Nick Di Paolo on Offensive Comedy and Political Correctness (Full Interview)

Nick Di Paolo on Offensive Comedy and Political Correctness (Full Interview)

joining me today is a comedian actor and podcaster Nick DiPaolo welcome to the Reuben report thanks Dave how are you I like that the first thing you said to me was do I have to worry about any language here yeah what you want to drop it right now you want to drop all your wealth your for your beautiful like you said I've seen you on YouTube and it looks like a TBC I felt like I was walking to meet the press' and yeah this is very professional yeah well you got the you know I wore a jacket for you though I was going to put a tie on for you that would have been a bit much yeah that's what I thought he would have seen right through that does anyone want to see a comedian in a tie only if they're hanging themselves say something wrong yeah I think that's gonna be the theme of everything we're doing here so for the people that don't know you give me a little a little background on Nick DiPaolo priest and up priest and up did you have a life before I don't know if you call it a life hi I'm Emma had a heartbeat not breathing yeah I grew up with about 22 miles north of Boston and a very middle-class white suburb pretty much and went to college a university of maine and came out of college took a job selling frozen steak and seafood door-to-door on the back of an Isuzu pickup truck that actually seems like a good presently to stand up it was a great play I've walked into places that lay out all my stuff like I'd go onto any any any residence small businesses I'd go into a real estate plan I'd lay out all my stuff if they let me in and you know there could be 20 people firing questions how much is that per pound but Bubba yeah it was great I'd make them laugh and and you know this stuff was really overpriced but it was a boiler room operation and I'm sure those people have seen me on TV since you saying I'm gonna fly back I bought haddock for 85 bucks a pound from that jerk so ya did that for a few years and then they took a job we haven't seen those companies late at night that market inventions if you have an idea for it oh yeah I did that and started where it meaning you did one of those infomercials no I was I actually was a Salesman like I had my own corner office another boiler room operate jeez which I didn't know when you come out of college you'll take a legitimate during a nice building not gonna suit on and stuff they'd find out but but the the biggest fun I took a job with the winglet and rare coin galleries in Boston it was like working at Merrill Lynch it was on the 31st floor of a skyscraper I had to wear a suit it looked just like you know Charlie Sheen a Wall Street when I went to work so I did that for that was brutal I'm trying to sell 50 thousand dollar coins over the phone to somebody have never met before this is after selling steak and seafood ordered last long right so I quit that that that I I quit that and about a month later I'm watching TV I see my boss being let out by the by be like FBI knows yes it was like a boil another boiler room operation some of the coins were fake and but uh but I started doing stand-up you know write it right after that probably a couple years out of college and this is in Boston yeah in Boston a place called stitches there's a there's a documentary you probably stand up stood up yeah and that little Club were there interview people stitches that's the first place I did my first joke open mic yeah I was drunk at a cookout in my parents house and like good parents that gave me the keys and said I want to try so yeah I put my name in sure enough I get called I was a Sunday night I pull up two stitches in Boston and on the marquee I never forget it says it said comedy hell that's what so I that was my first George MacDonald was the houses guy and bust and my first line onstage was an ad-lib that's when he said to me I know you're gonna be funny I followed some guy in a tuxedo and I had like a sweatshirt on and I said I'm like I didn't know what to how to dress and I said I didn't know I'll be following my fucking mr. Saunders which is a local tuxedo place and that got like a nice laugh and then I bought the next four minutes yeah and I was stupid enough to go back yeah so that's pretty that's pretty much the beginning of everybody right yeah you don't even know how to screw up at the beginning that's right so you're kind of good by accident or something like that that's right that must've been a magical time in Boston I mean that's what the documentary is about but there were major major comics they're all doing it seemingly for the right reason yeah more before they even knew what what stand-up could become yeah yeah and it's still to this day you think about the people who come out of Boston I mean you know Jay Leno yeah Conan Joe Rogan Louie Billy BER myself even Kevin Meany and Janeane Garofalo moved to Boston at the time yeah and yeah it was a crazy Steven right he's a yeah he's a legend yeah I mean so it's a crazy but that was reminds me a Goodfellas it was a glorious I had a part of had a pot of coke next to my bed at the how many condo it was it was unblocked what's that how thin did you cut the girl very thin would be that you could do that metaphor there you could do that at mix yeah you know exactly it mix that's how they get paid in a comedy club you could get paid and coke or money in so there were a lot of drugs yeah I wasn't a drug guy I played I was a jock I played football in college and and but they would kick me out of the green room Steve sweetie and Gavin and all the veterans okay Ricky you gonna do this year to get out yeah I'm standing out one time I tried it John Pinette talked me into it after about a year and a half he talked me into doing a line I go up on stage at Nick's I'll never forget it and I'm talking about I have cottonmouth from the club my lip keeps getting stuck like this I have my hand in my pocket and at one point it was quiet during this so the guy yells out hey relax up there I was jig jiggling my car keys all the comics in the back went dying I kept I kept tripping over my punchlines cuz my mouth was my lip kept getting stuck on my teeth that was how he didn't die earlier I mean he's the only but I loved him so much so I actually said I'll do it right at you I don't mean any disrespect to him but if he was doing a lot of coke somehow the weight thing didn't make snow snakes yeah which he was pointed I'm cheeseburgers it you know I don't know but uh so that was the beginning but following guys like Lenny Clarke and Steve these guys the legends that you your fans probably don't know who they are but to this day I mean Kenny Rogers and these guys are is good now I've been doing 30 years later and I still haven't seen anybody you know yeah rock or room like that with a material you know so what do you think happens to that type of guy because I don't even know those guys really like the guys that don't make it cuz I know guy