Obama Nails the Difference Between Fear and Hope in Politics | NowThis

Obama Nails the Difference Between Fear and Hope in Politics | NowThis

40 thoughts on “Obama Nails the Difference Between Fear and Hope in Politics | NowThis

  1. I wonder if obama is getting a little nervous. His comrades are starting to turn on each other. I wonder just how loyal they are. If necessary will they fall on their sword or will they squeal like pigs. I think we'll find out soon. Truth, no matter how deep you bury it seems to always find the light. I for one can't wait.

  2. Obama is and always has been corrupt and a racist. He gave birth to the Deep State, and it will come back to haunt him. Lock him up!

  3. Yeah he talks nice but to much talk and not enough action!
    Trump on the other hand speaks way off but has more Action!

    My Opinion tho…

  4. The truth is that both hope and fear are both used to manipulate people. That's what is called a nail.

  5. Hope and faith come from the heart, truth and the spirit of love.

    Doubt and fear come from ego, ignorance (absence of love) and the spirit of greed.

  6. He is the reason why we have Trump today. Obama hands down was the worst president this country will ever know

  7. I have hope… I FEAR those that put FEAR first is what causes me to lose hope… The young is the future and they can swing this election IF THEY JUST VOTE!!

  8. "Fear induces closed-mindedness, which is precisely why we've been selling the Russian scare for two years! Can't have people looking at OUR crimes!"

  9. "Those who feed fear to the public are also those who avoid facts" guess he is talking about the guy in the oval office

  10. Except for the fact that what is young becomes old and the old default to fear. The cycle never seems to end.

  11. Obama has become the fastest irrelevant ex-president in my life. All I remember are nice empty speeches, drone attacks in the Middle East, bank bailouts for the super wealthy, growing inequality and a corporate friendly healthcare plan without the public option. Obama will be remembered as a spineless 3rd way corporatist Dem who protected the wealthy at the expense of the 99%.

  12. oh god….. this guy did nothing in office.. hes a good speaker , we give him that but hes wasn't a good president !!!

  13. Obama was so good, that he did absolutely nothing for 8 years. Just a bunch of empty speeches.

  14. Obama has fear so he knows about it. Wants to change the system but scared of his money going away for his 200k speeches.

  15. Obama please endorse Bernie Sanders he has the true vision on bringing people together for the greater good world wide. Love wins hate loses!

  16. That's a rationale argument for imposing a maximum age of 65 to run for office or vote. It would make our politics less divided and less susceptible to fear.

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