Obama Meets With Donors To Attack Progressives Again

Obama Meets With Donors To Attack Progressives Again

So last week, former president Barack Obama
gave a speech to some wealthy democratic donors where he warned them that there is a couple
of democratic candidates. He didn’t name them by name, but there was
a couple who were a little too far left. He said, you know, you don’t have to burn
down the entire system to get a better system. And he said, you know, don’t go too far left
with these extremist policies. Be more realistic about what we can do. And as a ring of fire cohost, majority report
hosts, Sam Sedar pointed out on Twitter. That’s the audacity of, Nope, a play on the
fact that Obama was the guy who wrote the book, the audacity of hope. Now he’s telling us, how dare you have hope. Now, that was last week. So today, at some point today, Barack Obama
is going to be out in San Francisco and he’s going to meet once again in a room with wealthy
democratic donors. And according to his handlers, he is going
to deliver that exact same message that pissed off so many Democrats and progressive last
week. Because that is the message that Barack Obama
has settled on as we inch closer to the 2020 presidential election. Don’t dream big, aim low and just hope that
maybe you could do one or two good things if you win the election. Here’s what makes me so mad about this. Obama left office with a decent amount of
Goodwill from Democrats and liberals and progressives and even some Republicans out there. He did a couple of decent things during his
administration. Obamacare helped a lot of people get insurance. It didn’t go far enough. That’s why we’re having the discussions we’re
having now. Um, he did some good things for the environment,
most of which were immediately offset by bad things he did for the environment that did
not get as much publicity as the good things he tried to do. I wrote about them extensively throughout
the entire Obama administration and I know what I’m talking about. For example, his clean power rule, you know
the center plea piece of his environmental regulations, the emissions that would have
been reduced under that were actually immediately offset less than a month after he put that
in place. Because of all of the new coal plants that
he green-lighted that we’re going to release as much as much emissions as would have been
cut by the clean power rule. And I talked about it back then, I wrote about
it back then. I cited the studies, I cited the statistics
and what did people do? They yelled at me for attacking Obama. They yelled at all of us here at ring of fire
for eight years for going after Obama for not being progressive enough and now Obama
is out there yelling back at everybody else. Warning us to not be Progressive’s. We’re not going to change who we are. We’re not going to change what we do. And the candidates who are running the furthest
to the left better not change either. And part of the reason for that is one, if
you do, then you weren’t authentic to begin with, but to the public will get pissed because
I don’t think Obama understands polling. I don’t think he’s paying close attention
because polls show that guess what? And majority of people, and that includes
a lot of Republicans. Sometimes majorities of Republicans do want
Medicare for all. They do want debt-free college. They do want big money out of politics. They want the green new deal. They want all of these far left things that
Obama is going to be yelling about today as being too far left. And again, it’s important to take the venue
into account. Last week when he said these things, he did
it to a room full of wealthy democratic donors. Today as his handler say, he’s going to go
say a similar thing. It’s also going to be in a room full of wealthy
democratic donors because those are the only people that Barack Obama talks to today. Those are the only people that matter now,
he doesn’t have to wear the veil of I care about all the other people to. No. He’s not president anymore. All he has to do is go out there, raise a
little bit of money for the DNC and his job is done, but he’s doing it by demonizing the
very candidates who stand the best chance of beating Donald Trump. And the best chance of fixing everything wrong
with this country. The very problems, by the way, that Barack
Obama ignored.

100 thoughts on “Obama Meets With Donors To Attack Progressives Again

  1. That was the very reason I didn’t vote for him for his re-election. I saw him, and still sees him as a republican democrat president.

  2. You would think Obama would learn . his soft-handed approach just won't work when you have to deal with the end of days cult known as the Republican Party . they blocked Obama from even picking a judge and he let them . that's why I'd prefer Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to run for president . Joe Biden is a little to soft on them as well . you need a fighter who will kick the hell and brimstone out of the Republicans . After all Trump has only had the office for 3 years and he's almost turn America into the Nazi fourth Reich ! We must be wary of the want to be dictators !!!

  3. If obama care is so good than why does the life expectancy keeps going down. All it did was cover people with chronic conditions(which is good), while funneling billions into the hands of the health insurance industry, and big farma. Proving health insurance is not healthcare. Medacare for all without the insurance companies is the best solution.

