Not Surprisingly, Fox News Says Anti-Fascist Protestors Are Actually Fascists

Not Surprisingly, Fox News Says Anti-Fascist Protestors Are Actually Fascists

Following the violence in Charlottesville
this weekend, carried out by white nationalists, Fox News decided to really get to the heart
of the issue and find out what the real cause of all of this anger and hatred is. Take a look. There are plenty and plenty of double standards. The left, you’ve been … You’ve seen Ivy
league colleges and others, there’s this emphasis on multiculturalism at any cost, right? It’s racial vulcanization. They divide us by groups and say you’re a
black person or you’re a woman or you’re a transsexual, whatever it is, as opposed to
saying we are all Americans. The ideal is a set of ideas and who you are
as a race or a class is always secondary to being an American. I feel like that points gets missed and it
certainly gets missed when people are carrying torches, especially if they’re making a case. Hey, nationalism means we have a country,
not a series of people that happen to live together. The fact that it’s collectivism versus individualism,
and when you have anti-fascists calling themselves anti-fascists but they’re actually being fascist
in trying to shut down speech, it’s an emblematic of the contradiction on this [inaudible 00:01:00]. Yes. [inaudible 00:01:00]. That’s right, folks. It’s not white supremacy. It’s not the fact that we have a president
who has embraced white supremacy. It’s multiculturalism. It’s the fact that we, according to Fox host,
Pete Hegseth, it’s the fact that we tell people that they are a certain race. It’s that we’re telling black people that
they’re black. I guess we shouldn’t do that. I’m pretty sure they’re going to figure it
out though, even if we don’t say that to them. Look, Fox News right now is really having
a tough time coming to grips with the fact that their audience is out there killing people. Remember all the times on Fox News when they
would get so pissy about the fact that President Obama allegedly never called those radical
Islamists who committed terrorist acts terrorists? He did, by the way. So, why won’t Fox News come out and call these
white supremacists terrorists? They killed someone. A human life was taken this weekend by white
supremacists at a Unite the Right rally. Yeah. That’s right-wing supremacism, right-wing
terrorism, right-wing violence. Whatever you want to call it, just announce
it, Fox News. But, instead, you’re trying to flip the script
and say that somehow these anti-fascist protesters, they’re the ones that are actually somehow
fascists. Do you not understand what that means? Do you not know what the tenants of fascism
are? You should, because you’ve been pushing them
for decades, and that’s what your organization is all about. People got killed and you’re blaming the people
who got killed. You won’t talk bad about white supremacists. You won’t denounce the KKK, who was also present
at parts of this rally in Charlottesville. You won’t do any of that. Instead, the problem is colleges, multiculturalism,
telling people that it’s okay to identify as your race if you’re black or Hispanic. That’s the problem in Fox News’ eye. Not the hatred and bigotry that they spew
out of their network day after day, mobilizing that disgusting population of the United States
who believes what they say. No, it’s college professors. It’s anti-fascists. It’s liberals. We’re always the problem at Fox News. We’re the ones destroying this country. In fact, on Monday morning, Fox and Friends,
those idiots decided to spend their morning talking about the fact that there are anti-fascist
protests in Seattle. They’re not talking about the fact that white
supremacists killed somebody this weekend in an act of right-wing terrorism, they’re
talking about people marching for equal rights and better treatment in Seattle. Fox News will never learn. I think it’s about time we bring back the
corporate death penalty and hand it over to News Corp. Yeah, that might mean we end up having to
say goodbye to shows like The Simpsons or Family Guy, but at this point, to stop that
news channel from poisoning the public discourse in the United States, I’m going to have to
go ahead and say that that’s worth it.

100 thoughts on “Not Surprisingly, Fox News Says Anti-Fascist Protestors Are Actually Fascists

  1. When the Muslim man drove his van through a crown outside a mosque in London, he was rightly called a terrorist. When this white supremacist drove his car though a group of protesters…crickets. Spoiler alert! He's a terrorist too.

