Nightwatch Nation: Dangerous Cocktail (Season 1, Episode 5) | A&E

Nightwatch Nation: Dangerous Cocktail (Season 1, Episode 5) | A&E

DISPATCH: Please respond. We have reports of a man
slumped over in a car. A dark Chrysler. [siren] Park Ave and Ashburton
Ave, for a male slumped over the wheel. Dark Chrysler. I’m ready to go. Is this it?
Oh, yeah. Hey.
What’s up? Hey, hey, what’s
going on, guys? – He’s just sleeping.
– Just sleeping? – Yeah.
– OK, turn the car off for me. Just take the keys
out of the ignition. OK? We’re not PD. What’s going on, sweetheart? I have a pinch in my neck. OK.
What’s your name? – Dan.
– Hi, Dan. Can we get you out of the
car and take a look at you? Yeah. We arrive on scene. The guy is in the driver’s seat,
and he’s kind of reclined back, and he has a friend
in the passenger seat. I can’t figure out what’s
going on at this moment. I think he’s either intoxicated
or he’s over dosing. Or he’s had a
freaking heart attack. I don’t think that
he’s just sleeping not in my heart of Yonkers.
– All right. So let me check you out.
Uncross you legs. Just relax.
Look at me, look at me. – Hmm.
– You have a pinched neck? A pinched nerve in your neck? Yes. Look at me, open your eyes. This is numb. Do you have pain
anywhere else? It’s radiating through. Man, how long
you’ve been dealing with this pinched nerve, man? It’s been a week and a half. Week and a half? What are you taking for it? Oxycodone. It’s telling me that your
blood pressure is high. Other than oxy, you
take any medications? Yes. Nimodipine,
clonidine, metoprolol. Hypertension. Anxiety. – Oh, my god.
– All right. We are going to take you
to the hospital, all right? Can’t figure out
what’s going on. I’ll ride this one, all right? Something is not right. He’s aware enough to
answer the questions. But he’s not with it. He has pinpoint pupils. He admitted to taking
oxy for pain in his neck. What’s going on, babe? Because you’re in a
lot of pain, honey? What’s happening to
this guy medically that whatever he’s taking could
interfere, could potentially, you know, could make it worse. I know talking may be a little
difficult for you right now. But I just need a couple more
things out of you, all right? Alice, was he having spasms
when you were back here? What kind of spasms? Seizure looking like. Dan, Dan, Dan. I might take this. It’s making me nervous. All right. There we go. Dan, Dan, Dan. You going to run a line? Yeah, I’m going to pop
a line in just in case. Honey, I’m just going to
put an IV in your hand just for precaution, OK? No, no, no. No? We just got to have it just
in case something happens. All right, my friend, you’re
going to feel a little pinch, OK? You are doing great. Relax, relax, breathe,
breathe, breathe. Relax, baby. We’re almost done.
Don’t move. – You’re doing great.
– Whoa. It’s out. here. OK, straighten your arm out. Oh, man. Come on, relax, relax. – You’re doing great. it’s in.
– [beep] Now breathe.
That’s it. We’re done.
– All done. That’s it.
Beautiful. All right. Let’s rock and roll.
OK. All right. We got it in. And we’re off. See ya. [siren] You know where
you are right now? Going to the hospital. Do you know what today is? Thursday. So today is not Thursday. It’s Friday, my friend. There’s just
something not right. He’s presenting as if he’s
on narcotics of some sort. So you know I put an
IV just for precaution. Just in case Narcan
needs to be administered en route to the hospital. But is he having seizures? Is he having a stroke? It’s medicine in detective
work squished together, and sometimes it’s
frustrating because you never find out what was going on. We’re here at the hospital, hon.
OK? [inaudible]
– Watch your toes? Did you see any of the spasms
that I was talking about? – No.
– You good? Yeah. Did you see how his
friend was looking at us when we were walking over? Because I said to him, we’re
not cops, we’re paramedics. And he’s like, oh. Definitely do believe he
may have been on something. The convulsions made
me a little nervous. But I don’t think
that was a thing. I think that was
just kind of hectic. Yeah. I think he just
took a cocktail of assorted medications. And I didn’t know if I
would have to give Narcan. But he seemed as though
if I woke him up any more he might be extremely agitated. Yes. It sounded like
he may have taken one thing with the wrong
thing and got the reaction he was not looking for.

63 thoughts on “Nightwatch Nation: Dangerous Cocktail (Season 1, Episode 5) | A&E

  1. Has anyone seen the UKs EMS? They have Drs and air flights at the ready..they carry blood and much more right to the victim … America needs to upgrade our 911 response! We are really far behind , bet we could save many more lives …they have pain relief, ..

  2. Uh oh, looks like they transported him to Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx ( 4:08 ) – Jacobi is not a good hospital!
    Especially from central Yonkers

  3. Is this show real or acting? He was complaining of neck pain, chest pain, and numbness to his fingers and they didn't put an iv in at first? And to top it off you dont know what's wrong with him and he had seizure like convulsions but don't run lights and sirens to the hospital? I hope this is acting.

  4. But if he was appearing altered then why did you get in the driver seat and leave the EMT in the back? You should have tech’d that call the whole time

  5. No 12 lead? I would have done a 12 lead right away to rule out cardiac?. Being hypertensive I would have. On top of his baseline medical history he looks like his anxiety is kicking in with the facial spasms. Idk just my observations.

  6. You don't need an IV to administer narcan, you also don't want to administer narcan if you know he has underlying cardio issues like his hypertension because narcan may make a hidden heart issue come full force. You don't administer narcan if they are responding. They really need more training, as a nurse this is disturbing.

  7. His neck was spasming but he looked right down at his arm when that needle went in and didn't wince with pain at the neck movement. That doesn't seem right. Somethings weird.

  8. Nothing like being in the back of a rig with an aggressive patient who was just brought down from his high with Narcan….And did you see how his right fist was all clenched up when she was starting the IV? I feel like he would have swung on her if her partner had not been there.

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