  4. We need to get rid of all establishment Republicans and Democrats! They are all in bed with big corporations, the NRA and not interested in working on behalf of the American people! The sooner Americans catch on and decide that we deserve better, the more will vote for Democratric progressive candidates, like Bernie Sanders who are working on our behalf for more high quality education, nationwide healthcare, climate control changes, lower taxes on working class Americans, and force big corporations to pay more taxes as they should! Time to drown the fat rats on both sides! Obamacare is not any good for Americans, period. Bernie Sanders for positive changes in Washington!

  5. Obama please go away. We need change we need stronger Democrats changing the system no weak people like you. We are tired of weak Democrats we need stronge leaders.

  6. Obama's somewhat right,,if it's too complicated it will take forever and they'll add on a bridge to go to an island that has 35 people,,. And anytime they tried to do something to help the American public,, it makes several if not more things worse,, !!! If you don't like the way the system is now,, you damn sure won't when they tamper with it,, !!!

  7. Go to a busy grocery store and in public, have the Politicians pick out the Undeserving People.
    Trump & the GOP would pick all if they could. Bigly list.
    Obama likely uses the 80/20 rule to keep them from starving, mostly.
    Only Bernie picks None. And that's why he and 'You Me Us All will Win. 2020. ✔

  8. This is what your spending your political capital on, Barack? There are limits to what to what you can buy before it takes you down. You made it out of office before people took a good look at what you actually accomplished. The time of “elder statesman” is disappearing because of the lack of wisdom demonstrated. Decide what you want to do but remember there are consequences.

  9. None of the Candidates are too far left. However there are a lot of Candidates that are too far right. Bernie and his policies are accepted by most of the Free world to be human rights.

  10. Man how he fell from being a highly respected President to being another corrupt asshole that just wants to keep us down. Republicans and Democrats alike can fuck off. As far as I'm concerned, Progressives are separate from the typical Corporate Democrats. Not even the same party anymore.

  11. Guys like Obama are a lil better than dudes like Trimp but come on… We shouldn't have to settle for a gigantic monster or a corporate pile of shit… Why can't we have a… You know… Human being. Like Bernie Sanders.

  12. I’m a progressive but Obama was right. Going to far left will doom us just as it’s been dooming the to far right at this moment.

  13. Told ya so. Obama is not and never has been a liberal. The University of Chicago doesn't produce liberals, it produces corportist.

  14. Obama ís part of what's wrong with the Democratic party. Bernie or bust. Only one you can trust to do what he says he's going to do. Need more like him not Obama.

  15. I love you Obama, please don't do this to your legacy. We are out here trying to save our Democracy. You told us to hope. Please reach out to him someone and try and get an interview
    He is a good man and mean well, but we are not going back go hard or go home. .

  16. I agree with you. In the past few years I’ve educated myself more on politics and the more i Lear the more I get disappointed with Obama. He could’ve have done so much more. What a disappointment.

  17. Obama is a corporate hack. If we listen to Obama we will have total healthcare for all in about 200-300 years.  Screw that. Let's do it now. Lives are in the balance.

  18. Any real progressive would have come into office and got busy on the fatcats that caused the 2008 recession instead of bailing them out. Nor would any progressive stack their cabinet with banksters and good 'ol boys like Obama did.

  19. I guess Obama is not concerned for the future of his daughters because if he would he would speak like that. Thousands of scientists are telling us that time is running out quickly and that we have to act now.

  20. Yup, let's stay progressive. People want that! No more playing it safe! I liked Obama but if he's gonna just be getting in the way, then he needs to just go home.

  21. Obama ,needs to stay out of the lime light and stay private. Obama stayed out of politics out the last 3 years he is no one at this .point . Why are you doting over corporate cultured Democrats. Is he being paid or is this the real Obama. You have lost your way .

  22. I love the ring of fire they tell you reality they don't have no sides left or right they just know what's wrong and they know what's right

  23. O'Bummer is now just a 💩 the the Punch Bowl, He needs to just go away, I do not care about what He thinks, so shut your mouth O'Bummer and fade into the Sun Set as We sing, Happy Trails to YOU MO FO!