  2. The truth is is the Americans are and always have had problems with race issues that is one thing different from the country I live in Canada as a Canadian we as a people we value our cultures we embrace culturalism cuz it benefits us as a country we are a better country because of other races living in this country and I saw that very much on Canada's 150 birthday the culturalism within Canada shined brightly on that day and that's why I'm proud to be a Canadian. Cousins Canadians we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to hate.

  3. Let them keep doing it, remember Fox News audience is older, the majority of them I think are conservative middle aged and elderly. Fox News might have some younger viewers, But not enough. That network will fall eventually or transition to something else, under a completely new executives and management team.

  4. I'm not saying that we don't have racist living in Canada cuz we do but we just do not tolerate it as a country we nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand we don't wait three days later to say what should have been said on the moment that happened.

  5. Like I said I live in Canada soap makes that statement that that idiot said untrue cuz like I said as a Canadian we Embrace multiculturalism and it benefits us as a country.

  6. And stop calling Fox News because it is not in use you cannot lie to the people you're talking to and call yourself and use organization when other news outlets print lies or talk lies they are fired immediately so the call Fox News is asinine. Cuz Fox News is the voice for the Nazis and the KKK.

  7. Who do you think listens to Fox News it is the white supremacists the Ku Klux klan's in the Nazis it's their Channel if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it's a freaking duck. So if it talks like a racist if it looks like a racist it's a racist.

  8. The "alt right " literally says that when whites are " oppressed " they should rise up and fight. ..when blacks are oppressed, they should shut up and sit down

  9. Wake Up people GIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE ONLY GOD JESUS CHRIST. Satan and his demos took the USA through gays, lesbian, abortion,terrorism, religious,so its heading to destruction. READ the HOLY BIBLE MATHEW 24. REVELATION 6, 18_22 explain what's Next for the human race and this world. You are going to die,so where are you going HEAVEN or hell.?

  10. We should all stop being so surprised when this happens. What do you expect from a "news" channel that has hired anchors it's spew this vile hatred of the other.

  11. The rally was named "Unite the Right ", the Nazi flags flown, the chant "Blood and Soil" heard ad nauseam, yet somehow the antifa were fascists. Why did the Nazis put the Communists first in concentration camps then?

  12. Marching and carrying torches, that's what the white supremacist were doing. Including attempting to lynch a black man at a parking lot.

  13. Fox whores BS'ing away  their racism. Speaking like the Borg in assimilate idiocy. They are racist pigs and shills

  14. What's next from these conservative kooks? Fields was just driving down the street, when all these people tried to assault his bumper with their bodies.

  15. A bunch of domestic terrorist showed up to a legally permitted rally and start the violence (as usual) to silence the permit holders, and you blame the Unite the right attendees. Already convicted the guy in the car without knowing all the facts. What if as other videos show his car was hit by a protester and maybe he panicked. If he wanted to kill them why didn't he go on the sidewalk where there were plenty of protesters and a possible escape through the intersection.

  16. I heard that same asshole refer to BLM as "only black lives matter" as if that was its actual name. FOX makes me sick.

  17. Fascist Lefties, Fascist Righties… 2 Wings on the same Fascist Chicken Hawk!
    … And the Fascist controlled News Media LOVES IT!!! BRAVO!

  18. 5 cops killed by BLM in Dallas and you have yet to label them terrorists!   You want to eat crow now?   Wait there's more…  Terrorism occurs when people are going about their normal daily activities and get killed for it.   This was a highly combustible rally with a lot of hate on both sides, and anybody who was there knew this.   Once again, progressives demonstrate their disgusting levels of hypocrisy.

  19. The host of this video is a fucking idiot. "They" didn't kill anyone. One disturbed individual did it. He is a double-dipped PC clown.

