Obama TRIGGERS Trump

Obama TRIGGERS Trump

>>Did George Bush ever condemn President
Obama after Sandy Hook? Wait, wait, wait. Are you crying, Brian Kilmeade? Are you telling me, my God, Obama has condemned
Trump’s racism. Democrats attacking Republicans, they’re so
mean. Are you serious, dude? Are you serious? All Republicans ever do is viciously attack
Democrats. How about Trump attacking Obama, has that
ever happened? Only a billion times.>>So let me give you the context of what
happened. Following the two mass shootings that occurred
over the weekend, and by the way, the death toll has jumped from 29 to 31 people. Obama put out a statement, and he didn’t mention
Trump by name. But he certainly did mention certain characteristics
that we see in Trump and his supporters. Obama put out a statement saying quote, we
should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds
a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiments. Leaders to demonize us that don’t look like
us, or immigrants threaten our way of life, or refer to people as subhuman or America. This is a bad sentence, to be honest with
you. Or America belongs to one certain type of
people, it hails no place in our politics or our public life. And it’s time for the overwhelming majority
of Americans of goodwill, of every race, and faith, and political party, to say as much
clearly and unequivocally. So he’s saying, look, Americans need to reject
hate. Because as we know, the shooting that took
place in El Paso, Texas was motivated by a hatred for immigrants. Now, Fox and Friends didn’t like that. They really didn’t like that.>>They no likey.>>And so not only did they address Obama’s
statements. They also fed Trump talking points, which
we’ll get to in just a second. Take a look.>>I guess he’s talking about the President
Trump.>>Do you think?>>I think so. I’m just wondering, did George Bush ever condemn
President Obama after Sandy Hook? Did President Bush ever come after? He had 32 shootings of four and more, mass
shootings during his reign. Not many people said, wow, it’s this president,
President Obama’s out of control. 17 so far with President Trump, it’s way too
high. But I have news for you. Mass shootings were happening before the President
even thought about running for President of the United States.>>Right, it’s a political season and the
election is around the corner.>>But he’s not running anymore.>>But the President is, and they wanna continue
to push that racist narrative.>>So, I mean-
>>Okay, can I just jump in for a second?>>Sure.>>Yeah, so we’re gonna get to Trump parroting
them in a second. But first, let’s do math. And then let’s address the misdirection. So they said, Obama had 32 mass shootings
and Trump’s only had 17 so far. Obama was President for eight years. Trump’s been President for about two and a
half years. Do the math on that one. You’ll see 17 is->>We don’t like math, Cenk.>>Much worse per year. Yes, they have a war on math, that’s true. But really, that still misses the point. It isn’t how many mass shootings you’ve had
on your watch. It’s what do you do about it? Obama wanted more gun control. I would argue Obama should have pushed for
even greater gun control. But it didn’t really matter at the end of
the day, cuz the Republicans blocked every measure that there was. Every piece of gun control that he argued
for got blocked. Even if he had pushed for more, in this case,
it wouldn’t have made a difference. And so gun control is the number one issue
there, in that context. But in this context, Obama’s talking about
white nationalism, white supremacy, and how that is getting people angry and then grabbing
their guns and doing the shootings. And so when you say there was 32 mass shootings
under Obama, but they were largely not driven by white nationalism. They certainly were not encouraged to be white
nationalists by Barack Obama. So it is a massive misdirection to try to
make that comparison.>>Yeah.>>And that’s why Fox News does it.>>And I just want to provide evidence to
the point that you’re making, right? Because look, of course, people who wanna
defend Trump are gonna continue defending him no matter what. But for anyone who actually is interested
in evidence to what Cenk just said, the fact that Donald Trump does push white nationalism,
and fear and hatred toward immigrants, which again, that fear and hatred toward immigrants
is what fueled the shooting in El Paso, Texas. Well, here’s a quick compilation. We’ve shown you this before. We’re gonna show it to you again.>>Bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime,
they’re rapists. You know what they are? They’re thugs.>>Build that wall, build that wall!>>Build that wall, you’re right. I think there’s blame on both sides. You look at both sides, I think there’s blame
on both sides. Do you know what? We’re not letting these people invade our
country. If you look at the border, and you look at
the hundreds of thousands of people that are invading, or at least trying to invade our
country, it is an invasion, you know that. I say invasion. They say, isn’t that terrible? I don’t care what the fake media says. That’s an invasion of our country. But how do you stop these people? You can’t, there’s-
