Obama defies Mexican President's definition of populism

Obama defies Mexican President's definition of populism

in OKC affirm oddo es que en este mundo OS a presentin indistinct 'as partes a torres politico's laverra's goes politico's Kasumi n posición a's populists ax c demagogic 'as tetiny endo eliminar ODIs trueir lo que si a construido lo que a tomado décadas construir para reberty problemas el pasado y que CA cierto uno alcanza anna llegar a toda la sociedad ESO los beneficios a toda la población y que eso d Dara's goes veces es osa torres politico's riku yendo a la al police mu y al edema gujia bendy erin en respuestas muy facil s las 7 to Al's soluciones a los problemas que en frente a poun de el frente al mundo de la me I want to say one last egg no because there's been a running thread in a bunch of questions and that's this whole issue of populism maybe so I can pull up in a dictionary quickly the phrase populism but I'm not prepared to concede the notion that some of the rhetoric that's been popping up is populist you know what I ran in 2008 and the reason I ran again and the reason even after I leave this office I will continue to work in some capacity in public service is because I care about people and I want to make sure every kid in America has the same opportunities that I had and I care about poor people who are working really hard and don't have a chance to advance and I care about workers being able to have a collective voice in the workplace and get their fair share of the pie and I want to make sure that kids are getting a decent education and a working mom as childcare that she can trust and I think we should have a tax system that's fair and that folks like me who have been have benefited from the incredible opportunities in my society should pay a little bit more to make sure that somebody else's kids who weren't as lucky have those same opportunities now I suppose that makes me a populist somebody else who has never shown any regard for workers has never fought on behalf of social justice issues or making sure that poor kids are getting a decent shot at life or have health care in fact have worked against economic opportunity for workers and ordinary people they don't suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes it's not the measure of populism that's nativism or xenophobia or worse what's just cynicism so I would just advise everybody be careful about suddenly a tributing to whoever pops up at a time of economic anxiety the label that their populace

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  1. Mexicos peñas government is not even able to make a name for themselves its self evident how their whole organization is just a simulation of a real and constitutional office

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