Noam Chomsky – Why Does the U.S. Support Israel?

Noam Chomsky – Why Does the U.S. Support Israel?

Why does the United States support Israel? Well, there’s a history. and a very interesting one that actually goes back to… goes back a long time. uh… one thing to remember is that Christian Zionism is a very powerful force which goes back long before Jewish Zionism. In England particularly Christian Zionism was a powerful Force Among British Elites. It’s part of the motivation for the Balfour declaration and for Britain’s support for Jewish Colonization of Israel. Remember… the Bible said… you know… and that’s a big part of British Elite Culture. Same in the United States. Woodrow Wilson was a devout Christian who read the Bible every day. So did harry Truman. In the Roosevelt administration, one of the leading officials, Harold Ickes, once described the return of the jews to Palestine as the greatest event in history. It’s so realizing the lesson of the bible. These are deeply religious countries in which the Biblical command, so-called, are taken quite literally. Also, this is just part of colonization. This is the lastphase of European Colonization. And notice that the countries that are most strongly in support of Israel are not just the United States. It’s the United States, Australia, and Canada. The offshoots of England. Anglosphere sometimes called. Unusual forms of imperialism. These are settler colonial societies. Coloned societies in which the… not like India… not like the British in India, say… Societies, South Africa, was a little like this, or Algeria under the French. Settler colonial societies in which the settlers came in, essentially eliminated the native population also driven by religious principles… Very religious groups driven by Christian Zionism. Those are major cultural factors. There are also significant geostrategic factors. In… you go back to 1948 There was actually a split between the state department and the Pentagon in the United States over how to react to the new state of Israel. The State Department was … was… was… questioned… it was not committed strongly to Israeli conquests, the establishment of the state, and was concerned about the refugees It wanted an implementation of the refugee problem. The Pentagon, on the other hand, Reckitt was very impressed with Israel’s military potential. The Israeli military successes. If you look back at the internal record, in declassified, the Joint chiefs of staff described Israel as the second largest military force in the region after Turkey and a potential base for US power in the region. That continued Can’t run through the whole record, but in 1958 when there was a serious crisis in the region Israel was the only state that strongly cooperated with Britain and the United States And it won plenty of support from the governments and the military for that reason. 1967 is when the current relations with Israel were pretty much established Israel performed a major service to the United States by destroying secular Arab nationalism, a major enemy of the United States, and supporting radical Islam which the U.S. supported and it continues right until the present right now we saw an example of that just during the… uh… Gaza… latest Gaza attack you recall that at one point Israel began to run out of munitions during the assault despite the fact that it’s a armed to the teeth that the United States provided Israel with additional munitions through the Pentagon and notice where they were taken from These were U.S. munitions pre-positioned in Israel for eventual use by U.S. Forces one of many signs of how Israel is regarded as essentially a military officer of the United States. very close intelligence relations that go way back many other connections and the media tend to take up… to support the policy of the government with very few kind of little questioning around the edges, but basically accept the policy so for example take another issue. Take the U.S. invasion of Iraq You cannot find the phrase U.S. invasion of Iraq in the U.S. media. There was obviously an invasion. A blatant act of aggression. A textbook case of That’s what Nuremberg trials called the supreme international crime. Cannot be mentioned. President Obama is praised as an opponent of the invasion What did he say? He said it’s a mistake. It’s a strategic blunder. We’re not going to get away with it. Now that’s about as that’s the kind of opposition that You heard from the German general staff during Hitler’s invasion of Russia It’s a blunder. Shouldn’t do it. We should knock off. England first. That’s regarded as opposition the same in Vietnam, there’s now… There’s now a commemoration underway. A big commemoration of U.S. sacrifices in Vietnam Try to find the phrase U.S. invasion of South Vietnam there or anywhere in the past years since 1961 when it took place Nonexistent. Maybe on “Democracy Now”, what I write but way out of the fringe and this is not unique to the United States Take, say, Britain. Right now there’s interesting debates in the British literary journals like the times literary supplement As to whether britain should finally begin to recognize the genocidal the word that’s used Genocidal character of British Colonization hundreds of years ago Should Israel should Britain begin to face it? You know you can ask that question in many places the tendency of the intellectual community to go along like a herd in support of state power, private power is just overwhelming we… peo… intellectuals like to think of themselves as dissident, critical, courageous, standing up against power. Absolutely untrue. You look at the historical record that’s a small fringe, and they’re usually punished. The mainstream tends to be what was once called a herd of independent minds marching in support of State power Nothing new here. Unfortunate. You have to fight against it. Not new.