I mean this is the same old story that we all have but like some of the worst comics that I started with right have become successful on some of the best one and most actually of the guys that I thought were really great all right completely disappeared and and we all have that story well the guys embossed and there's a couple reasons and it was so big comedy stand-up was booming in the mid 80s late 80s and that was the mecca like you said but these guys like Nick's comedy club held like 350 people and it was just a money-making machine and it was run by the boys and they had like some of the guys signed agreement saying they couldn't perform anywhere else huh but they were making this is back in the eighties they won but I remember one of the guys time of the old making 3 grand and 3500 a weekend geez so why would you leave right in the cities it's not like you even have to go yeah you didn't have to go on the road anyway in their homes and they you know and like I said they party their ass off and and and and they signed some of them signed agreements ended they couldn't perform elsewhere so that's what but I mean they will make him killer money didn't have to get on a plane and and but but in the in the long run was saying you know who are they but Steve Sweeney's been in a few fairly brother movies and and and Lenny Clarke was brilliant I saw these guys that they're Kevin Meany yeah that is I always love Kevin meeting unbelievably Swaney Meany night they call I was a barback and at stitches comedy club before I come that was the other job for about six months I just wanted to be near it you know and it was sweeney meanie night it was Kevin Kevin meanie and steve sweeney who was the Godfather and of comedy and they would they would yeah they had a show on Wednesday nights Kevin meanie would go out on the street with a cane amaura live and the screen would come down in the club so the audience could watch mm-hmm and he would pull over buses get on buses and stop making fun of people on the him and Sweeney went into a Chinese restaurant next door Sweeney's got like a cutout of a cop with his face throat he's pretending he's like a food Chinese people clean up the kitchen then they go into a ladies room and and there's a woman in the stove it kick open the door with a camera Simplot picture crowd and it would not fly these no wouldn't that's not that would be too much fun and yeah but picture that people inside what I've never heard laughter like that my like Kevin Kevin me he waved down a cop and started giving the cops she and a cop got at it you're watching this on a screen inside yeah I mean brilliant rainy and you know it was it was it was a unbelievable time there's more stage more stages available than comedians in there I worked 300 nights my first year and come visit what you're around 88 so this is like sort of sort of at the end of like the boom yeah boom right Isis what do they say that wouldn't die sold-out Madison Square Garden like three nights in a row that was when the whole thing shattered yeah yeah which I think was around 90 or 91 yeah that sounds about right yeah but every I worked it's tough for these guys to the game has changed so much but me and louis c.k came up together he was already doing it a year or two before me I met him he was 18 I was like 25 and but there every restaurant he pub in New England is Boston I could show you my book for my first year Monday night I'd be a Chinese restaurant Rhode Island Tuesday night to be at some Mexican restaurant in Franklin Mass Wednesday night I might do a college Thursday night I'd be in Nashville New Hampshire at a Holiday Inn you know an honor seven nights a week there was so much stage time as you know as a stand-up there's nothing more important yeah and we thought that's how it was we didn't realize it was a boom going yeah yeah we thought this is how it is yeah so I quit my day job I was making more money after about 10 months I could handle a rough room I mean that's pretty crazy after ten months all right well I could handle I I could handle Frome and some of the rooms are rough the one-nighter said I got the reputation that I could close these there was one Kingston and Kingston massed down to the Cape and it was a pool hall and hey let's go to have a bucket of blood room hmm and I went down and there's people literally playing pool on the back while our duel mice but by the end of it they had put the pool sticks down and the guy that ran the place said this he's the first guy that ever had those guys Wow amen and I got so I started to close rooms after buddy Barry Katz was my manager yeah hee hee hee hee booked every room in New England so I had work every night and you could make you know I was making on the weekends I'd make six seven hundred eight hundred dollars in cash and I was you know making about as much as I was during the day so I put my day job that's crazy for time right no 10-month comedian in New York City if you make six hundred bucks in a year even now I think you're you're running thrilled right I feel I feel bad for these younger yeah it's a whole different game what do you make of just sort of you know when people say well comics are all just messed up and and the whole thing what do you make about the pain related to comedy that drags all of us in there I think some of its overblown I didn't you know I mean we're all we all have a screw loose somewhere yeah but this whole stuff that you know oh you know it has to be the kids who were bullied and I don't buy that yeah even Bill Hicks had a bit about that that he didn't buy into that either importing his parents supported him whatever he did blah blah blah which is sort of the way I was I was very quiet and serious as a kid at me too yeah and I bullied as much as I was blamed nobody likes to say that but it's the truth that's the point yeah we bully I've been bullied and I bullied Nick we're losing a lot of social justice warrior cred right now we're supposed to be Nick riced know what I'm here for man Bill Hicks I miss Bill Hicks I mean he was a little before my time but like like that that relentless pursuit of truth in stand-up yeah and and he was politically to the left but he was really funny and hateful about it yeah I mean it was he's a conviction that's what I learned from watching him yeah even to this day but I have a joke of my head and I'm like I know if I should say this or not I thought of him as a barometer yeah but you know he was on left he wasn't getting too much trouble yeah showbiz wise but he said some you know stuff the way he's to talk about rush limbaugh and stuff I do the same thing to Nancy Pelosi yeah well he's a little bit about Leno regardless the way you think about Lindo I mean it's one of the it's one of the it's so absolutely perfect it's just perfection his head blue peacock I mean come on Doc is that a red jacket or that his brains on your the angst and the I have a lot of that in me I have that chip that he had for I don't know about whatever reason I was born like that you