>>That’s only in the panhandle you can get away with that stuff.>>So while mass shootings certainly did happen
under Obama’s watch, they weren’t fueled by the same hatred and fear toward immigrants
and people of color. That is what we’re seeing now under the Trump
administration, because of the fact that he’s exploited racial tensions, racial division
for his own political purposes. That’s what he campaigns on. That’s the only thing he can fall back on
when he’s talking to his supporters and his base, because he hasn’t delivered anything
else. So he’s gonna continue doing it, guys. He can give as many speeches following mass
shootings, claiming that he wants to denounce white nationalism, or racism, or hatred. But in reality, that is his bread and butter. That is what got him to the White House.>>So look, you can criticize Obama by saying
that he actually deported more people than Trump in the beginning of his term. He absolutely did, both in removals and other
ways of deporting people, not only near the border, but inside the country as well. That’s a fair criticism of Obama. But he did not demonize them.>>Right.>>As he did that, he didn’t go around saying
they’re criminals and rapists, and it’s an infestation, and they’re disgusting and filthy,
and it’s an invasion. Now, those are the same words that the guy
who did the shooting in El Paso used. He said it was an invasion, and that somebody
had to do something about it. And he was gonna step up and do it. And he targeted. He drove from a suburb of Dallas all the way
down to El Paso to shoot more Latinos. So Obama didn’t do any of that. You’d have to be crazy to say that he did.>>Exactly.>>And Trump clearly, 100 million, you just
saw it with your own eyes. And that’s just a fraction of the things that
he has said, clearly did do that. He does sow that division. By the way, Obama didn’t say Trump. Now, we all know that he means Trump. Nobody’s hiding that, right? But if Trump hadn’t actually sown division
or hatred, why would he take it personally?>>Exactly, exactly. So now I’d like to get to my final point,
right? In the exact same episode, exact same episode,
Kilmeade decided to do exactly what Trump does. Which is fear monger about immigrants and
stoke tensions toward immigrants. And he also defended Donald Trump’s language,
which has fueled all of this violence that we’ve seen in the country. Take a look.>>We have over 110,000 people coming a month,
over a million last year, and then well over a million this year. If you use the term, it’s an invasion, that’s
not anti-Hispanic. It’s a fact. If the Russians were coming through Alaska,
through Canada, the press would be using the same language. But it’s the fact that it’s happening at the
border. If you talk to people who are apolitical at
the border, people want to look at the words, infested, or feel about that and look at the
with the President is saying.>>So essentially, doing exactly what Trump
does, making excuses for him. And again, it’s all in the same episode, in
the same segment. On one hand, you’re going after Obama for
pointing out the obvious about Donald Trump. And you’re denying that Donald Trump is part
of the problem. And then you just copy exactly what Donald
Trump does, to stoke all this fear toward immigrants.>>And look, first of all, if the Russians
were coming over the border, that would be their military. That’s why it’s different, that’s why it would
be an invasion.>>Exactly.>>Right, as opposed to people seeking asylum,
which is not an invasion. That’s people running for their lives. It’s like saying when the boat full of Jews
landed in Florida, running from the Nazis, this is a real story. They landed in Florida, they were not allowed
into the country. If at the time, the President had said, that’s
an invasion. The Jews are trying to invade us, let’s send
them back to the Nazis. Now, they did send them back, which was a
terrible stain in our history. But at least they had the decency not to call
it an invasion, which is exactly what Trump is doing. But Kilmeade’s not just parroting Trump. Remember, he’s also parroting the El Paso
shooter.>>Yes.>>The El Paso shooter said in his manifesto,
he was going to stop the Hispanic invasion.>>That’s exactly right. Now, we all know that Donald Trump watches
Fox News. And Fox News, I mean, I think that this is
now just this vicious cycle where they feed him talking points, he regurgitates it. And the latest example is this story. Because he quoted both Kilmeade and Ainsley
in his tweets. And I’m not gonna read the tweets. I just wanna show them to you real quick. The first one quotes Kilmeade on Fox and Friends. And the second quotes Ainsley.>>And so, yes. And it’s a cycle where he takes propaganda
from them, puts it out there. And they take propaganda for him, put it out
there, and create the cycle. And you think, well, it’s silly. And if you watch The Young Turks, it’s easy
to dismantle. But remember, people who watch Fox News are
just in that bubble.>>Right.>>They almost never watch anything else. So when they see that, they’re like it’s so
true. Everybody agrees, Trump agrees, Fox and Friends
agrees. The guy who called it a Hispanic invasion,
the El Paso shooter, he agrees, oops. Right, but in their mind, that validates it. And so this is how you do propaganda.

