no one told me this about getting an NYC apartment | NYC Apartment Hunt Episode 2

no one told me this about getting an NYC apartment | NYC Apartment Hunt Episode 2

what's up you guys so I think this is a new vlog that I'm starting about my apartment search because I just ended the last one which is my first day of touring apartments today I didn't say it in that vlog because I didn't want to like give anything away but I am in the process of applying it to one of the apartments that I looked at if you want to go walk up if you haven't seen it definitely go watch it it's the last one I uploaded which is like my first day of touring apartment and I looked at three apartments today and I fell in love with the last one it's small but it's honestly like perfect everything else that I want it I feel like with living spaces you just really have to go with like a feeling you could read a list of amenities and look at pictures online and it's perfect and everything checks off all the boxes but then like once you go there and it doesn't feel like somewhere you could live or it doesn't feel like a home it's not right you know what it means kind of like dating it's like they could be every perfect thing you've ever wanted for someone and then you have no chemistry just felt it and it felt right so I'm applying to it I'm really excited but I'm also nervous because like what if I don't get approved or what if someone else gets it before me but I already emailed the lady I just realized that I'm in front of a fan and it might be kind of loud I told her that I want to apply for it she's like great okay so I just filled out the application form and then sent like credits for stuff but I'm surprised just like how much information they need obviously like it depends on the landlord and the realtor and everything the New York market it's just so much information and I feel like in the past when I've applied to apartments and just what I'm familiar with it's usually just like an application form and then like a proof of income and maybe like a tax return just in case you guys were curious I don't know if you find this interesting I mean that's literally what this video series is about like what it's like actually apartment hunting in New York I'll need two months big statements last to pay stubs employment letter last two years of tax returns photo ID and a landlord reference letter or something showing that you've paid your last six months of rent on time especially I just sent her my application form and like a screenshot of my credit score she wanted to send that to the landlord initially to get like conditional like go ahead to apply so it's like an application for an application and then we'll send the rest of this stuff tomorrow she said it can be a really quick turnaround I don't know I just really really like this one and I'm glad that I found this like so soon but I never think I said in that video but it's like exactly my price range what I expected to pay kind of late I want to go to bed but I just thought I would do that little update because I was sending the application stuff so I was like I might as well blog this part cuz see who I find interesting good morning I was just fed to head out and finished the application materials and do some other work really is that I haven't really showed you my urban bee besides like this little room since I'm talking about apartments and stuff I might as well show you the apartment that I'm staying in for my Airbnb it's a two-bedroom so I mean I love the tall ceilings in this room in the big windows it's a pretty good size first little entryway and that this is the only bathroom I think shared bathroom it's obviously pretty spacious this is the kitchen like this place is pretty huge considering the places I've looked at there's everything here there's an island there's not a microwave but like that's our own choice in this little area is so cute the huge windows in the plants with the table and they just have these little cushions on the ground and there's me the other room back there with a couple of big closets and there's me again and that's front door so it's pretty cute but please much later now I've been nothing super thrilling to report but I just wanted to mention it I've been doing it so much like back and forth emailing contacting trying to pull together documents getting this letter from that person I guess that was just like a little unprepared going into the apartment thing because I didn't expect the first day to actually like really really want a place and apply immediately I thought I was just like dipping my feet in the water to tour them I didn't put face makeup on say this I just wasn't expecting like all the lengths of documentation you would need maybe it is like this in a lot of places but I'm just in my past experience when I was renting a house for college and my apartment DC it was not like this much documentation it's a little complicated because I am self-employed and so I don't have like that easy taste of like I have income coming from different points so that I had to go to my accountant and be like hey can you write this letter that like proves that I have this income blah blah blah that's advice I would give if you're going through this process to which might have been like a no-brainer to some people but I didn't expect so no I guess I just would have had the list to begin with and then like pulled the documents together before I even looked at places because then if I like to place you know I wanted to apply I could immediately just be like okay here's my folder full of the completed documents you need to form an application but it's okay we've pulled it all together today we're just waiting for I'd have the realtor send like a rental verification to my last landlord or it's a leasing agent we're waiting on her to send like verification that I've paid my last six months of rent all that so that's the drama that's going on with the application process it's really not that dramatic it's just me kind of scrambling because I didn't know what I would need and I think I'm putting this pressure myself because I don't want someone who was fully prepared before to go in and love the apartment and then send all of their protected documents straight away and beat me to it I think I'll be in the clear because the realtor hasn't said anything about like hey you really need to hurry on this because we have other people sending in applications I don't know but I'm just hoping for the best anyway I have to go to the gym balling my fabletics the workout clothes I'm actually gonna go to try at crunch fitness it's a chain but they have a gym really close to this every beat so I just signed up for a little three day trial online I'm gonna go to