know yeah and and that's what I love the bottom politically you know he's to always say there's nobody out there that could hurt us when you know talking about I I RAC or whatever right you know how we have the biggest military they have the third big whatever right there's nobody out there there's a fucking threat to us I'd like to have bring them back to life ago you know tell him about 9/11 yeah you know yeah so but but he was so he was what a writer and you know I don't have to be on the same side of you politically define you funny yeah that but I find that do you find the left doesn't do that yeah alright so let's shift there a little bit what do you think has happened to stand up in the last say well now it seems like twenty years but but in the last couple years especially it's gone from where it was seriously edgy wherever every morning I wake up now and I'm like man I wish George Carlin was still alive not only because I think he was the greatest and I've ever but we need still some of that although he'd be getting booed off college campuses because he's an old white guy you know I love Carla yeah my idols too but he he was a lefty and he created this environment but he was more I mean he was more I guess he was a lefty but he was relentlessly against political correct yes so yeah that shows you have some kind of stuff has changed but what do you make of sort of what's happened I was telling you right before we started the only reason I'm doing stand-up now again is because so many of these comics now have become the politically correct children that they're supposed to be making fun of and I was like I guess I got to go do it again and now I'm doing it again why blame and I'm not kidding you the feminist movement there at the core there at the core of all this politically correct or shet that drives us nuts they they are at the core of it the whole I think society's been feminized we you know guys and I get him generalizing here but for the most part even Louis's generalization will just cause yeah I know that's why they want though they want us to be walking around qualifying every statement I don't mean everybody know exactly yeah that's one thing I do in my act I don't try to balance it out pile on and but but sensitivity pcs bents is based on sensitivity yeah and and and that's not in our DNA late in most guys you know III and they have a never their never-ending list of grievances they just they can't leave that alone I don't watch movies anymore I stopped about 20 years ago cuz I was aware of it something made me aware of it I I can't suspend my disbelief and watch Angelina Jolie beat up ten Marines I can't fucking do it you know I really can't yeah and III just it's been feminized and and this business draws a lot of people who were bullied and shit even back in the in the 80s when I would watch films I go why is and I would say this this is way before I was in comedy yeah like oh why is the bad kid at the high school always the white kid with a leather jacket the jock yeah and every and it's still just a this was thirty years later back to the future everything yeah this is this I mean I know this that's just you know there's a lot more woman comics and and and whatever but the that's what the PC comes from it comes from the left nobody ever says that the census yeah I know people have bought it what do politicians on both sides yeah in guys the back wait I guess this guy's fault though we let it get this far yeah is it weird how it flipped though like cuz you could look at say the 90s when the right was screaming about video game violence and all this stuff and it's like yeah no it doesn't cause real violence if anything it actually uses so this is where it's like to me the right doesn't get a pass they the right is way better now in terms of political correctness and free speech yeah but but yeah the left has become well yeah it's one thing you yell about video game violence what which may or may not be true whatever I never bought into that I watch The Three Stooges from age 60 buddy I never fuckin I have the crowbar my mother in the eyes yeah but yeah they were wrong on some stuff but but not to the degree that your left's gone with changing the less political correct is you know the definition is you know changing people's behavior through language and you know with the today it's going the he and the she you want to be called a and I'm sorry that I didn't ask about your pronouns before we started yes I'd like to be I don't even know what thing I call me them it it Clara so most people come but so it was kind of funny do you do you remember do you remember when it started seeping into the club's not right there's no one specific moment you know I've been doing this 31 years or whatever so I finally after all this time people come out to see me they know what's coming mmm-hmm you know but I do remember early in my career I was a Clark universe and Clark universe I think it's Clark in Massachusetts even liberal from Massachusetts ago that's liberal yeah and I did some joke about a middle east and got a gas station he couldn't find my oil he was trying to chant I said I had the one middle-aged and guy that couldn't find or whatever and some kid in the front row good college he's got sure he goes Jesus that was a what are you gonna do abortion joke snacks so I just rattled off like eight abortion joke at the top of my head and the whole place is bored yeah and it's the only time I got off stage a couple minutes early really yeah so that and that was a long time ago yeah but I don't know if you say it with enough conviction I don't know I get a thrill out of it these are good and bad times but I've always even after my first open mic about six months in my open mic experiencing a comic said to me you're politically incorrect that's that's where it's headed and even I said to him I go I go it's gonna get a lot worse that was this was like an 88 or 89 yeah and it did get a lot worse do you can get much worse than no and I mean now you see articles in BuzzFeed every day about stand-up guy there needs to be not funny now we should enter you know did you see that article I did see we should enter a phase where stand-up shouldn't be funny so that we could have conversation yeah or even having that clown would say stand up that's the entities of one city and it supposed to be yeah you're supposed to say what people won't say and and that's in the DNA of a comic I mean in high school if I saw an opening in class for a joke now you know let it fly and I can't believe it's to this point but I don't know where else you can go well I can go in the direction that you know they'll force clubs to stop booking people and they'll kick the rest of us off well it was until a black market will pop up like anything else when you prohibit something right yeah and then I get really good fun can we have the goddamn war I'm on the side with all the guns here we go right there I'm on the side of holy guns ok let's get it on I am tired of it man but at least I get