38 thoughts on “Nigel Farage announces his return to frontline politics | Jeremy Kyle

  1. Just stumbled on this interview, my hat is off to you Jeremy Kyle. I thought you was going to attack but top interviewer.

    Farage will always have my respect.

  2. I thought this was a half decent interview. I think Jeremy Kyle treated Nigel Farage with enough respect to give him the platform and the ability to say what he needed to say. I think Jeremy Kyle is certainly one of the best presenters on this radio station. He certainly knows how to engage with people.

  3. I didn’t know what i was voting for in 2016. I do now. I’m now a supporter of Farage and want us out of the EU!
    I’m disgusted with both major parties and their lack of democracy!

  4. I went from a remain voter, life long liberally minded Labor voter to wanting Farage as leader. The betrayal of british people by May and MOST parliamentarians, is an abomination and I will vote for the Brexit party.

  5. I’m backing farage all the way. He has the balls to step forward and speak his mind, it’s the first step of admiration and sign of a leader. He needs to be the PM.

  6. could some specific benefits , PRACTICAL EXAMPLES , be given to the main street average shopper ….. price of New Zealand lamb , Canadian maple syrup ,…. in UK , once free trade deals can be done outside of C.A.P. compulsory prices within the E.U. ….
    THAT would be absolute winning vote for Brexit …….

  7. How much pain is Brexit worth …? This country has been democratic wayy too long, all they care about is the next iPhone, mindless zombies.

  8. May -Typical Leftist – Make promises and don't even attempt to deliver. Glad to see Nigel back in the Game.

  9. Nigel got us the referendum and we need to support him to implement the voice of the people that shouted leave and get our country back again !!! Two world wars with awful sacrifice gave us freedom, and that is being given away by spineless traitors like Theresa and her remainer sickos !!! Leave !!!!!!!

  10. You cant talk about Brexit in Laymans terms because it depends on what we agree with the EU. Can a divorce Lawyer tell a man what deal he will get before it is agreed. No. You can only give a guideline on what to expect. Brexit is the mother of all divorce negotiations and a difficult one to predict. It was always going to get messy.

  11. I know you needed time to relax and be with your family , I’m tickled pink they are willing to share you with us again , UKIP voter and member till death xx

  12. Clear and concise, never changed his opinions in the last 3 years leading up to and after the vote. This man would and did get my vote. Unlike other politicians he only speaks of positives and with such conviction, he's right that the EU is in turmoil and faces some difficult days ahead, so why would we want to return to it? Politicians pensions thats why!,, big fat payouts to all who push their EU causes.

  13. Your pm is no strong willed maggie thatcher. She is a weak kneed politician. Dump her and someone in there that can do the damn job. free britain from the chains of European Union. I have friends in england and germany and they think merkel has killed europe. i agree. Let Farage take the job on. And while you are at it, can Kahn.

  14. The City at the moment has twice the turnover of America, 1st in the world, Total bounce back from referendum day and we have a huge surplus This july @ 2£billion. not what Project Fear told us would happen.

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