Nightwatch Nation: Not Gonna Die Crying (Season 1, Episode 7) | A&E

Nightwatch Nation: Not Gonna Die Crying (Season 1, Episode 7) | A&E

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  1. Can someone explain to me why in US fire fighters are sent to emergency scenes where medical assistance is needed and there isn’t any fires. The US is the only country that sends in fire fighters to emergency scenes where there is no fire, makes no sense to me lol

  2. The patient and the EMS is really nice.when I was transferred to another hospital I ride the ambulance and the EMS were all quiet. It was weird but I was really sick that I didn’t even care.

  3. I had to close my eyes when I saw the needle. OMG I cannot even watch the nurse put a needle in my chest port.

  4. Love this show and I am thrilled to see it being filmed in my home of Tucson!! I have had first hand experience with emergencies as I was bitten by a rattlesnake and almost died. It was a severe bite and the normal amount to antivenin to have for a severe bite is 12 vials, I had 44. They did a case study on me as I was the worst case they had seen. I am so grateful for these emergency workers, and I owe the doctors and paramedics in Tucson for saving my life.

  5. hearing old people talk is just the most interesting thing ever, i swear i could talk to this man all day and will never get bored

  6. This man's story….respect, love and honor.
    He kinda knew, maybe.
    That is why he asked if he would die and it's good that he wanted his legacy known about the military service!
    Pay attention people when old folks talk. They made and lived history! God bless him and his!
    Honor vets.

  7. “We had a wonderful life.” The way he was looking beyond the walls of the ambulance, remembering his wife…brought me to tears.

  8. Am I the only one who as a young person loves when older ones tell you about their life stories and just things they did a long time ago

  9. He was transferred to the Norwegian army before the american… imagine fighting against your own country like that.

  10. It's a shame that the generations nowadays can't be as hard-working as this old man's generation was back in the day. This patient was in the Norwegian Army in 1946, and 1947?! Wow, what a good man. I wonder if he's still alive today. I bet he has some really great stories.


  12. Wait so, he was 87, his wife died 3 years ago when he was 84. He Said they were Married for 70 years. Does that mean he married her when he was 14? Or if he counts the years she has been gone and he was 17. Still very very Young. That must have been a hella Good relationship right there.

  13. This video made me cry so much, especially after learning he passed away the same night. After rewatching the video, I feel like in a way the man knew he was going to die that night. Like one of those unknown but known weird things..He seemed like he had a wonderful life and such a short video really impacted me. Rest in peace and join your wife in Heaven!

  14. It made me real sad knowing we lost someone like this, but it happens every day. What made me a bit sadder though, even if I got married today, I dont know if I could physically reach 70 years, this man experienced a love most people can only dream of.

  15. Is this show real? The rescuers seem like bad paid actors. Parts of the show have fake dramatized stuff clearly added over it, but the situations seem real?

  16. No shoulder straps, no continuous 12 lead monitoring on a cardiac patient with active chest pain, no oxygen,…..way to go Tucson maybe you should had been an engineer.

  17. That's so amazing, right before he passed. He gave advice and talked about his memories of his life with a amazing woman

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