arms cuz my legs still feel kind of rough from berries gonna go work off some of this like nervous energy I've built up of the stress of all doing paperwork there is 750 K and now this offer give me something sweet okay what she said she said you're gonna take a hit I just I've literally like randomly on the water by the ferry in New York I just was walking around and just exploring crowd goes wild me I'm the crowd and I'm the only one going well oh my god I was like and conditionally approved please use the following link to run the credit so even though I sent her a screenshot of my credit score she's gonna do like poor old check and then she goes with would you like to sign the lease like wasn't I don't know I was feeling like nervous think something was gonna go wrong my responder email and call my parents and freak out some overpriced bottle Department and headed back toward Brooklyn I'm gonna walk across the Brooklyn Bridge just some nice days we're gonna get those views and now the fun logistical stuff I submitted the information online so the credit report set up an appointment with the realtor to go get the keys to find the least everything is that super exciting but I have to get like cashier's checks for the deposit in the first month and everything so my bank is it in New York so my mom is thank God bless her soul and she's going to the location by her and like seeing the options and I might go to the gym later okay for the next part of this vlog I'm not moving in yet but I want to go to the Container Store and go vertical stores and just get some ideas because as you guys off it's a very small studio so you're gonna get created with some storage and look for things might want to have in the apartment I called my mom yesterday and told her that I got me a part of it and we were like freaking out together and I wish I had wanted you're like thanks creepy because well maybe that's good that I didn't like it because we were already talking about like furniture and ideas I'm in The Container Store now and I'm thinking something like this could actually be really useful like how I need to make storage out of furniture and such so this is like a little it's called box bench maybe at the foot of your bed or something and it's a storage box but then you can also sit on top of edge so yeah it's fine the brand poppin which has all the over price like cute solid color stuff that target cells for office stuff but they have this one that's $40 but it's usually 80 which is ridiculous it could be really nice also I already apologized for my nails but I decided I'm not gonna get them done again until after the movie so I should probably all least repaint them but now that I charted into that this could be a good option so I'm gonna keep this in mind I don't think I'm gonna buy anything today just because I actually want to go in the apartment again take measurements get a better feel for it and definitely getting ideas so they have it in this blush color too which is pretty I think I'm just gonna keep my blush comforter that are hide from DC I don't know if that might be too much blush I might have to just get an idea of what I like to order online because I don't think I can't deliver from the store here because it says anywhere in Manhattan and I'm in Brooklyn as I found the part of New York that's like suburbia because there's a bunch of like department stores there's like Bed Bath and Beyond and t.j.maxx all in the same building so I went in I got a couple like bath towels from like little ones from ttmx so I'll have something then I got to my new apartment I'm gonna go into Best Buy and just look at appliance options and get a sense of like how much they are here like coffeemaker microwave all that fun stuff found microwaves they're all like kind of expensive I really just like don't even need a new microwave I say well I guess $100 is really not about bad but I could just finally go right they use one like I don't know did they do that on Amazon 89 actually this is doable I also need to still measure the space for the microwave that's above the stove just $30 off right now I'm taking pictures of labels of things that I want to look out later why do you need to spend 300 other side of microwave I don't understand does it go for free shopping for you to like let me know that's pretty slick though oh there are some that do like espresso and drip coffee which are kind of expensive but also they just take up a lot more space so I want to get like a really small machine so it doesn't know how much counter space it should probably be the best size just because it's skinny and it can fit on the counter with a lot of different stuff I'm realizing even more stuff by myself in you guys probably about just like how cheap I am when it comes to especially home and stuff I'm sure a lot of you barely groaning right now because like you see me like you know traveling for months on end and blah blah blah but to me like like an expensive flight is worth it but like pain free inner dollars for a coffee maker when I could get one for like 50 bucks somewhere is not so that's why I'm like thinking about things like when I could find them that work fine for cheap so that's like my goal through this move is to do it cheaply but also like a little more sophisticated than an inflatable couch also I'm gonna look at some air conditioning units because I want to get one for the window air conditioners none of these are window you know it's something nice about having just the studio that's small is it won't take like the most powerful expensive AC unit to cool down the whole place you know in the winter if I have a space heater it'll actually heat the space pretty efficiently because of the space safe space one more time I'm back in Brooklyn now and I just thought I would end this video edit it for you guys so much happened this vlog this stress with me applying and being an idiot and not being prepared and what I learned from it and getting my apartment and planning all my move-in and stuff actually I don't even know if I said but I'm moving in and getting the keys on Monday gonna go online and do a little more shopping and planning and Pinterest and all that so now that you guys know that I'm getting that studio apartment let me know if you have ideas for the storage situation I'll see you guys in my next vlog where I go into the apartment you doing it to you perfect okay make sure to subscribe to see all the movers are coming Wednesday a lot is happening in the next few videos get pumped in thumbs up for the fact that I got in the apartment have a place to live and things are happening okay love you bye it's me Howie Mandel click to subscribe to our channel don't miss all new episodes of Deal or No Deal on CNBC

