NO Non-Binary Pronouns in Schools | Children & Progressive Gender Ideology

NO Non-Binary Pronouns in Schools | Children & Progressive Gender Ideology

hey this is roaming millennial welcome back to my channel this video is going to be a discussion surrounding teaching children about gender and sexuality in schools and this is a video that I actually filmed previously before this once I knew that I was going to make a video about the subject I sat down wrote out an entire script and filmed it but then I ended up realizing that I really wasn't happy with the whole tone and attitude of that video it just it didn't match my feelings toward the situation so we're scrapping that footage and we're trying this again but this time unscripted and I'm hoping that I'm a little bit happier with the finished product so it wasn't that long ago that I was in elementary school and high school I know some of you out there think I'm like 30 but I'm not I'm 23 but already from headlines and things I see on the news I can already tell that things are very different for kids in school currently then they were for me according to this feminist authors tweet children as young as 7 or 8 years old are learning about things like transgenderism and sexuality whether people are gay or straight or queer there's also the whole gender Unicorn thing in Canada which teaches kids about non-binary gender identities and gender fluidity there have also been reports of elementary school teachers asking children to use gender-neutral pronouns and although it's not part of a school board curriculum thank goodness the YouTube channel queer kid stuff does operate in the realm of children's education attempts to normalize and encourage conversations with what I'm guessing would be 5 or 6 or 7 year olds about what it means to be gay or asexual or intersex not all lesbians like cats know I get it oh no no the more the conversation surrounding gender and sexuality has expanded to include children specifically young children the more people like myself have felt the need to speak up and say no I don't agree with this I think this needs to stop what you're doing is wrong we shouldn't be involving children this young and in response to this a lot of people who are supportive of this new progressive gender ideology and do want to talk to children they've tried to paint people like me as a hateful bigoted ignorant just crappy people in general I think not an ally is the nicest way I've heard it phrased so in this video I kind of wanted to defend my a little bit and talk about why not wanting first graders to learn about things like transgenderism and non-binary gender identities in school does not have to mean that you hate transgenderism and non-binary gender identities but first I'd like to say a quick thank you to our sponsors virtual shield did you know that over 143 million Americans just like you had their sensitive personal information exposed in online cyber crimes and data breaches just last year alone that number means that there are over 4,000 cyber attacks every day 170 attacks every hour or nearly three attacks per minute the number one thing you can do to protect yourself and your family is purchase a Virtual Private Network I worked out a special deal just for my viewers with them to give you guys a free 30 day trial and 20 percent off for life so go ahead and click that link below to get started on your free 30 day trial today the first thing I would like to address is the whole non-binary gender thing because I think that is a very different issue than something like medically diagnosed gender dysphoria which results in a for example male to female transition or sexuality like being gay a lesbian bisexual all that to be blunt the main reason why I do not support teaching non-binary gender identities or non-binary pronoun usage in schools is because they're not real the notion that gender is something you can pick and choose depending on how you feel that you can be either a boy one day and a girl the next or something in between that is not backed up by science or cultural norms in other words it's not a thing non-binary gender identities encourage a complete misunderstanding of what the term gender means in our society and essentially every single other society out there throughout the entire history of our species and that's not to say that I hate people who identify as non-binary I just think that they're confusing gender with personality if you're a male you can wear makeup and dress up in skirts all you want if you're a female you can reject them and in norms that's fine but that doesn't make you some third new trendy gender and any progressive who's watching this will probably say that no I'm wrong but that's fine you don't have to agree with me about this and the very least though I think we can all acknowledge that there is no consensus around the idea that non-binary gender identities are real and I think if something is still under a lot of contention it's still being hotly debated by our society with strong voices saying it's not real we can be teaching it to our children as if it's gospel as if it were truth non-binary gender identities simply an ideology and no I do not think that school specifically taxpayer-funded public schools should be forcing ideologies upon children whether that's creationism or non-binary gender jibber-jabber and this brings us to things like transgenderism legit Caitlyn Jenner type transgenderism and things like sexuality because I can't say that I don't want kids learning about those things because they're not real they're clearly real right there are men out there who like men women who like women and there are women out there living their lives as men and vice versa these things are clearly real and happening in our society still don't think that discussion belongs around children though because there's a little thing called being age appropriate there are plenty of things in this world that are real and that affect good people and that aren't necessarily bad things but that still shouldn't be taught to children because kids are kids who deserve a chance to not have to worry about any of this stuff before they become adults I don't think trans people are bad or evil or anything like that I just don't think that a five year old six year old seven eight nine ten year old should have to worry about understanding things like gender dysphoria it's a complicated issue that's honestly pretty happy and yes these kids will learn about it in due time but it doesn't need to be when they're still trying to get a handle of things like the alphabet and addition and colors ABC is at whatever and it's the same story with the rest of the LGBT community I don't have anything against gay people or bisexual people I just don't think that children need to learn about sexual preferences when they're too young to even understand the concept of sexual attraction and to be fair I also don't think we should be enforcing or teaching straightness at schools either we don't need to be assigning or assuming sexualities in either case these are kids u.s. trade law environmental regulations investment portfolios divorce the death of loved ones illnesses like cancer MS and depression are all things that affect us or people we know but it doesn't mean we need to be teaching kids about them before they're ready and I know some people will say well what about the kids who are gay or trans and have questions shouldn't we be teaching these issues for them if a kid comes to us with questions then of course we should answer them and answer them honestly but again when it comes to that age five six seven eight years old the most important thing for a confused kid to know isn't a long list of gender identities or sexualities is that they are normal and they are loved they can figure out the specifics later when they have the men still an emotional maturity to do so and I'm sure it must sound like I have a problem with inclusiveness by now since I don't want it to be this huge focus at schools but seriously that's not it I just don't think school should be the equivalent of this year's long diversity seminar the focus really should be uh NACA demyx now how about kids who are a little bit older we're talking 12 years old or heck even older high schoolers 14 16 17 I mean if these topics come up in something like a biology class or health class or you know regarding civil rights like a history class or something like that then for sure talk about it go nuts it's not that I think we should be trying to shield children from these concepts and pretend that they're not real if you're able to and it's relevant to discuss something like gender or sexuality in an objective fact-based manner with students who are of an appropriate maturity then I don't have a problem with it the issue though is when progressive politics are tied into these issues beyond what is actually factual which what happened so often saying that some people are gay or trans yeah that's a fact saying that gay or trans people are oppressed by sis heteronormativity that's not a fact and I know people say that no it's not enough to just say that yes gay people are out there we also need to learn about how we can be more accepting and tolerant and open toward them more accommodating people in my generation in Millennials we weren't given this extra coaching about how to behave toward minorities we didn't have to have special classes in school teaching us how to be accepting and tolerant yet we're the most accepting and tolerant generation there has ever been you don't have to have an LGBT studies class to not hate LGBT people and to be tolerant toward LGBT people besides there are so many identities out there with regard to health gender sexuality income class race whatever you can't expect children to have to learn about all of them in order to be tolerant of them why don't we just teach our children to be kind to everyone even people who are different than them regardless of how they're different that seems like a way more universal way to approach things at the end of the day I think this whole conversation stems from the fact that people are trying to turn schools and to replacements for parents schools are just there for academics anymore no they're there to enforce morals and ideologies you see there are these people out there these traders that have their own very specific ideology but they're worried that parents out there don't share that ideology so obviously we have to bring the stuff into the school system because otherwise where will kids get it where will they learn what's right but anyway I think that's all I have to say for now and I know a lot of you out there are not going to agree with me on pretty much a number of things in this video but whatever the case may be I want to know what you think should we be bringing this sort of discussion gender and sexuality into our schools and if so how young should this be starting am I overreacting to this let me know down below thanks for watching and a huge thank you to my patrons who support this channel and make these videos possible if you'd like to participate in patron only hangouts and vote on which video topics you see next be sure to check out my patreon page I'll see you guys next time bye

