28 thoughts on “Obama's Foreign Policy Is A Failure

  1. When limited government dominates earth because Jesus Christ sits on earth's throne, a lesson will be taught for all who saw Barack Obama, as the illegitimate president of the United States of America. Obama will be discussed regarding failed government policy. As will others. TOO much government does not liberate humanity, it enslaves humanity. A lesson Jesus will teach likely for all eternity. Result NO taxation & may be NO currency.

  2. What an absurd idea that American credibility has been damaged by Obama not resorting to military force in Syria after the crossing of the red line.

    Our nation has been embroiled in non-stop, across-the-world wars for decades, sometimes as a result of the most minor provocations, in situations where it couldn't possibly be argued by any reasonable person that we're acting in self-defence (e.g., Grenada). There have been instances where some of the key motivations to go to war have been outright fabrications (e.g. Iraq's WMDs or Vietnam's Gulf of Tonkin incident.) We spend more on military than the next 7 or 8 highest-spending nations *combined*. We are, by far, the most militarily aggressive country on the planet.

    The idea that countries across the world will start acting recklessly because they don't fear U.S. military intervention because we happened not to resort to it on one occasion is a joke. It's the kind of rubbish a defense contractor would want you to believe so that you'd support even more wars–because we just couldn't stand the idea of the world's biggest military spender and user appearing "weak"!

  3. "The election of Duterte is an anomaly …" That shows how ignorant Americans are of my country, the Philippines. And it shows why American foreign policy as a rule is looked upon as interference and as bullying.

  4. Rozenkranz more and more is using IQ2 as his personal platform. This is a disappointing case of hawks VS hawks, no doubt pleasing the sponsor.

  5. Globalization failed because the last president made the progress like a playground for all kinds of players without regarding their quality to be hold accountable for their action and responsibility. If you think your are a superpower and moral height, then you need assume that leader position. Creating vacancy in leading space is a failure. No doubt about that.

  6. You can only make a deal with China on the issue of climate change because it cost nothing for Chinese government.

  7. Osama bin Laden died in 2001. Obama gave the world a shadow play that he is responsible for the killing of Osama because Failure Obama had an election coming up.
    Obama represents the FAILURE & LOSER of all hard core leftists, liberals, feminists.
    And a Mass Murderer. Benghazi, remember?

  8. Why the initial vote is other than 0% 0% 100% makes no sense? We play with the concepts of Life on Earth or not. I only watched the first 20 and last few minutes. Some of us have work to do while the US continues to fear the 'Truth and Life' that is our Constitution. IQ² is a good example of our need for "Talking Points" while we sip our tea and pass the crumpets.
    The children of the world can see us patting each other on the back while they become less certain of their future.
    Our only logical debate is how to secure the future for our youths and children.
    Administrative Failure is not an option! Administrative success will not be won over tea and crumpets.
    US Copyright ………. "Soft Treason"
    …… "Allons"
    I'll leave my thumbs up in place. As I suffer through another hour or more.
    The Institute For International Law And Democratic Affairs

  9. this debate in a nutshell, obamas foreign policy was a failure because he wasn't enough of a war monger, obamas foreign policy wasn't a disaster because he was less of a war monger then bush LOL.

  10. Rosenkranz is giving too much credit to Reagan and Bush's foreign policy. I wouldn't call it success because their presidency coincided with Soviet bloc's disintegration. Reagan's foreign policy wasn't the reason Soviet Union collapsed. Only idiots would think that. Soviet Union would have collapsed without Star Wars program and military chase. Its economy was in decline since early 70s. USSR fell mostly because of its internal issues. Falling of oil prices partially contributed to it as well. Bush senior was a disaster in terms of foreign policy.

  11. its great to have a debate. but isnt failure's meaning is when your proposed goal is not met? is there anything between fail and success? idk all i see are excuses in that space

  12. obama is nothing but a baby killer…..he has put more lead in childrens heads than any one in history….arab spring…..
    he was a president elected by hollywood……nothing but a liberal baby killer…..pray his children die young…..tomors the size of golf balls..

  13. I'm grateful that Rosencrantz pays for these debates, but don't like his insistence on getting to speak before every one

  14. These suck ass Obama supporters on this debate make me sick. They must like sucking socialist dick. A blind man can see that Obama did not do a good job. Hell, I could have done better with common sense tactics and no political experience!

  15. When the United States drone bombs terrorists it labels innocents killed by those bombs "unfortunate collateral damage". Russia is welcomed into Syria by the Syrian government, bombs terrorists, and gets lectured by the U.S. about collateral damage. As if Russia is the country arming "moderates" and destabilizing the Middle East. Sorry, Americans aren't so blinded by patriotism that we can't see propaganda for what it is.

  16. Obama's foreign policy is a disastrous to US national security, a total failure. No matter how the the against team spins these failure, the facts are Russia has already taken Crimea, the sanction? It barely worked, when military action should be countered with military action, not sanction. South China Sea: China was never more aggressive than it is today, China disrespects Obama in every way. Syria, Russia and China has gained the total influences in middle east, it never happened before. I can go on and on….

  17. if obama continues to lead the country for another 5-10 years, America would be reduced to second rate power in the world. Is this a success? well depend which side you are on.the singn and chollet have too many empty words that blurr the whole picture.

  18. Yeah…. this debate started off crappy. The FOR side was obviously biased by a great degree. When declaring what they thought was a failure the lady chose things that are obviously things that could be taken as positives. They had no passion and were very basic in their argument. When the second group AGAINST started off they had a much more logical argument for what determines failure and success as a president. They started very strong for this debate.

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