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  1. Why does the U.S. Support Israel? Because the Jews in USA have a lot of influence! The example of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) shows that very well. Every major presidential candidate wants the goodwill of AIPAC! That Pro-Israel lobbyists organisations like AIPAC spent hundreds of millions of dollars in recent decades, and that money poured into American politics through a variety of channels, according to the non-profit, non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.
    Pro-Israel donors….

  2. This is remarkable, he rightly called the conquest of the Jews in Palestine colonization!

  3. Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 God says they are fake jews and you recognize the real Jews by the curses upon them in Deuteronomy 28:68. So, who's lying?

  4. Good try, But you appear to be a Satanist. There was never an Israel until Rothschild created it for the Antichrist. He had the U.S. fight in two World Wars to create The Fake State of Israel.
    Israel is the New name For Jacob, His follower and bloodlines were Israelites .
    Rothschild the Papal Bloodlines Central Banker hijacked Biblical Stories, and wants to pass laws to force total loyalty to it.
    You must be either 33rd degree, or Jesuit, or Roman Catholic. Because you are deceiving with your words.

  5. Maybe the Luciferians will give you a Nobel Peace Prize like they do all of the other One World Order loyalists.

  6. That's why we all need to support China to fight against christian zionism and the spread of christianity. Hate christian zionism!!! Fight christian zinosim!!! China has power to stop christian zionism. Christianity is the number one EVIL religion in the history of mankind!!! We must STOP IT!!! It is not America or Britain. It is this genocidal ideology called Christianity we all must fight against!!!

  7. Just waiting for him to die. He's a crazy, when you live among muslims is only when you know their annihilating mindset, but these no more than librarian minded snakes can't move beyond stupid idealism of value and compassion, in real world it doesn't exists. He is a dumb jew.

  8. Naom Chomsky, why don't all people support Israel! You, you're so, very, very, very, learned, the ~'molseems', get control of Jerusalem, they'll figure they've won, and many including you, will be pointing you arses upwards, towards the like wise behind you, chanting 'arl-hiha', is a god ( .. not master of deceiving, the Devil,.
    ). Idiot. You will go down in history as a Lord Haw Haw, of, far, far, far, greater evil and menace, than your predecessor.

  9. I can see people tha do not know the GOD Israel the creator of all things who ever is against Israel is going the word of GOD the Holy bible .if you do not know Jesus Christ the lake of fire awaits you and it is forever.

  10. The American:" Are you proud to be a imberb mentcapted ignorant russion-sino-race-o-phobic, sexist, machist, PRESCRIPTION addict to opium pills and any other, not Knowing that USA it just of 5% of the world's population and still I can't point Europe continent into a map and I think I'm sure "1+1 it's one because"….. so why are you( THE WORLD) harass me? Do you think I'm stupid???""

    Seriously Why don't you try to invade Russia? Please! I beg you you'll beat them for sure!
    And will your at it bomb The spratley island's….

    I've been waiting with my popcorne for this to happen…"

  11. Chomsky does not address at all the most significant reasons why the U.S. is the dog who is continually being wagged by his tail (Israel).

    Chomsky’s answer to this question is predictably vague and disappointing.

    As for the Israeli-Palestinian debate: this is not the West’s fight. No Western nation except the U.K. should be involved at all. Israel and Palestine should be left to figure this out on their own. And the reason I say except the U.K. is because their government was foolish enough to shake hands with the devil behind closed doors in their (the UK’s) greatest hour of need during WWI in 1917.