47 thoughts on “NO Non-Binary Pronouns in Schools | Children & Progressive Gender Ideology

  1. I am not inclusive when it comes to people that are essence identified,with their made up self identities,formed by their personal experiences.

  2. For the most part, people claim that they are non-binary (enby) for political reasons. Like the one you showed in 3:51. They are doing it as a political stance, not because they have gender dysphoria (GD).

    Actual non-binary people do suffer from gender dysphoria from both genders. Meaning that they are diagnosed with GD and get dysphoric from living, viewed, addressed, and/or treated as a man and a woman. This is a smaller percentage of the transgender community.

    The thing is, scientists are unable to further explore non-binary because of "trans activists" 3:51.

    It's sad to see that their label is being toss around like this.

  3. How about we just teach them that their’s only male and female and that changing your gender isn’t possible? Y’know, how it really is! Enough with supporting this fairytale world that all these SJW’s wanna live in

  4. I don t think we should talk about many sexual thinks in schools but definitely should talk about homosexual couples regarding discrimination (like in schools we talk about discrimination so this should include discrimination of homosexual couples).
    So I encourage talking about discrimination towards any group as long as it is accessible to children (for example tell it is legal to have a same sex partner and that they shouldn t show them with their finger…)

  5. We should teach kids when there older. My mom taught me when I was 9 and I turned out fine. I think the year after kids get the sex talk they should get a talk about lgbt.