  24. Yea, you'd think Obama would want someone competent enough to improve on the good he did and progressive enough to do everything he wouldn't do. We need two back to back progressive presidents to get this country on the same page as other countries that have progressive policies already in place. Two terms of Bernie Sanders followed by, let's say AOC, would definitely do that. But Barak, being the first black president twice, should use that momentum that helped get him elected, to push the progressive party, and America, into 2020 and beyond! #BeSelfless #ProgressivesVSEverybody #ROF

  25. I always thought that Obama was a front for wealthy Democrat donors to begin with. I never bought all his audacity of hope bullshit. Wealthy Democrat donors made him a Senator in Illinois and they did the same when he ran for President and when he ran for re-election. Obama has always been somewhat of an opportunist. And when he got out of office what did he do, he took a millionaires' vacation with his family courtesy of Sir Richard Branson. And he's been living the high life ever since.

  26. Why did he pick Biden? Stop the OD's big pharm destroyed life's for greed I like Bernie cuz he's as pissed off as I am n I'm pissed 😡 go big or go home no Joe 👎

  27. I am one more crappy clickbait headline and concoction of a story out of left field to unsubscribe from this channel.

    Obama didn't attack progressives! Change your freaking diaper and act like an adult. Quit the whining and hyper-dramatization over absolutely nothing.
    In attack is not when someone says something that you disagree with.
    FFS, grow the hell up and get a pair!

  28. B.O. -> Stealth Drumpfist?

    (As for thinking, if not behavior…)

    He might as well be quoting Richard Spencer, e.g. "Hail Victory! Hail Drumpf!"

  29. Y'know I see all these people saying all the time, "Stop being in a political bubble all the time! Try and think about other perspectives!"

    Yet the only 'bubble' I really see is all the rich people having these circlejerk get-togethers, where they all talk about how bad left-wing policies are, agree to never support them, and talk down to the rest of us and say that we're wrong for wanting them.

  30. Barack Obama has experienced obstruction at every step. He knows that leftist's goals will be impossible to fulfill within one or two terms. He cautions and redirects towards the center because there we will have a better chance to implement lasting changes bit by bit. I find nothing to criticize him for.

  31. Seriously … loved Obama … understand he may be trying to help Biden or pick a more centrist candidate but fuck he’s starting to really sound like a corporate fucktard ….. and why isn’t he attacking trump for Christ’s sake … the orange buffoon dresses him down daily … is he afraid to confront the fascist ???? I get trying to not be too far left but come on… fight you fuckers …

  32. Just by what Obama did to Assange, Manning, Snowden, Kiriakou, Sterling, AFTER he ran on protecting Whistle-blowers, we should be running him off any stage he steps on. We shouldn't let him get out one fucking word before he's dragged off. But there's still party blind sheep that applauds him when he shows up. They don't even get it, why Obama and Michelle now 'love ' George Bush. Why they always excuse and now respect the previous corrupt presidents. So he'll get excused, his legacy rewritten, and be remembered as awesome. God help us all.

  33. I had him pegged as a Reptard soon after his election. He gave in far too often to the Reptards to NOT be one himself. Prime evidence: Harvard Law School….

  34. Anyone still praising Obama ought to listen to John Kiriakou, the CIA analyst who blew the whistle on the Bush Administration for directing the “enhanced interrogation” of Iraqi prisoners. He was charged with espionage under the Obama administration — who went out of there way to ensure that he could not establish a defense in federal court. Republican or Democrat, the political establishment is all the same.

  35. I like Obama, but is possible maybe he doesn't want someone being better than him?
    I say our Democrat hopeful aim as high as they can go. We need it more so now. Get the WH fumigated from all the criminals and liars in office!!

  36. PLUS, Obama said NOTHING about the Russian election meddling when he learned of it from the FBI in July 2016! He got Trump elected, knowing the Russians were supporting Trumps campaign!!!! Obama claims he said nothing so as not to interfere with the election- as if he knew nothing of the actual interference going on to elect Trump. Obama = Trump's biggest supporter ; and he still IS!!

  37. Interesting comments going here. One side saying Obama succumbed to the hands of corporate and Obama not too involved with politics and another side saying that he doesn't believe in his party anymore. What a motely crew we have here.

  38. He sold us out to the greedy health care and pharma corporate system…They want half of my pay check for garbage service. The entire health care system needs to be scrap it is unsustainable.

  39. He's not telling ppl not to have hope he's telling you to stop acting like idiotic children attacking each other or you'll lose everything. I love how you guys are now attacking President Obama and you keep saying wealthy Democratic donors. This is why Dems will lose in 2020.😁

  40. We have to come back to middle ground not because we want to but because that's what we need to do. Have the courage to see beyond yourself or circle. No one is just sitting up wanting to step back! Think.