set by now at least i market myself and people know thanks to my podcast and and after 30 is a stand-up I was never I always I said stuff on tough crowd yeah III called we showed a commercial and I said that's cultured the cultural Marxist some people who write this shit never eat sick what's he talking I got like pigeon hole that day right you know that was got to be at least 10 years ago so that's before at least 10 years ago I was reading a lot of pep you can and who I still love okay what are you so you were in the tough crowd crew yes Colin Quinn obviously and that whole crew that show it was only on for a couple years actually but it probably would never well not probably you would never make it on Comedy Central now oh god no you know they actually said to Colin who's a genius Colin grew up in if you know you know yeah I'm he's the sweetest guy as bright a guy as you'll ever meet he grew up in Brooklyn and you know I went to high school black kids Puerto Ricans Dominican he knows that world yeah and they actually said them after a few episode a tough crowd after or a couple seasons they said what he let leave the race stuff to ship hell he meant saying that the Carlin that's actually racist I mean that of course it is yeah of course it is people love that chokes me and Patrice yeah me and Patrice would unload on each other and people loved me for I was on a plane in Atlanta right after me and Patrice had a good toe to toe on the show and I was a plane in Atlanta and I see this black guy look at me with his son yeah I'm getting a little nervous and they come up to me and and they go we love you man on tough crowd yeah and anja is like you know people once you meet people face to face that's what sort of because you clearly have a good disposition especially for a comic is that partly what it is like I see this now after being on tour for the last year if I go online it's just like an endless hate fest of lunacy everyone's trying to destroy each other yeah and then every night when I'm touring and I do meet and greets after the show and I want all of these people and nobody cares what sex they are right sexuality or rouler and everyone's great so I feel like I live in these alternate worlds where the real world happens to be pretty damn good it is and it's not just social media just it just the mainstream media I'll be laying there watching TV and I'll send a PSA oh come on for bullying Jesus Christ leave it alone for fiber I can't watch a Red Sox game I'm from Boston New England Sports Network is the most PC I love my Red Sox I I have trouble there's always a oh you got 12 women from the Maine woman shelter here this kids would cancer it's like Jesus I go to I'm watching this to get away from that yeah well look what happened ESPN I mean they've destroyed themselves in the name of being woke and they didn't give a shit today hey do they have that much money or that's Disney nothing is more PC than Disney yeah they're at the core of it oh so wait you mentioned well get we'll get there but I don't want to jump over Patrice because you've watched a couple of your core guys died let's do this would you know so greg Giraldo young was like on his way to becoming starves scars I used to live like two or three blocks away from him on the other West and I remember seeing him I would see him all the time he'd have his two kids and if he walking them to school or whatever and I used to see him at Equinox at the gym and he he was fit and he seemed like he was like I used to look at him and be like we didn't really knew I was a comic but we didn't know each other but I would look at him and I'd be like oh you're a comic who like became a human you you actually became like a real person too and I thought of I sort of wanted to emulate that in a way and I remember I saw him at the gym one day and he's pumping blah blah blah he was dead two days later and I like it really threw me for a loop even though I didn't know the guy that well yeah you've had a couple guys in your crew that just yeah Patrice inand and and Greg even now when I hear him on the radio you know if he listened to satellite and and I'm like I got a good line from a tree a grass and it just it I know never really got over the Jarawa just shocked me when that happened he seemed too smart I'm he's a Harvard guy yeah law guy but that's what I loved about him he gave Lent some credibility to stand up I mean a very bright kid and always yeah he was always jovial and and you know and he would pick migraine he would watch me when I was a little ahead of him yeah and he would be all asking all the right questions you know about stand-up and and and he was on his way you know like you said and Patrice I just love Patrice because he's a Boston guy he's a curmudgeon and didn't her didn't hide his dislike for whitey yeah I didn't I might dislike for hambo friends which that's why we liked each other yeah you know I mean and and what a blow to lose those it's always the good ones isn't it yeah only the good day you know Sarah Silverman ellipses and Robby Patton Oswald and Kathy Griffin oh well now you're talking about the people that dragged me back in I mean those three particularly actually but there's a couple of others that these are the ones that are talking about we can't let Milo's book be published it doesn't matter what you think about Milo comedians talking about banning books I mean can you imagine says that about whoever you know Bill Maher should not be able to write a book yeah I mean yeah I mean they are artists and they a for groupthink yeah which is the quickest way to stifle any creative their little fascist fucks I hate him I tried to be nice I actually text a patent Oz well I don't know him that well yeah when his wife died I felt so horrible I tax him a couple times and then I read this stuff know that he says tonight I'm like I don't like this guy wish it was him just busting balls girl yeah but you know me and Sarah Silverman who was she yeah well couldn't follow me at my worst night yeah there it is so so what do we do to break that thing because it does still seem to be spreading like I get that there's some there there's some push back now and there well first off do you what do you consider your conservative I mean if I know I know it doesn't really matter and no I know but I I'm like in quinces Colin Quinn so this – I don't know I got labeled that out – tough crowd yeah but we're in show business right okay I guess something this is show business yeah and in Hollywood or wherever and showbiz if you if you're out of 20 issues if you lean right on two of them you're not you're not yeah so I kept getting pegged with that conservative conservative but I'm really not I'm for the truth I call them as I see them yeah and I'm sure you know conservatives back in the civil rights were on the wrong side of that not now these guys of them they're on the wrong side to me yeah anytime you want to censor but yeah I mean I'm Pro gay marriage I don't really care about guns I can't say I'm pro-life only