  6. I'm a trans guy and I agree very much and think what you're saying is VERY important. An yeah my doctor has the gender unicorn in his office and I frown at it a lot hah. And off topic but..I swear to heck you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Ok its ok for too young guys to not know wtf going, but for example im non-binary and idk wtf, i got beard and idk wtf is wrong with me, im bisexual, like high heels tho im 6.3ft, like dresses, idk if im just normal or fuckup…

  8. I am so glad my kids are grown and out of school. If this had been happening when mine were in school I would have resorted to home school or private school.

  9. You have very good arguments and I think that gay it is real thing but non bianry it is not real thing

  10. Kids don't even know the meaning of sexuality and non-binary gender isnt real, kids should be left alone as kids until the understand their own self whether they are gay, straight etc.

  11. I reported Queer kids stuff channel its wrong sexualizing kids is wrong or educating them about things that do not effect them as children , as children are very easily influenced which is wrong let them be kids and figure out who they are as a individual and then educate them about their sexuality at a suitable age 16yrs any earlier causes social and physiological issues children under 13yrs of age should not be forced to be educated about sexuality as this is reinforcing gender preference and sexuality upon children which is wrong … this should be illegal if anything this sexual stuff should be educated in sex ed class in high school for 16yrs that's it and that's all another problem is the washroom issues in high school now where they have made both washrooms ALL SEX or unisex because the LGTB community demanded it which is awful why not have men's and woman's washroom and one extra unisex washroom I went too the washroom and a girl walked in well I was pissing in the urinal she looked at me ran out too wait for me too finish what stupidity is that ……. this shit is absolutely absurd and teenagers are only doing the drag thing too believe their special and receive special treatment ect

  12. Appalled that so many people are agreeing with this woman?? What did she get her education in and to what degree? Shit, maybe if y'all were taught about this in school as kids you wouldn't be so ignorant. Yikes.

  13. I think if children have questions about sexuality/transexuality (for example; if they see a gay couple in a movie, or have a gay/transgender relative) they should ask their parents and they should give them honest answers. (ok, why would you lie to a child about those topics, anyways?) It's not the schools responsibility to teach young children those things. (But I do think they should talk about it in, Idk, sex education for example)

  14. There are so many brain washed kids in my school, its not even funny. They try to rub of you and make you join the LGBT community so aggressively, I have faked getting sick to aviod this agression.

  15. Lauren, I agree with you apon most topics, but I would like to address the nonbinary topic. I think what you are referring to, are transtrenders or people that believe gender is a feeling and all that. But, there are some people who have gender dysphoria who use they/them pronouns and identify as nonbinary. Now I'm not saying that all these genders now a days are real and that gender is fluid or anything, but there is scientific evidence that someone can be gender neutral brain structural wise and have gender dysphoria, while being nonbinary. A lot of times, the internet is the loudest and strongest when it comes to transtrenders and fake trans people, but I am telling you there are level headed and real nonbinary people out there with crippling dysphoria like the rest of trans people. People a lot of the times word things wrong and make it sound like gender is a feeling or something like that, which is not true.

  16. I agree wholeheartedly! Children are too young to understand and it's the parent's job to teach things like this, not the school's. I got a little backlash for what I said on this article about Drags reading and teaching kids about them. I have nothing against them because when my unlce was alive, he wore drag every now and then, but he kept that part of himself from me, my brother, and my cousins when we were kids. Hell, he didn't even tell us he was gay, but that was probably because he didn't think it was his place to explain his sexuality and that we were too young to be explained to or understand. What I said when I shared the article was that I'm going to teach my kids to treat everyone how they should be treated and not special just because they think they need to be treated as such. I don't treat anyone different because of gender, race, religion, or sexuality and that's how I want to raise my kids.

  17. Did you know this activity is an early sign of a weakened Society working towards a collapse. None of this activity is new it can be traced all through history. Artifacts, art and statues can show what Stage a civilization is at. This activity shows up when people start to lose their identity and self-worth. Society breaks down. History repeats itself.

  18. We are losing a certain governing aspect here that I feel is a bit obvious, but viewing it's absence from conversation must not be quite as toward as what I am inclined. The basic thought of it is like this, educational structure and accent in complexity is decided from a multitude of factors which are all based on data taken from a mass, but is a mass qualified distinctly focused individualism. From my point of view it is not, when you at how things have been done. When we examine our identity, it is always done in the sight and cite of those that are closest to the foundations of our personality. Then when we start to get a good idea of direction we present ourselves to the masses with the expectation of being granted participation this entitlement is needed to build a mass group, but with the more controversial subject it will become more divergent and multiple differences that detour into camping or clannish behavior that become breeched by infighting and counter productivity like this will not arrive at reasonably arrive at a universally beneficial decision or at least an acceptable comprise, the way I see it, this is one logical reasons why schools have absolutely no place being involved, there are also an enormous bank of reasons why no one should not be involved teachers administrators executive regulators etc, should have no say what so ever.

  19. If i feel like a Queen suddenly one day then all of your children must be taught in school to worship me and pay tribute to me or else that means you are an oppressor. This is how the non-binary and gender spectrum ideology works.

