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  1. Hi Deniz

    I'm an ESL/IELTS teacher in China, and I watched this video about two months ago, and after that, I started implementing the techniques. Firstly, I made sure that my students liked my classes and that everybody knew me and that I would always do those extra hours, no matter what.
    So, I slowly started talking to my supervisor about problems that I had noticed and that we need someone to be in charge, the second time, she asked me how to solve it, and I tried helping her. After that, I went to the Director of studies in my school and told him about the problems that I had been facing with our ESL department in our school, and he asked me if I had any solution on how to solve it. Then, yesterday I went up to the boss and said that I had been thinking about next year and what I wanted in my life. I mentioned that "I need to be able to excel, but with the current boss I'm not able to develop" so, he promoted me the head of the ESL department in my International High School.

    Thank you again, Deniz!

  2. I’m the corporate world I have learned to appreciate people who carry themselves well and execute.

    This video is well executed great intel and he carries himself like a professional. Great delivery.

    I learned a lot.


  3. Why did the woman took it against you ? Were there some conflict of interest or was completely arbitrary?

  4. I need more on office politics ,I am very simple and truthful person very honest , now these qualities are coming as the difficulties in the office .

  5. Hi, I work in a environment where I am projected as Manager to the client company but I have to report to a person who is having similar experience as mine, and I can tell you that guy is Jealous of me, He tries everything under the sun not give me credit or promotion. Client is happy with my work . But person I report to Bad mouths about me.
    How do you think I should handle such situation.

  6. Very informative… this is good too for females in a male dominated field… slowly becoming the go to for a lot… .i'm creating a lot of influencers.. but it's hard to break "bro code" fraternization will always supersede good hard work…. but this this helps..a lot.. I'll smile and grin.. think I'll limit my access while i'm off so others feel my absence

  7. Hi Mr. Sasal, i love your videos and i must say that they have great influence on everyone watching them and is also highly applicable for any employee performing any task. however, im still a schooling student and i will be stepping foot in to the corporate world in a couple of years and my intention is to follow a career in a newly discovered field.The business world is highly dinamic and ever-changing therefore there are so many new designations being introduced every year and my intention as mentioned above is to embark on such a career . however, i do not have a clear idea on what such designations are so i would be really thank full if you would make a informative video by naming such new designations. please do consider this as it is a major issue conflicting the younger generation such as myself….. thanking you in advance – romel

  8. I've just started watching your videos after stumbling onto one recently and I love listening to your stories. Of course your advice is most important and it has been very helpful so far ( i have a lot to catch up on) but I want to hear all your stories! I really enjoy your videos and I like you a lot 🙂

  9. Hi Deniz, i am a project leader and i am assigned to a project to work with another project leader who is super experienced. We are from different departments and he is our subcontractor. The project we r involved is super dynamic and he has enormous knowledge about. Of course people respect him more and couple of days ago I am accused by being super structured and organized. They also added this attitude is not ok for this type of dynamic projects. Focus on the question how i am gonna work with super experienced project leaders by not putting myself in a situation where i loose the credit ?

  10. all of this is predicated on the executives who influence promotion caring about valuing your input as a producer.

  11. By seeing your videos, not just clearing every interview, now started to master class them… Thanks a lot for all your videos and tips. Looking forward to about excelling in job kind of stuff videos.

  12. HI Sasal,
    I went through most of your videos it's really awesome, after this so much change happened in my career. I started cracking interviews continuously. Looking forward to see more videos in handling projects and client interaction.
    Thank you so much… Have wonderful days ahead 🙂

  13. Its sad the private sector cant organize like unions. The private sector is a political rat maze, corporate speak, no accountability and bullshit

  14. Deniz, very informative video. The best thing about your video is that, I already push the like button even before your video starts!!!

  15. SPOT ON! Thank you so much Deniz! I am struggling in my career and been thinking to take a leap but too afraid to do so (because of many factors 🙁 I am happy that I found your channel. This particular subject is something I've been looking for and very poor at.

  16. 🙏🏼 Thank you for the tips. I really appreciate your point of view and your willingness to not exploit "the bitch". Every job has one or definitely a few.🤗

  17. Deniz, new sub here. You are the most intelligent man I have come across on you tube. You are a genius on the subject. Out of the box thinking thru real life experiences. I wish you well and hope one day in the near future, your name will be recognized by millions around the world. You need to make just one big move that will get people flocking to your site. Dont know what that move is, but I know you will figure it out. I happened on your channel purely by accident, and now you are the go-to guy. I am in north america and I can tell you that your style of analysis and insight is much much needed out here. People are struggling out here with cookie-cutter ideas and solutions that don't work.
    Awesome man. You speak from the heart and your perspective is very practical. You speak in a style that others are afraid to. Hey the only other guy with this genius is Donald Trump. He says it as it is. BTW can we have your views of Trump, as a communicator, winning attitude and go getter. !! Cheers.

  18. Nice video… Positive vibes, Iam little bit worried about my office politics.After hearing this feels refreshment.Thank you

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