“Not as Outlandish as it Could Be”

“Not as Outlandish as it Could Be”

Hi. I’m Bruce Nelson. I’m, ah, Mangy Fetlocks, probably his best friend I guess I’d say. I’m here to sing. He didn’t want to record
because his hat won’t fit in the viewfinder so I thought I’d just take
it for him. I have a new little song, came to me after listening to some things
from yesterday’s hearings and the Republicans were really, their counsel
was really trying to push the one of the witnesses to admit that the whole affair
with the Ukraine was not as outlandish as it could be. I thought, that’s a great line for a song. Not as a outlandish as it could be. Not quite as weird as it seems. Far, far more twisted it would be when I’m describing my dreams in which Rudolph Giuliani, dressesd in a teddy and heels, shows up in court, takes a quick snort and then for the jury reveals it all. Then for the jury reveals. Not as outlandish as it could be. Aliens from outer space might have abducted Jim Jordan, then could’ve stolen his face after which they could return here, led by their own “Captain Smirk” proving just so, where ever they go,
some folks will come off as a jerk. Not as outlandish as it could be, given
the world’s gone insane. Trump could have put on a hoodie and rapped that whole call to Ukraine. Pence playing backup on organ. Kellyanne Conway on drum. and, odder still, maybe George Will, riffing “The Prez is NOT dumb”. No way! Riffing, “The Prez is not dumb “. Now, that would be really outlandish.

37 thoughts on ““Not as Outlandish as it Could Be”

  1. OMG! Two in one day! You hit the jackpot Mr. Nelson. (Or we, your fans did). This administration is sure giving you a lot of material to work with, aren’t they. Boy, we sure need you to lift up our spirits. Keep ‘em coming!

  2. You are a consumate wordsmith sir. As a movie plot, the current political situation would be nigh on unbelievable. I actually wonder just how outlandish things will get before we finally move beyond this era of insanity.

  3. That was awesome and to top it off it was funded by the same trump ad playing before and after the video. Outlandishly indeed. I love seeing trump spend his campaign money on good causes for a change. Funding more good music ofcourse.

  4. I sure enjoy a great piano player. Trump and the GOP are outlandish. Not looking good for them. Enjoyed the song. I thank you Bruce, your songs are a reminder to keep myself cool and I'm not alone. God bless you!

  5. Jim Jordan must have been traumatized as a child by a suit jacket in a dark closet. He got served yesterday by Peter Welch's comment about Trump being welcome to testify, Trump started the whole thing, not the whistleblower. It's about time Jordan got laughed at for his outlandish conspiracy BS.

  6. Those Repellent GOP members are practically writing the songs for you, Bruce. Keep up the great work, and thank you for all the work you do to keep democracy safe.

  7. "Would you admit it could be worse?" Uh yeah? That was the best lawyering they could manage. To quote trump, "SAD!"
    The look on Mr. Taylor's face when he was asked to agree with the statement(admission) that things were outlandish was worth having watched the whole hearing.

  8. Rachel Maddow's response to the "Not as outlandish as it could have been" question was, "Well, I suppose they could have all been wearing Mexican Wresting masks." I think Rudy in a teddy and heels is an even better visual.

  9. Another great one B. 🤠

    Hope you find some more musical material from day two of the hearings.
    Good luck :).


  10. I have spent most of my life with an Republican lean. I was registered as such until Regan. Now they hold their ground in a much in an un American way. Sacrifice the country over party . It's sick! Congress as their duty is to watch over presidency, it's not like normal law for everyone else they need to stop abuse. If anyone of them said let's see what we find and rule on that I'd support them. I can't believe that I have to look to the Democratic party for moral leadership. Sad.

  11. Bruce another good one and the other one today was good also. I look forward to seeing your wonderful songs. You're the greatest. And one the other commenters is correct you should go on tour and cut a few albums I guess at dates me though right.. In a few days I will be 3/4 of a century old and that's old. Or as my grandchildren say when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

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