    Tsk Tsk

  12. Its a satanic parasite cult as Zionist its not a religion its money that zionist has to destroy any religion that uses the private federal reserve IRS masters money

  13. If it werent for America protecting Israel..the entire race would be wiped off the face of the planet by the Muslims and Amorites, just like Hiter tried to do. Why would you remove this unless it was true

  14. 1st of all Zionism has nothing to do with Hebrewism and Hebrewism has nothing to do with Judaism and the edamites or European Jews are not the Hebrews that are from The Bible. Those are the ones that were enslaved for 430 years in this country called the United States this is why these people have problems because they've been kicked out of every country they've ever gone into because their edamites

  15. Your haters and destroyers from your own will be descended – noam knows this verse in hebrew
    It is now claimed that the main instigators for the expulsion of the jews from spain 1492 were the converted jews
    Here we have another example

  16. The U.S . embargoed arms to Israel in 1948 , and didn't become an arms supplier till 1967 , Chomsky
    should stick to linguistics .

  17. God cannot be Evil.
    Obviously you have no understanding of Spirituality.
    Evil is an Artificial Programming that must be and will be destroyed totally.
    It arose erroneously by experimental ERROR.

    What do you think the Endtime is all about?


  18. 1. Christian Zionism started in Great Britain to create off-shoot nations of Great Britain like USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Israel. These off-shoot countries of Great Britain mass genocided the indigenous population through imperialism. Imperialist powers like Great Britain and her off-shoot nations supported religious fundalism/extremism to bring down Arab Nationalism to further their cause to inhilate Arab population for strategic control of oil in the region. Also, Saudi Arabia is an off-shoot of Great Britain and Israel. Iran's religious extremist government was put in power by imperialist Great Britain for the interests of Britain and her off-shoot Nations.

  19. I Wonder what you think about these statements?

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Nobelprize winner and himself victim of the Bolshevikparty in Gulag.

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred, they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media in the hands of the perpetrators.”

    “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews, there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”
    – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Putins statement: 80-85% of the Bolshevik-party were jews.
    Quote from the jew Leon Trotsky and the founder of the red army.

    Leon Trotsky intentionally drove Europeans to "cannibalism"
    In 1921 messengers representing starving peasants asked Trotsky för help he said this:
    "You are starving? This is not famine yet, when your women eat their children then you may come and say we are starving."
    For example Almost all media, banking, and influencial bransches of the world is owned by jews. Is that not very risky knowing from the Talmud that the jews secretly hate: 1. Christians 2. Whites 3. All non-jews. 4. Want world domination.

    All MY statements can you find in the jewish Holy book the Talmud.

    Have a good day!

  20. If you really read your Bible you would realize Israel should not exist only the Messiah is to return his people back. Not to mention the Jews are not the chosen people they are cursed for rejecting the Messiah. Zionism not biblical started in the 1800s by Rothchild Bankster‘s dispensationalism also not biblical

  21. It doesn’t mean that supporting European converts to the Hebrew faith is right. #DO NOT BE DECEIVED IN WELL DOING

  22. Noam. You 'forgot' to mention the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, by Israel. LBJ, & co. neatly swept that under the rug😕

  23. Israel controls Britain and America and has significant influence in European union and United has the most advanced weapons then any one including Russia and America has enuff nukes to destroy the world.its origin are of corruption and murder and none historically as an imposter state and people who have no connections to children of Israel and Abraham but are khazar asknati imposter who has corrupted the world predominately the Christian world in the West.

  24. …and people, inclusive of Christians in the west believe that Israelis are Christians and Jews. I was of that view when in junior high too. But Israelis are Zionists! What make them Jews? Are they ethnically Jews, showing up in their DNA. They branded themselves Jews. Then maybe, I could call myself an Aryan.

