Nick Offerman's Political Comedy Routine

Nick Offerman's Political Comedy Routine

50 thoughts on “Nick Offerman's Political Comedy Routine

  1. Damn… didnt know he was a typical hollywood "liberal."
    There were a lot more than muskets when the 2nd amendment was enshrined.

  2. "It's hard to shoot someone when you're shaking their hand"

    That's literally why handshakes are a thing.

  3. Dear 2014: Yes, the triumph of gay marriage WAS a distraction, The Koch Bros. were busy building Trump's campaign from spare spaceship parts, or something. Eeeeeheheheeeew!!! xD

  4. There were far more guns available than the musket when the bill of Rights was made. Also, it was perfectly legal to own actual guns, like cannons, artillery.

  5. 11:38
    That was too true to be funny to all those jews who make up the government and the media.
    Oy vey, the goyim know! Shut it down!

  6. Such a witty, clever, and funny man, yet this poor, stiff crowd just doesn't seem to have a sense of humor.

  7. I feel like Nick in every political conversation. I point out how both tribal ideologies are toxic, idiotic, and non-productive…I might get a chuckle or 2, but mostly I get a lot of silence. Wanna piss off a political ideolog? Throw facts and common sense their way.

  8. Nick you break my heart. (2nd Amendment) all the rest was funny. I do agree we should use weapons of our forefathers. 50-70 caliber rifles and cannon.

  9. Oh my god dude. The epiphany I had while watching this was how important it is to not give a flying f**k about how the attending audience reacts. Especially applause and the like.

  10. I though the USA was a constitutional Republic not a “representative democracy” as Nick says at 7:25.

  11. very funny liberal. well meaning, but misguided. it does give me hope that there are a few non leftist liberals.

  12. His stance on guns really made me lose respect for Nick. Because he goes on TV and acts like he is pro gun but here he isn't? Either he is lying here or as Ron Swanson.

  13. He is so smart and funny! The best part is that everything he is really saying, is between the lines.

  14. Actually, the second amendment provides for no exclusion regarding the possession and use of firearms. The protection of life and property is paramount with regards to individual liberty. Regarding the comment about muskets, the first early attempts to create a machine gun we're seeing success prior to the creation of the American Bill of Rights. Let's also consider the cannon which is capable of demolishing the armored windscreen of a Humvee. Had the desire to limit the manner of weaponry available to the people been present in the minds of the drafters of the Bill of Rights, such limitations would have been enumerated. The Second Amendment was left all encompassing for a reason. Freedom.

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