians are the easiest to manipulate & take advantage of.Just look at what Trump is doing to Republicxn voters.Jason Spencer has got to be one of the true morons of society.Excellent show created by Sacha Baron.

  14. The irony of this piece (unintended by Cohen), is that it shows the fealty of American politicians to the group of people who have no influence in US politics, media, and finance, and who are weak and vulnerable, both here and abroad, who are unquestionably loyal and do not form organizations focused on supporting foreign nations or entangling American with such foreign nation(s), but nonetheless needing more taxpayer money than developing nations, as well as the lives of American soldiers and the civilians of ever country around them who have not acceded unconditionally to an unlawful land grab.

  15. I live in Georgia, and I'm laughing hard at this but also ashamed that this dude used to be a lawmaker here lol

  16. "My fears were so heightened at that time, I was not thinking clearly nor could I appreciate what I was agreeing to when I participated in his ‘class" that's jason comment on what just happened… welll i guess red dragon and sushi is the answer

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