because like I have a dad dying of Alzheimer's right now and if I could put him out of his misery tomorrow I would and when I was young I I was glad that was Planned Parenthood round I got in trouble with a few girls or whatever so I'd be a hypocrite to say yeah but this way to me abortions I'll go with that I mean this is ridiculous what's going on yeah you think it's strange look at those positions which I'm with you I describe myself I'm a grudgingly Prout really exactly I wish I didn't have to be yet but I'd worry you know but I know I know several women that have had abortions in the last yeah just I don't think I could take that away from them but I completely get the pro-life side right even to take those positions you just said if you're gonna take anything that's not on the progressive side you're one of a bad guy yes well that's what it is you have to check off all the boxes yeah well your ear and Nazi or whatever which is and that this whole you're a bigot who do you who do you think you are you can label somebody that that that is to me I believe you've never had a racist thought or I might at a racist that those are don't people have the right to call me a bigger and that person doesn't exist hmm I mean the sanctimony on it is I can't believe it yeah my and I buddy Pete Bogosian who's been on the show many times calls this thing a secular religion and that's what it is become a really Jets what it is these people yeah yeah they put it before anything okay I know we got our work cut out for us huh the solution is a war folk Center I mean we're all we're gonna balkanize and break apart or whatever and whatever well you know it's funny you say that but I do see this undercurrent of people talking about that now do you actually think yeah that that's where we ended that's right ventually over years these ideas just keep percolating everyone realizes how much they have in disagreement with their neighbor and then we end up in some horrible place I mean it's pretty much everything I've been fighting against I've been trying to get these sides didn't get more decent but but I get the impulse on that for the gaps too big now there is no middle ground there is no dissenting I I use an analogy it's like an athlete's knee and think of Bobby you are smite it's like you know the cartilage is gone yeah yeah you know I mean this uh yeah I mean width is such a gap we're seeing the world from two different lenses yeah I don't see that closing I only seen you know and and social media sort of through the gas on it and expedited it what do you make about what's going on with the with the tech companies and censorship and all that because that also is another thing that should be right in a comedians wheelhouse and I don't see these guys doing it I see Seth MacFarlane telling you know saying the family guy's not gonna do gay jokes anymore The Simpsons isn't gonna put a poo in episodes the hardest-working guy on the show who is completely welcomed who is an immigrant that changed homers stance and illegal immigration and if you kill you and other things in this country in Hinduism and veganism horrible a horrible I'm off the TV just disgusting yeah but all of this it's all related to social media the way everyone just we can look at the past and immediately erase it and we're automatically gonna be better and all of this endless bullshit what do you have all that well the tech companies have it out for us are you starting that thing with Jordan we're working yeah oh yeah yeah and you know and they had their looked at they've been fair to me but I you know I don't want to contribute to it yeah I don't know where their money's going yeah you're in we'll have to discuss the rest of it not with the cameras yeah of course yeah leave it to me to bring them yeah that's right though well even just related to that you know I saw one guy it's like a fairly well-known you know verified blue check lefty attacking me and Jordan over leaving because you know Karl Benjamin sargon of akkad said the n-word and he said it and the guy kept saying if he had said it with an A at the end instead of an R at the end it would have been okay and I thought you guys density serious because then it would have been sort of an endearing or at least a colloquial way of saying it right he said it with a hard R even though with the way he said it was against the alt-right anyway but putting aside reality for a second but I thought the way you people whittle down everything it's not even about a word it's about the intonation that you say the word it's like think about that yeah just that alone and if you've never said anything right you've never said it one way or the other row exactly I corrected myself you know yeah I mean that proof so silly their arguments are yeah but but I love that clip Louie that governors that clip that surfaced a couple weeks ago yeah so what do you make of that so you and you and Louie go way back obviously everyone knows what what happened with him give me the sort of look I've said it a million times I he did that to my sister I would have punched him in the face or a front you know a girlfriend or whatever obviously there was horrible behavior on his part yeah but I mean capital offense right growing his life and career get over yourselves ladies you know I lived with him I'd do a joke onstage about it I let's you have to let's tip right between him and Harvey Weinstein I mean everybody's being lumped in now yeah yeah and yeah what Louie did was horrible and stuff but I you know then I do a bit of but it said live with him for a year and a half I saw his dick maybe ten times four times essential so I love them he's he's a great father he's he's as smart a guy as I ever met and and he was all I love them he was always a little reckless yeah and and you making that thing I mean it gets to where I've talked about earlier or what we talked about earlier about just comedians and sort of being messed up and whatever like that thing about like he's got everything right I mean that that PayPal shot when he had that million bucks just sitting in there cuz he sold his special just like that like but yeah everything he was respected by everybody like and yet some other shit still gone down he and I think were we all suffer from that at some level like it's just it's part of the human condition yes yeah we're we're humans we're flawed he never Louis never cared about money even even when he started to make at the beginning and I was like his big brother he he'd even had a handle money when when we were you know when we first met would we went to San Francisco we're doing a punch line me and him were like co-headlining something he goes I'm going out to rent the VCR this is back in the early 90s so he can watch movies at the hotel whatever yeah and we both had literally I'd probably probably $900 net worth between he comes back with a $600 trumpet that he bought this is how we explain to him the you know the value of money and I still don't think that's not what drives him I know he