48 thoughts on “no one told me this about getting an NYC apartment | NYC Apartment Hunt Episode 2

  1. Honestly girl, you don't even need a microwave if you have an over and burners:) I grew up my whole life without one and I eat a very very similar diet to yours, save your coin:)

  2. So cool that your living in New York now!! I live on Long Island and go to the Bronx every week! Maybe I’ll run into you one day!

  3. Excited for you, Kristee! Please be careful sharing exactly where you live. Hope one of your jobs works out soon!

  4. Try Letgo and OfferUp for home essentials! I just bought a house and we found a lot of quality items on those apps for very cheap from people who are moving!

  5. Pro tip: even though there’s no Walmart in nyc they still do their free two-day delivery here, which is definitely the cheapest place to get a microwave, keurig and ac! I’m moving this weekend as well in manhattan and that’s how we’re planning to get all those things and even some of our furniture. I’m with you on not paying more for something if you don’t have to!

  6. Check Facebook marketplace!! You can actually find some good deals! Or also let go! I got a couch and TV stand for free so definitely check those out!

  7. I just wanted to say thank you so much for vlogging this process!! I’m graduating college this year and I’m looking to move to a bigger city and hearing about the apartment hunting process is very helpful!!

  8. Omg congratulations !!!! This is a big deal and I'm so proud of you, living your dream. Little did you know that when you took that trip at Christmas with Lindsey back in the day that one day you would call it home. 🙂

  9. All of the things that you think are annoying like having standards for your apartment and wanting to save money on appliances are legit so understandable and not annoying at all lol

  10. I also don’t know what they have for thrifting there but if there’s a goodwill or any type of thrift store you’d be surprised the treasures you could find!!!

  11. Congrats on your new place! Also, amazon or are great places to find cheap appliances! especially microwaves and keurigs. It’s dorm room season so a lot of that stuff will be on sale.

    Go to target and take advantage of their back to school deals on microwaves and coffee makers!

  13. My cousin is going to CUNY for med school in the fall and for the last month I’ve been helping her to tour and apply for apartments and I’ve been appalled by the relaters so much I feel like I need to write a book for their reference 😂😂 one set up a FaceTime showing with us and then called 2 hours late asking how to FaceTime

  14. Target has some great deals on home stuff now. We just moved and found some great sales online with coupon codes.

  15. OMG i seriously stayed in that same air bnb when i went to afropunk a couple years ago! i knew the room looked familiar

  16. The deal no deal cuts had me dying! The end one definitely got me off guard 😆

    By the way I am so excited for all that is happening to you and hopefully you’re able to get the job too. But either way you would have accomplished one of your dreams to have lived in New York. Congrats!! 😁😁😁

  17. Omg i love your unflatable couch, i would recommend getting a used microwave, but new coffee maker. Also check amazon for storage items and think about adding shelves. I am so happy for you! Glad you got the apartment!

  18. I would never have thought to go to Best Buy to buy a microwave or coffee maker without knowing I was about to spend $100 or more lol. Go to target or Walmart for those things girl!

  19. For clothing I would suggest getting like a clothing rack sorta thing where you can hang your favourite outfits and some usually come with a rack under for your shoes as well! plus its aesthetically pleasing:)

  20. I just wanna put it out there that I like super admire you for your vlogging confidence. Right out there in the open, screw everyone around you, just doing it. So cool! So many vloggers will only talk on their cameras in private areas and it kinda ruins the experience. Really enjoying the content lately! 👍

  21. I love how much you don’t spend, rare to find on YT. Like you were so content with an inflatable couch and a tiny tree that was up half of the year lol. I’m excited to see what your home decor taste is like!

  22. did Kristee say her budget at any point? I live in a studio now but I'm curious about the price difference for Brooklyn!

  23. Doubling your dresser as a tv stand, putting up shelves to utilize vertical space, an ikea Kallax or cube storage on its side can double as seating plus storage. Raise your bed to keep bins underneath.

  24. 7:19 did you accidentally forget to do both of your brows?! They are different colors aren’t they? Eeep

  25. get things you'll know your take with you at every place you move into. don't get something because its something you need for that one apartment. invest in things that will be used 5-10 years from now.

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