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  2. President Obama didn't mention anyone's name..This proves that Fox and Friends hosts are a pile of trash! They know Trump makes racist remarks because he is a racist and they don't care!! The mass shootings have been happening for years nonetheless President Obama or any previous president irrespective of party never incited racist hate! Racist Trump does that period!

  3. Let me see….this darn math thing.  By my count Trump has had more shootings in his less then 4 years then Obama had in his 8?but hey…..who is counting…..

  4. Please people black white Hispanic Greek Italian English anybody sane enough when voting get rid of this racist narcissistic ugly species of a supposed human being disliked and hated around the world by the masses. His divided the people and world with his continual lies and hatred and now we in UK have our own clown and dangerous PM boris Johnson hopefully will be got rid of asp before we become another cloned nation . Please please please vote Democrat and get some respect and decency back in your country before third world war and hatred of your country has gone beyond the limit. I realise at least more than half Americans are decent people Democrats and some Republicans so please vote and in numbers next year whoever is chosen possibly Biden and Warren a great double and get USA respected once again around the world thank you people take care peace to all

  5. Kids are born innocent… hate is taught in the household! Until people start raising kids with love, racism will always exist.

  6. If President Obama is triggering tRump then the former President should speak up on a weekly bases to see if tRump could implode. Please get the implosion on camera??!!!!??

  7. President Trump won 3,087 out of 3,141 counties 306 electoral 36 EXTRAS
    President Trump Already created over 6 millions jobs
    Over 600,000 new Manufacturing jobs created
    Over 164,000 new jobs created in July 2019
    TRUMP / PENCE 2020

  8. I would strongly urge EVERYONE to take these types of statistics with a grain of salt, no matter your political leaning. After hearing this video/audio, I attempted to Google for the same type of stats discussed in the video. I did so because I am highly skeptical of ANY of these sources of such information. My skepticism was quickly put on alert as the online places I went to were honest enough to advise that "mass shootings" and other related phrases are highly susceptible to varying definitions – which resulted in widely varying numbers.

    Beyond that, I would also urge anyone to use caution when someone uses such stats to support one side of an argument – and only one side. Frankly, I'm not really sure what the total number of mass shootings under one president or the other has to do with jack shit. But that won't stop some people from using them to justify THEIR stance.

    I was amused by one of F & F's using the word "reign" in conjunction to Obama's 8 years in office. Not sure he'd use that word to describe our current Utopian state of Camelot. (That may have been sarcasm on my part.)

  9. listen to these overpaid mouth whores on fox(faux) trying to demonize the left while simile demonizing Hispanics and engaging the maga to cosign their bullshit–man outta touch alternate reality,racist lil shits,,,love to throw a bucket of water on these fear mongers.

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  13. All the Democrat Obama ever did was Abort Babies, Abort Unborn Babies, and Murder Innocent Babies with Drone Strikes that were targeting people based only on meta-data. So, Obama DID provoke the Sandyhook Shooting, as the shooter was a Community Activist performing free post-birth abortions for the Democrat Demographic.

  14. Obama got near silence from Bush just like it has always been but Obama had to be a POS and break protocol and bash the POTUS that came after him. Disgusting. Just like the unspoken agreement that 2 terms would be the limit for POTUS as set by Washington who was offered King for Life. Then a Democrap decided to be a selfish turd. FDR. Then we had to make an amendment cuz the left are lawless POS.

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  21. I think the problem is that the crazy people watch the media. The media needs to stop airing the dumb crap that Donald Trump says.Stop airing his foolishness. Cause the crazy people watch the news and they take everything he says as “Bible” and they go out and do crazy things because they’re watching what the news says.

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  24. They backhandedly admitted Trump speaks like a racist and speaks divisively because, let’s be real, if Trump didn’t talk this way then Fox & Friends would be confused as to whom Obama was referring.

  25. No, Bush did not blame Obama for mass shootings. But Trump, the GOP and Fox News had no issues whatsoever in blaming Obama whenever a law enforcement officer was killed anywhere in the country.

  26. Why is no one challenging them on “reign” , the PRESIDENT IS NOT A KING. PERIOD. THESE ARE THE LITTLE WAYS THEY BRING IT IN…. THERE IS NO REIGN IN A DEMOCRACY. Very sneaky Kilmeade….

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  31. Uygur, Why would you tell the Washington Redskins to change their name because it’s the 21st-century but you call your organization and the young turks the political party that committed genocide against the Armenians

  32. Obama is anti-white and anti-USA. He is a traitor that should crawl back under the rock he crawled out from. He is just starting more trouble, and making more division. Trump just wants to vet the immigrants. Who let 12,000 MS-13 into the country big mouth? You people lie like a rug. Nobody said one word to Obama when he was deporting criminals. Nobody said anything about Obama when there was a mass shooting during his administration You take it out on Trump because he is white. Phony propaganda. Anti-American Americans.

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  35. Obama is being somewhat of a hypocrite. I say that because back in 2008 he was told by the FBI that police departments across the nation were being infiltrated by White Supremacist aka White Nationalist. Obama did nothing to stop it. They have been killing innocent Blacks and Hispanics for years now. All Trump did is embolden them with his racist talk.

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  46. While I agree what Trump is doing is wrong when it comes to immigration however how do we know if there isn't some who claim asylum but instead have alternate motives? We cant assume they are all criminals but at the same time we cant just assume they are all innocent either. The way I see it there needs to be some sort of "middle ground" approach when it comes to immigration and if that makes me racist then I dont know what else to say…

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  49. What a pointless clickbait title. Conservatives are constantly triggered by everything. There's never a time when they're NOT offended by something, even if they have to make something up.


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