Nujeen | National Geographic

Nujeen | National Geographic

my name is Nadine and I was born in
Syria with cerebral palsy I couldn’t go to school so TV became my classroom when
the world came my sister and I had to leave I wasn’t supposed to see the
bright side of my journey so I made it an adventure and discovered
all sorts of new things like boats trains the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had I wasn’t supposed to make it past Syria or Turkey or Austria But here I am in a classroom I was never
supposed to be in. So imagine how I feel when people tell me I can’t be an astronaut.

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  1. Appeals to the emotions, but one success story does not justify bringing millions of people where they do not belong and never will.

  2. Wow. My feelings. Thank you NatGeo for sharing this wonderful video. Quite spectacular how you captured parts of this person's journey in less than 3 minutes. Would not have mind a longer video, but, being aware of this person and parts of their journey. Priceless.

  3. What's point of a disabled kid becoming an astronaut rather than a teacher or motivational speaker…what would she will do out there which another astronaut could not do till the day…plzz spend that money help another kid like her come out of such war torn country…and this beautiful and courageous girl should continue studying and become either of the two… Don't waste resources in just such desire…no hate to anyone

  4. The west is beyond a lost ungrateful people as has been repeated throughout history as Jesus Christ once said you commit these acts when wood is green what will you do when the wood has gone dry

  5. Though odds were against her, Nujeen never stopped going after what she wanted. What are your thoughts on her story?

  6. I'm just saying since I've been a complete stranger among arabs. They (regular people, rich people, politicians and other groups) hate each other, every single arab country hates each other for various reasons and they blame everyone but themselves. Now call me names after I said something factual from real life experience.

  7. There is no gods blessing. There are just hypocrites like the orange tainted fat nixon of america, who pretend to be a faithful christian. And than there are some bland stalwarts of an history of deepest downs and redemption like Angela Merkel. Bless her, because Merkel is the reason that we know the story of precious people like Nujeen.

  8. I live in a Muslim country, there was a Syrian guy in my town who is expelled by the neighbors because they didn't want what happened in Syria happens in here

  9. What the frick this almost made me cry! This is the cutest video I’ve ever seen. Probably one of the most motivational as well. Nujeen is adorable and impossible not to instantly fall in love with. When I heard her say that she had cerebral palsy, I was like, “Omg that’s so sad but she’s sooo cute!” Her story is incredibly inspiring. I’m so glad you guys shared it with us. So many people are hated upon just because of skin color, religion, or any differences in general. Racism and all the other discriminations are extremely stupid and unnecessary. I’m so glad she was able to overcome these terrible things that were appressing her. Nujeen is just the most adorable person I’ve seen on YouTube or TV or anything. She should become more widely known. Heck, she should be on Ellen or something. She deserves it! She’s incredibly brave to try to endure what she did. And she succeeded! I believe that she can be an astronaut! I think she could do anything she wants! God, Nujeen, you touch my heart. GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL YOU BEAUTIFUL CHILD! I LOVE YOU!

  10. Most amazing thing i seen in 2019 .. to this great girl i say :
    Go on . With all power of u
    On the other side of earth
    There is some one say to you
    How great u are. Keep going.

  11. Hahaha … astronaut .. We all know that we live in a closed system .. We all know that there is no such thing as an astronaut ..

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