got all the success commercially and all the money and stuff yeah but he said he's the most interesting person yeah I've ever met it so what do you think you think he's doing the forgiveness machine right I love what he basically waited one back and waited around and he saw the bitching and we stuck his face out for two minutes and people going wild me know when he's out the club before you kill babies yeah what do you what the fuck is going on here so he stuck his face out took the temperature of it was a bunch of whining and stuff and he probably thought about mild it over a few months that fuck this I'm coming back yeah and I'm throwing haymakers I love the way all the stuff all the that you know before this that loved him now he's there – it's a comment yeah but it goes back to that feminist stuff it always goes back to that you know so he get he gets back in and then of course all the articles were now he's all right you saw all that you know yeah he's gonna be the king of the red states yeah that's my I've been working out of 30 years oh yeah he was wet my dick out and I could um yeah and he won't be and he know his Carmody will be like it's always been yeah I don't think he will be the you know but but but I do have a problem with a few comics out there who are kind of famous who are now getting the label is a you know edgy and antique piece see who's edgy that you think it's actually edgy these days me my whole career we should do a show together we should do yeah we should yeah alright we'll do something edgy is edgy is doing jokes pushing Rachel over the table a black people right there well you could get punched in the fit that's edgy not going and finding a patent Oz well going in front of the files of nerds and then that's not edgy it never was you know me telling Mike how I feel about women certain well you know although the feminist movement yeah and doing stuff that could hurt you I've been doing my whole but you got to be funny about it first right for these day you have his lettering otherwise you end up preaching and and like Billy burr is good now he's getting labeled as kind of edgy but Billy's been a very liberal guy and to me his politics of the past helped create this environment I love when they call him racist I was just at a wedding with him a couple of weeks ago his white this black you eating I know I love his wife and he Billy is the least racist person I know can you imagine but but those guys you know I was pushing that a long time ago and and and and and now be like gays you know real and not Billy saw but burr right now to me is the funniest he's like every guy I grew up with in Boston mm-hmm just he sounds like every kid I grew up with and brutally funny but my point being those I Bill Maher was getting all remember Bill Maher went after his own audience because of a Muslim thing and stuff yeah but but I said good for bill but Bill you helped create this environment I know I'm so like with him cuz I loved him for so many years he was like my guy he was the right kind of liberal free speech liberal yeah I loved him and I've always wanted to be on the show and I want to do this with him I really do but but these last couple years even though I think he's still on the right side on the free speech stuff yeah but when he apologized because of the n-word the iced tea or whoever it was it was like this is bad this is bad and now his Trump stuff has gotten so he's like he's become like a character of caricature himself and I and I say that with like the most respect like I want you to be better again or something you know yeah but what does that tell you about just sort of the way television also has changed because you've been on The Tonight Show you've been on Letterman you've been on all the late-night yeah they seem completely irrelevant to me now I mean that I'm not putting you down you know just like the Machine has now changed they said that when Jay was this yeah and I love Jimmy – I love Fallon – but it's a whole different and and my stuff I mean I wasn't you know when we start comedy at the beginning you create try to have a lot of kind of TV clean because you want to get some exposure yeah so I wasn't super edgy but on my first letter and I did mention like a gay woman arguing with me about her dog or whatever yeah whatever you know I guess compared to what other people that I made fun of homeless my opening line right or whatever so I guess that was kind to edge that could at least work then now you're not getting on The Tonight Show with that well it's funny you know I went to see my buddy Joel s when he did his first let him and and the girl said that they wanted me to come back on it was like a casual chat in the greenroom but she goes you can't do any cancer stuff any home she starts listing and I got mall set yeah as much as I would I would have loved to dumb now you know one more Letterman her we all should have seen this what's that line from the comedian documentary that Seinfeld did when orny Adams says he goes on The Tonight Show and they made him change you know there's one person on this bus and that person has lupus or something and that was his joke because he was the only person on the bus but they made him change it from lupus oh yeah her dystrophy yeah yeah the other way like the weaving it works like someone they had a debate like a network executive at a debate like which is more offensive lupus or muscular dystrophy I'm honestly not even sure which way it was which tells you how stupid is but what do you think about that just the way that it's like the old days the old days like you know you wanted to get on Carson so you could do your five and maybe he invites you to sit down and if he does right now you're a star that's just Oh God that's been gone forever no I was excited because Jay Jay Leno was one of my influences people laugh when I say I go go watch Jay Leno when he used to appear on the Letterman Show in the 80s Jay would have him on three times a month yeah and Jay was the king of stand-up at that point he would go on there gooble I still go home and I go girly sometimes watch Jay as a guest how funny he was yeah that's what really pushed me Jay I grew up about 10 minutes from Jay he I go this guy looks like me sounds like me he's Italian Scottish should go and in sarcastic and so that was one of my influences and and but the whole game has changed yeah do you think it matters anymore that like there was a certain there was a certain magic to this idea that you could go through that machine there was like an actual path to be and success yeah that's all gone do you do you think do you miss it at all or the idea that I like the kind of a free-for-all I like it now yeah I like that we're all doing our own thing yeah and I can't ascend not used as the model at Kennison was so offensive and stuff yeah but he became it came such a cult had such a cult following then Hollywood came to him yeah once you get so big you know you have so many followers and stuff Kennison sort of did that he made