  20. Lmfao fox won't denounce them and really think neo-nazi and white supremacist aren't terries 😂😂 wow just wow 😂😂

  21. Liberalism is literally the mentality of peace and equality. Like Jesus.
    The Right is literally authoritarian, fascist, and violent, and constantly use projection. Fucking spoiled brats

  22. Fox news got it right. EXACTLY right.
    Multiculturalism if fine as long as it doesn't include those who want to end us

  23. ANTIFA and Social Justice Warriors are mostly down on their luck 20 something college graduates who cannot get real work and are pissed, but love the fact we (me twice) elected a 1/2 white/black President who they grew up under living in their middle and upper middle class lifestyle homes. They refuse to see that the economic downturn started with Bill Clinton (He lied to US) and NAFTA (maybe even Reagan and Trickle Down Economics) that ruined their future lives. Of course they would gravitate to the far left extremes since the truths/guilt's of :1) not voting in the last election (@ 20% voted in 2016… millennials compared with HUGE #'s for OBAMA in previous voting moments) and 2) They cannot blame their idol OBAMA or Hillary when it was Obama and Hillary who sabotaged the DNC against BERNIE…They are blind and blaming racism instead of themselves and their ignorance to truth. The DNC opened the door for our President to walk through and closed it on Bernie who should be our President.

  24. The Right is working on a campaign to water down and confuse the word "FASCIST", and it didn't start today. Remember , they started the "Voter Fraud" lies during the 2004 elections, and they pushed it for 6 years before they started passing laws. This attack on the meaning of fascism, has a purpose that we may not see for years. Count on it!!!

  25. And not surprisingly the liberal left blames everything on the white supremacists and of course on Trump …. the BLM and antifa thugs were once again just innocent bystanders who had no intention to fight anybody …….. and the leftist local government who told the cops to stand down, has no blame either that things got a little out of hand …….. and that the corrupt Soros, Clinton Obama anti Trump triangle once again used all those useful idiots to do their dirty anti Trump work is nothing but a wild conspiracy theory ………

  26. Unadulterated gaslighting. It's what Fox is all about. Deflect, and justify the actions of hate with multi-cultural identity—the back bone of this country. Smh

  27. 1. Neo-Nazi are scum.
    2. The young lady should not have been killed.
    3. The ANTIFA group that went there to protest the nazi group, went looking for trouble. They came armed with weapons. They attacked media and other groups while there. They did not stay back or away from the Nazi group. They actually instigated the violence. And yes, there is evidence to prove it. I am not a Neo-Nazi sympathizer. But, I do not feel sorry for any person or group of persons that reaps what they sow. What should have and could have been a peaceful demonstration was turned into a violent confrontation. And not, by the "bad" guys. The governor of Charlottesville told the police to stand down, long before the violence began. He allowed the ANTIFA group to confront the Nazi group. The Nazi group had obtain permission and permits from the governors offices to march. The ANTIFA group did not. The police should have stopped the antifa group. Yet, the governor told them to stand down. So…who is ultimately responsible for the death of Heather Heyer???? Is it Heather for being part of the group that instigated violence? Is it the police for not doing the job they should have done? Is it the mayor, for being a reason that the violence was allowed to happen? Or, was it donald trump? Because he didn't come out and say that only one group was to blame for this stupidity.
    4. Un-bunch your panties Cousins. You smarmy little douche.

  28. Antifa started the riot, the antifa causes chaos, antifa shows up to marches and speeches, masked as cowards. Stand proud for what you believe instead of hiding behind a veil. If you aren't breaking the law then you don't need to hide your face…the guy who organized it was an Obama supporter, a "former" democratic member, and a Soros sympathizer. This was all theater to vilify the right wing. Unfortunately some one died, why isn't anyone talking about the 2 dead cops? Useful idiots, I haven't seen the democrats up in arms like this since the republicans took away their slaves

  29. Sticking up for ANTIFA is one of many reasons you keep losing elections. Also it keeps you miserable. Along with being bald.

  30. Yes because seeing a bunch of Black shirts with black mask burning books and tearing down statues doesn't look like the brown shirts at all. lol. Fucking liberals have no brain. They only point out the Right but never call out their own extremist.

  31. these a holes at fox news like donald trump are putting the blame on the people that are protesting white supremacy i guess we should have never went to fight against hitler after all

  32. Looks pretty fascist to me.

  33. Fascism has nothing to do with free speech. Fascism is a system in which citizens are expected to live for and sacrifice themselves for the state. In short, in a fascist society, lack of patriotism is a crime. So free speech is compatible with fascism, except speech that is critical of the state.