  25. Christian Zionism misinterpreted the bible to put Jews in place of 1st century Christians. The Christians of the spiritually inspired Israel replaced wholly and fully the physical Israel. Physical Israel ejected God and his king, Jesus. Jesus told physical Israel at that time that, "You have rejected God and now God has rejected you. He will replace you with a people from all nations, tongues and people's. He destroyed Israel in 70 AD by having the Romans destroy Jerusalem and the temple, also destroying all records that provided the lineage of the Jews. Today no Jew remains that can prove he is actually a Jew because all written records have been destroyed and have never been replaced according to the Mosaic law. Therefore there is a physical nation made up of European people who claim to be Jewish that the United Nations put in place but nowhere is there a nation of Jews. They were destroyed and scattered in 70AD and have never been regathered by God.

  26. I am not sure about their history between US n Israel but I know Isreal invented quite a numbers of weapons n technology US are unable to cope with. Hi Hi.

  27. This guy is an idiot! How can Christian Zionism exist before Christ and Judaism?…. I'll wait ⌚

  28. TV preachers like Robeson, Robertson and Falwell were th first to receive Israeli monies and soon were addicted. They learned where th money was and what to say to get it. They passed “the narrative” to grass roots Protestants and they carried th ball. Now this continues on YouTube etc. I saw this happen with my own eyes so…. there ya go. I’m not anti-Semitic or anti-Israel.

  29. I never heard him say why at all the question was why does the United States support Israel not why certain people support Israel. The Constitution and Declaration make it perfectly clear they dont support any religious notion of a Nation they make it quite clear that they will never support a religious nation.

    So why did Mr. Noam answer the way he did hes fully aware our American Republic is totally opposed to the state of Israel they dont even have a Constitution? I cant answer for him and its obvious hes not going to.

    There is no reason our Republic should support Israel. In fact our Republic should ban AIPAC and the ADL from meddling in our affairs and every other lobbyist and their corporate money should be forever banned from meddling. Human rights should be stripped from every CORPORATION and term limits started to end career politicians as well as Congress needs to retake control of our money and tear up the pledges our politicians sign to support Israel and start working for the people or be prepared to be impeached and tried for treason.

    The fraud has gone on far too long we are 22 trillion dollars in debt and its because both parties are totally corrupted.

    Privately you can support Israel all you want but public office commits treason to do so.

    dont be stupid its our money and if we dont control it we are prisoners and slaves to those that do. thats why we are 22 trillion dollars in debt and you cant afford a DR. or to feed and clothe your family and provide them a home that isnt constantly threatened to be taken from you. weve been getting fucked while Congress votes for their own raises and gets free health care and fat retirement for selling us out and thats total bullshit if we owe 22 trillion they shouldnt get paid at all……

    I want my money back plus interest and damages. The people have an agreement we made with each other its called the CONSTITUTION. Why isnt it being followed? Why are we the enemy if our own Government?

    It all goes hand in hand with supporting Israel. Do you want to be treated like a Palestinian? Well thats their plan its time we stand up for whats right

  30. I understand that Ashkenazi (East European Jewish people) were the victim of modern nationalism in Europe from 19th to mid 20th century. The basic 2 conditions to have a sovereign nation state are : 1. Existence of citizens. 2. Existence of territory. 1 is a matter of course but 2 is not a matter of cause. So I think it was natural desire for Ashkenazi people to have their own land after WW2.
    However, “Antisemitism” and “Pogrom” (massive planed violence targeted Ashkenazi people) and Holocaust were exclusively the products of European history (include Russia). Therefore, If European politicians felt really sorry for Ashkenazi people, they must have given them a territory WITHIN Europe after WW2. The story that ancient Kingdom of Israel existed in Palestine 2700 years ago could not be any excuse to invade the land of other people and establish a country in 20th century. (Actually, The Kingdom of Israel existed only for 200 years, roughly from 930 BCE until 720 BCE). This narrative of European Christianity is not convincing at all and doesn’t make sense at all to us Asians.
    To deprive people of land and make a sovereign state outside Europe for the victims of European problems is a product of colonialist’s mentality.
    Now that we live in 21st century, I would appreciate your generosity if you put aside Western-centric worldview just for the moment to see the issue objectively.