Hollywood come to him he was outrageous and they finally put him on Letterman stuff I like what's going on like as far as me on my podcast being able to cut loose and people are looking for you and I guys like you and I know yeah this is very few I did a gig Friday night in San Diego the comedy palace I was in San Diego Friday night where are you really yeah I haven't done that but I well I was at the Balboa theater with Peters and so that's a that's a different thing you should have come to the comedy I pull up and like God it's kind of a wrestler but I go in the beautiful comedy room set up perfectly yeah probably 150 people maybe yeah but San Diego a sweet spot for guys it was a 60% Latino mm-hmm and they loved me I thought no this is what this is when you feel great about penis like a Mexican one in the front she had to be 65 years old yeah she goes to me after the show say hi to the twinks those are my two producers of my part yeah she loved my podcast she's like a 65 year old Mexican one yeah when I was doing the religious stuff she was hanging on every word and then it was all these biracial couples a white guy with a Mexican why evil or you know vice versa and and then some white military guys and they wanted to hear me I'm doing I'm gonna get real political I'm not a real when you come to see me now it's a mix yeah but my next album is gonna be all pugs I was waiting to hear for they were they perk up when I go into the political stir yeah well there's definitely a need for this type of political things you end up which is what I'm doing but that's I was gonna ask you do you even consider yourself political per se no yeah so I kind of bizarre right Colin Quinn and I've used this at every interview I've ever done Colin Quinn said at 20 he goes 20 years ago and I said I'm not really political comic-con not really conserve he goes Nick but he goes his type of guy you could be you could be telling the McDonald's joke open tell how you voted that sums it up I go after the macro it's more cultural with me you know yeah I don't go up there and talk about the farm bill that was you know that went in the toilet yeah I'm more macro I I always push the racial stuff because to me that's the that's the one issue that is the biggest gap between how it's discussed privately as opposed to publicly they're the biggest lie and the meat I can't watch another home alarm commercial with the five criminals away yeah I said that 20 years ago I've been called the I started the whole look at the dumb white father in the commercial on my first album in 1994 I said it I think I was listening to rush at the time right you know and he sort of made me aware yeah but I watch these commercials and it's it's just hilarious but it's weird how everything's become political right like it did yes see I I was always doing political stuff I was a political science major so I was always yeah but but actually I I'm so less interested in politics more so now than I've ever been I like the cultural thing yeah what we're talking about here is called – yeah that's for article per se right but it's weird that everything is politics now our celebrities our politics every we're always talking at the screws are political Sports Center is political it's kind of gross actually yeah it was such a media driven Society and now these social media has added another layer but it's gross it's all said we don't have lives outside of you know you got to do the detox I get off on the weekends and I take August no phone no nothing all of August all of August no no talk try to avoid CNN while you're you can't it's only taking a helicopter what I can't go to an airport I can't go to the gym I can't go to the burger joint little bit just going to the gym I have to walk around like this but I but I did it because like I I think you've got to escape some of this lunacy oh you having to run again I and I don't even realize it but yeah like I accidentally put on a movie the other night that's like Rocky free however you know nothing but it felt so good that she felt like I was eating cotton candy or something yeah as opposed to oh it's but just watch this I'm here and then flip it over yeah you're right yeah I mean and actually Jo list is comic young comics said that to me a couple years ago because you watch too much news I go I have to defend myself from assholes like you but so how do we how do we push back against the mob that that seems to be the big thing now it's like I actually think there's some momentum there I think we're waking up a certain event we are waking up but here's the problem Dave what we're watching now is a plan that the left put together 50 years ago infiltrating schools and all the institutions taken over you know Hollywood and it's all comic different that's why they're winning mm-hmm I don't think we will be able to you know I mean it'll take 40 years to we have to grab back the institutions that you know entertainment and and and so what does that mean I mean well I guess we're doing alright when it will be able be done that's the price I am unless again unless it comes to violence I but yeah it's gonna take forever all's we have we don't all we have is Fox News you know Fox we the only ones that put me on they're the only ones I can give my liberal credit left and right I can't get a call from the other ones I have an interesting history well you can't you're a conservative yeah and I don't know conservative I'm actually a liberal but there's no I'm a real liberal there's no right right there's none of us left anymore that's what Louie is yeah look Louie couldn't be more fair you know when we used to argue race and Paul even when I did is his show on FX you know Horace and Pete he you know he wrote my book and I would he would let me look at it first you know and he look he's an old-school liberal looks at both sides very thoughtful about it but isn't that the irony with with what's happened to the comics is that most comics inherently I think are libertarians most comics want to say whatever they want and live however you want enough and I'm gonna live however I want but they've been like brainwash they've been like yeah I realized it's even worse they've been just infected yes by this thing that I guess I guess it will in the short term give them some success or something so it's easy to do it you know and what's creeping me out it seeped into management now like people who run the clubs yeah that's what creeps me out you know that is that happening I haven't heard stories like Kurt Metzger get in trouble for doing a rape joke yeah they said that all but don't tell him why and and Bobby Slayton going after you know Joe Carr on some black woman in the crowd she got offended and now the helium that's what he used to him how couldn't you love Bob Slater I mean and I mean where we don rickles be right now you know and that was he did it for all the right reasons every ethnic joke was for the right reasons because we're all equal in this country you freaks he when he was on a lot about a few