  20. There is to much of this ideologies being pushed on to our children that they don't know what it is to be normal anymore, and that is why we are having so many teenagers being confused with their gender. Remove it all from schools! Kids should be learning alphabet, math and science so they succeed in life!

  21. I have mixed feelings about this at the same time I'm afraid that children will grow up with homophobic parents and instead of the school teaching them about LGBT their homophobic parents will and they'll learn to hate fem boys or masc girls which will probably cause them to bully them, when I was 7 years old in my class there was a boy with feminine characteristics and some kids bullied him and called him names, so I think that probably teaching children about some of this stuff will maybe be helpful to the children with the some of the opposite sex characteristics to feel normal and for the other kids to know that it's okay if a boy behaved like a girl and the opposite. idk that is just my opinion maybe I'm wrong

  22. What is this pathetic need humans have for religious thinking?

    *I'm refering to leftist moralizing. They would be much better off just starting their own religion.

  23. Until today I thought the "gender unicorn" was a parody, a play on the far left needlessly introducing young children to this stuff. The poster doesn't actually explain a single thing, it's just a list with a picture that they know will appeal to little children.

  24. ถ้าพวกเขาจะไม่สอนมวยหรือความปลอดภัยอาวุธปืนขั้นพื้นฐานพวกเขาไม่ควรสอนเพศในโรงเรียนของรัฐ การตรวจจับภัยคุกคามก่อนการตรวจหาเพศ

  25. We used to say “I don’t know how to balance a checkbook, but thank God I know the Pythagorean theorem!” Now we say “I don’t know cursive, but thank God I know all 57,000 genders!”

    Yeah, they don’t teach cursive anymore.

  26. You’d be surprised what I did not learn in school. My mother is a Texas History teacher, and she’ll ask my opinion on how she’s going to do projects and lessons. 75% of the time she has to give me a lesson because I have no idea who the person she’s talking about is. And that’s just state history. I can’t imagine what I’m missing in other subjects.

  27. The things taught to small children in the public school system is absolutely horrendous. This is why I will send my children to a christian private school, homeschool them, or simply not have any children at all if both options are impossible for whatever reason.

  28. I'm transgender, and nonbinary is actual bs. I have gender dysphoria whereas people who call themselves nonbinary clearly don't and if you don't have gender dysphoria don't call yourself transgender.

    I like your idea on this because there also isn't a sex to transition to. Gender roles are what they call themselves by.

    I believe it's only LGBT and anything else is bs.

  29. They are just trying to make these kids aware of this before they fully develop their own identities in hopes that it results in more people choosing to be transgender in order to corrupt the population, breed more snowflake liberals to spread their libtard narrative and agenda and make the population easier to control. Its disgusting and these tactics are being employed throughout the west with the intention of subverting western culture, morality, and ideology. They're purposely flooding the western world with people from ideologically oposed cultures (muslims) with the intention of crossbreeding them with white westerners to create a more placid, easier controlled, and, on average, intellectually inferior mixed race, they purposely want to breed white people into oblivion because they know white people are the only ones that will stand up to them and not allow themselves to be controlled and they know that white people only have, on average, 1 and a half children while Muslims have like 8. Its called the khalergi plan and it's no secret. People need to snap out of it and realize what's going on before they wake up one day and realize they're the last of their race. I'm no racist, but its obvious what's going on if you know what to look for. They're normalizing mixed race couples in the media, every comercial and movie has them now and they are way over represented in respect to the actual number of mixed race couples in the world. They just want to normalize it and even make it desireable so that more white people chose to date, marry, and breed outside of their race, because when you see mixed race couples on tv, it's only whites and another race, it's hardly ever a black person and an asian, for example, and that's because they want to breed white people out of existence, you can see it everywhere if you just pay attention to it, white people are under attack and anytime a white person speaks up about something being done to them, they're called a racist and shamed into silence. There is an overt, all out war against white people and we need to do something about it before its too late

  30. 8:10 what if the kid killed 4 people is a pedofile DONT ASK HOW A KID CAN DO THAT buut still should you love/accept them?

  31. I love the way you point out what we were taught. I myself have a couple of gays in family and have always respected them as individuals without letting their personal preference affect me . We can respect without having to follow and we get along just fine . I do homeschool my child and teach him to see everyone as equal 🙂 keep up your positive perspective on keeping children intelligent at age appropriate ages . Most children can’t read when they should and that shows that many non essentials subjects are not taught in the depth the child can easily grasp . It’s sort of like on size fits all or fall behind if not . If all the time school officials spend planning lgbt lessons were used in planning on how to have all children perform at grade level we would have less drop outs and less struggling future adults ……

  32. It's no different than religion and politics not behind allowed to be taught at school. This should be aplied also.

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