  31. Israel wasn't created by the British and the US to give the Jews a country it's purpose is to dominate the middle East and North Africa

  32. Biblical demands? Read Thomas Paine's 'The Age of Reason'. He delves deeply into Biblical demands. You know: the bloodthirsty demands that nice, bourgeois comfort-Christians don't talk about.

  33. That was a weak rational noam israels relation with gb disappeared following ww2 and balford agreement wasnt to be connected with us military support on any level. Nor a lifetime of supportin israel at american tax payers exp .After ww2. 140 countries incl gb rejected jews yet usa is israels SOLE SUPPORTING NATION

  34. long story short Christianity split from the Jews over jesus. Christians have misinterpreted and taking passages out of context of Jewish scripture and giving themselves a part in it for over 2000 years. Now because their man-god was supposedly Jewish the Christians believe the Jews have a part in their end times.

  35. Why do you support the Islamic terrorist Iran n oppose Saudi Terrorist?
    Women's rights are human rights and Islamic Iran's constitution, Saudi, —- laws are violation of human rights
    1. ONLY WOMEN MUST cover their hair.

    2. ONLY WOMEN MUST GET PERMISSION to leave the “country”

    3. ONLY WOMEN MUST GET PERMISSION to get “married


    5. ONLY WOMEN MUST BE STONED to death for adultery. Men use polygamy/temp marriage aka "seegheh" to justify adultery

    6. ONLY WOMEN ARE SENTENCED TO DEATH for dating outside marriage or dating a foreign men aka HONER KILLING.

    7. ONLY MEN ARE ALLOWED having more than one wife.

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    9.ONLY MEN ARE ALLOWED to beat up their disobedient waives.

    10. TWO WOMEN on a witness stand are = ONE MAN.

    11. WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED being witnesses at neither marriages nor divorces hearings

    12. WOMEN GET 1/2 of the parent’s inheritance compared to their MALE siblings.

    13. When A WOMAN DIES, the MAN GETS everything.

    14. When A MAN DIES, the WOMAN GETS only 1/8.

    15. WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWD to be judges. Attorney is ok

    16. Children of WOMEN who are married to foreign MEN are NOT citizen of mom’s country. Recently PMs approved to change it in May 2019

    17. WOMEN DO NOT GET 1/2 of what they built together after divorce.

    18. If MAN DIES or gets divorce, CHILDREN DO NOT belong to the MOM OR HER family for boys over 2 n girls over 7 years old.

    19. If a MAN murders a woman and gets executed, the woman’s family must pay blood money aka “deyeh” to the man’s family.

    20. WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO to the so called “freedom” sport stadiums, to SING or dance publicly, or ride a bicycle cycle etc.

  36. Because Israel is Gods people and he blesses this country because of it. Now if we stop it this country will not last long.

  37. No country should be sending money to support Israel & no country other than Germany should feel any obligation to financially support that country. Canada, along with many other countries, was not responsible for the crime inflicted upon Isaralies during the Nazi era of Germany & so why we have for countless decades been throwing billions of dollars to this country & people is beyond my understanding. Israel can take care of itself & its people & so let us do likewise by keeping our money in our respective countries & take care of the needs of our own tax-paying population. Let's not forget that the Jews played a big role in the slavery trade & so perhaps Israel should re-route some of those billions of dollars given to them yearly by other countries & pay for their sins against those people of Africa, who endured & suffered the greatest holocaust ever known to or perpetrated upon man. Four hundred years compared to 4 years? not even close.

  38. I think talking in terms of nation states is becoming obsolete, Noam. There isn't the psychological desire to divide the world through boarders like there once was. I think most people recognizes how truly interconnected we ALL are, and soon the fighting between nations will cease as we concern ourselves with more important matters like finding ways to produce and distribute what we ALL need abundantly in harmonious balance with natures laws without any form of political/financial interference.

  39. Let's not forget that the father of the Zionist movement. Theodor Herzl actually sought Uganda for a Jewish state because "no one lived there".

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