    So to the extent that Antifa attempts to suppress speech that is critical of the state, then yes, Antifa is fascist. But not otherwise.

  34. Oh, Now THAT'S FUNNY, Farron, STILL TRYING To "Hide" This,  Hmmm….  Human Trafficing?  CHILD/SEX Trafficing?!  REMEMBER,

  35. Antifa and BLM have been more violent than most white racist groups, so how exactly do you justify stating anything against Fox for reporting the truth on this case. A BLM woman told a white guy to kill his babies and his grand-babies so call it like it is and those so called white supremacists had proper permits to be there, no other group did. Stop the lies and propaganda for the insane leftists.

  36. Ring of fire egghead you are misinterpreting what he's saying! Listen to what he said carefully word by word in order for you to process it

  37. What an asshole. No, white supremacists didn't kill someone, one fucked up guy did. If we use your fucked up logic then it wasn't Muslim extremist terrorists who killed people, it was all the followers of Islam. Antifa started the violence, because after searching their group for someone with logical argument and failing, they decided to beat people up to get their point across instead.

  38. Both are the problem. We should all identify as Americans. Fox news doesn't push that narrative and neither does the left most of the time. Only if we can come together as one people do we solve most of the problems. The asshole on the right are saying that we should separate based on ideology and skin color and the asshole on the left are saying that we should separate based on ideology and skin color. As if a poor black person has a drastically different life than a poor white person. I know people from many different socioeconomic classes of many different skin colors, my White and Black and Asian friends who are felons because of stupid decisions in their youth are still paying for it with the inability to get decent jobs and housing. I could go on, but point is that I live in one of the most conservative states in this country and I have seen no difference in how different races are treated just differences in how they are treated based on how much money they have access to.

  39. They only get away with saying that the protesters were the fascists because their viewers are SO FUCKING RETARDED that they have no actual understanding of the word "fascism". Or of American history, government, or society in general. Trying to get one of those imbeciles to understand things is virtually impossible. I've had better conversations with a potato.

  40. the prez embraced white supremacy? so now you can just say things and they become true? who really makes race an issue? #questionsthatmatter

  41. Fascist Techniques include censorship to shut down dissenting opinions and advocating for violence against political opponents.

    The speaker is right in saying a "white nationalist" (should be labeled supremacist as to not mistake the two) killed a counter protestor, and injured 20 more. Everyone condemned that scumbag Nazi for that horrendous act.

    Micah Johnson in 2016 killed 5 police officers and injured 9 others at a Black Lives Matter event, claiming he wanted to kill "white people" and "white police officers in particular." That was another horrendous act of racism and hatred, yet the same level of outrage wasn't given, and instead it's looked at as "morally justified". We don't call him a "Black Nationalist" (again, should be labeled supremacist as to not mistake the two).

    And this is where the issue lies. Hatred, resentment, and violence are tolerated by a certain group of individuals who are morally obligated to act, and it is never condemned. The left in particular has become very authoritarian, and the United States is becoming unbalanced. Violence is the last resort, and unless the two sides come together to have an honest conversation violence will be the only answer.

  42. BLack guys can you go to these Antifa trust fund white kid rallies and see how they react on camera if a group of you say you value their support so much and would like to be invited back to their parents homes for tea and cookies. Also ask them why they don't take groups of black people to the white rock concerts they all go to.

  43. You mean the masked terrorists who charge at innocent people and hit them with things like bike locks, chains, bricks, and recently hammers?

  44. Don't worry folks , once we get rid of these damn white nationals we can all embrace ultra socialism or perhaps even a world wide Islamic Caliphate.
    Then the real hell begins!

  45. "The tenets of fascism" ? Uh, you mean like far left student protesters shutting down any concept of free speech at the colleges and universities? Any view that happens to be a little right of the far left equals fascism ?? Guess what the Brownshirts in pre WW2 Germany did? The things mentioned above.

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