  41. Obama is basically a moderate Republican. I'll never forget his condescending speech he gave to Moorehouse College.

  42. The so-called "Progressive" Democrats are trying to do to the Democratic Party what the Tea party did to the Republican Party. The Tea Party rode the white-supremacist anti-Obama animus to victory as of 2010 under the guise of fiscal conservatism. Now the "Progressives" are trying the same anti-Obama angle, but without the white supremacy angle. Until donald trump came along, the Tea Party had not only immersed itself deeply into the Republican Party, but was controlling its agenda. The Progressives would like to do the same thing to the Democratic Party and are upset that traditional Democrats are resisting being taken over by the upstarts who haven't the gravitas to start their own party independent of the Democratic Party. That they have stooped to attacking former President Obama, the icon of the Democratic Party shows just how low they are willing to go. But really, it is stupid for a parasite to kill its host. President Obama is not attacking progress! He is trying to let you young fools know that by veering too far to the left, you will lose a LOT of moderate and conservative Democratic Party support! You can't have your cake and eat it, too! Joe Biden is the front runner, still, for a reason. Progressives need to stop attacking him in favor of Warren or Sanders. Stop giving the Republican Party ammunition!

  43. back in his day, obama was referred to as a much more eloquent and smiling version of george w. bush, and as a successor to quite a few of his policies. there wasn't much of a difference between him and a soft republican, which is largely true also of many other "democrats".

  44. Obama's big mistake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxQNtKc4KiE
    "The Obama Era Was Not A "Golden Age" — Cornel West, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDVCBavD7bk
    Obama Proposes Cuts to Social Security. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6rffy7uwUo
    Obama is NO FDR. Obama Willing to Consider Cutting Social Security and the Most Important Social Security Progressive You've Never Heard of: Frances Perkins'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QdM-ZoRflo
    We Are Bringing the Democratic Party Back Home to FDR, the Democratic Party’s Greatest and Most Successful President’ The Democrats are NOT headed too far left. "I want to be the party of the New Deal again," says the progressive congresswoman from New York. "The party of the Civil Rights Act, the one that electrified this nation and fights for all people." — Ocasio-Cortez. https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/17/democrats-not-headed-too-far-left-says-ocasio-cortez-we-are-bringing-party-home
    Obama "cannot guarantee" social security checks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLzLPbwqggU
    Obama's Health Care Compromise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G91Ul2Af8Kw
    The Woman Who Was the Force That Made Social Security Happen: Frances Perkins: Part 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyoajd7rc4o
    Why We Need to Expand Social Security, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rs6VfWFXChA
    Legislation Proposed to Expand Social Security. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4e9yiuKAmY
    Angry Dems Threaten Obama's Tax Cut Compromise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCqka_lKHZs
    Obama Wanted To Cut Social Security. Then Bernie Sanders Happened. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/barack-obama-grand-bargain-social-security-expansion_n_5751f92de4b0eb20fa0e0142
    Dems Angry Over Obama, GOP Tax Cut Deal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO194_gOQNM
    Obama Signals Compromise With GOP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AebviXOIfd0
    Many Democrats Not Happy with Tax Cut Deal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc2sp0IHa0Y
    Liberals Angry Over Obama Compromise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7r7tMgvFuY
    Democrats Push Back on Obama's Tax Compromise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR5XUgEEJRQ
    President Barack Obama is expressing a willingness to compromise with Republicans on the health care. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygKouyp3euo

  45. IMHO… No one ever listened to President Obama. I remember that just before trump was elected, a woman on a panel of "educated talkers", exclaimed in an excited voice, "If trump gets elected, YOU who voted for him will be sorry, and EVERYONE will get what they deserve, because Democrats who don't like Hilary won't vote". That woman hasn't been on television again. President Obama said as much when he campaigned for Hilary. No one listened!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here's my opinion part:
    We the people MUST realize something. The World right now is racing towards authoritarianism,
    BECAUSE the United States IS "doing allowing" it!!!!! It may be too late, hopefully not, BUT we better listen to who the ”experts" say WILL WIN, because with the winner can come a new Senate and Congress that will set ours and the World's path, for the next 20 YEARS. PLEASE be chill and Support the Democracy Party, I believe it may be our last chance.

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