years ago one of his last appearances that was probably going on ten years ago they were – they had a camera in a bar next in the lobby to black all the black women at the bar or whatever and Rickles is all good hey oh and they're looking around at the camp you know what are you drinking in that moonshine what I'm very married whatever Ripple and all these I'm going home even me I'm sitting home going you know and they still don't know with a Cameron and you hear Rickles goes and they wonder why they can't get any work even the crown eleven thing that you don't eat it to everybody everybody across the board yeah not that not that you have to that's my role to I don't feel I need to be balanced because when I sit home and I watch how white men have betrayed and commercials and on TV and in movies I feel no need to balance it out you have to show up people go why do you make fun of white people I go go home and watch TV yeah well it does seem like it's coordinated what's going on this endless thing it's such of straight white men and that you're that politicians are doing it constantly that it's about white men it's like you are racist you people who call everyone racist you are racist Congrats oh yeah you can generalize now about white guys yeah I mean I've been hearing that phrase for ever typical typical frat boy you know that's code for white yeah yeah you said it's coordinated it really is isn't it I mean this is where it's I say conspiracy Colin quick is because it's not a conspiracy it's so big that it's not a conspiracy that's his theory it's not that it's not infiltrated me and academia they don't even have the cornea and I'm like no I still think there's ten guys in a room so that's uh it depends how far you want to go yeah yeah naturally nice and I don't know what the other bora yeah but it does feel like an agenda because they follow a certain every commercial has that certain you know yeah that progressed there's a progressive commercials would you ask Gillette you must have loved that one oh my I couldn't believe it that's Gillette as in Robert Kraft there owns a Patriots right yeah I actually Sam up you know I'm I'm a die-hard Pats yeah like I don't even know if I'm gonna watch a Superbowl look I didn't mean it but uh it infuriated yeah but how about the progressive commercials George Soros that's one of his companies by the way massive auto insurer those are the worst as far as emasculating white guys especially the the the latest one they the guy he said I he's got like a Members Only jacket on and he's got a black buddy and they're going out and the black guys have bills my best friend but he's really changed and he's he's handing out directions to the club you know but he printed out and and and you know can we get some gel a panel poppers please and he's get khakis on and he's playing you know a guitar on the dance floor just dis just the I mean it doesn't even bother me anymore because I started picking these things out years ago but this one it is brutal you money it would be like having a black guy tap-dancing right and fried chicken in a commercial that you know that offensive and the movie I just watched that movie green book oh I didn't see it huh try to watch that one yeah especially if you're Italian you talk about offensive oh my god yeah oh my god is it a town I can't believe we don't we Italians have a sense we have a sense they literally have an Italian guy in a wife-beater fold the whole pizza yeah and eat it and then the black guy in the movie doesn't even had to eat fried chicken he had never had fried chickens this stuffy right raised you know well remember he doesn't how to hold it like a guy at a commercial and infomercials I was going to use a carrot peeler is this happened to you I mean it's propaganda data remember when when Anthony sky our Moochie had to step down after you know yeah two days as Tom's director but every joke was about him being Italian and in the month and I didn't see Italians rioting no screaming and it was just saying no we did all right you know yeah that's why we can take it but it just this kept this movie it's why I don't go the movies and it was so predictable I should Brewer on the ending for everybody but uh I don't know I've never had probably checking before and he's dead and then the Italian guy is just like they projected everything like black stereotypical behavior on him his character it was just a reverse of roles they sat down I literally did cross referencing it looked like yeah you know I mean you ever get worried that you just even though you said it's infiltrating the clubs that like manage the rest of Hollywood think you're just not going to get other gigs or will be passing up Hollywood yeah I've given up on Hollywood a long time ago I'll always uh you know stand up this is always gonna be a place even when they trying to shut down speech it's gonna make it better for guys like us I think yeah and in the long run but yeah I've given up on that yeah I like you know I mean if somebody wants to throw me in a film or whatever I told my age and I go up the breakdown doesn't say Nick Nick DiPaolo type I don't want to do it pretty cocky but thank up a stand-up in the internet podcast yeah you think we're gonna be better off in a couple years or not you think I mean that that's where we're at right like when you say better off as a nation are you an eyes well I mean just generally like just this look if we let's pretend the Civil War doesn't comment in five years where do you think we're at we're on the brink of Civil War where else we can go that there's one side that doesn't want to play it's one side it has no you know you can't keep calling people bigots people will go out and work and bust their ass blue-collar people that make this country great sound quantity but they do and you're gonna keep pointing your finger and call them racists and bigots and and take more they confiscate their money Ocasio Cortez and her stupid plan yeah good 34 percent if you live in New York City and you're over making over ten million yeah and it's like yeah we don't love to make ten million doesn't mean the government gets to take it just cuz they want no that's confiscation but she's moral she said it's moral that's how they do it if you're immoral right if you're immoral they can call you whatever you want that's the whole Nazi you know it Trump's a knife he's it not so you can kill him if you really believe that right that's what they do that's what gets me the most that sanctimony yeah on the left of oh they're just doing all the shit that they're claiming everyone else is projecting on us it's like imagine what it'll be like if these guys have the political power and the tech power well you're gonna do it all the 20/20 well that's the thing they're gonna do all of the things that they say Trump is doing but no he's in jail over free speech right now no you know it's like once my biggest fear yeah that they have they have labeled Trump you know I mean just relentless on this guy and they create chaos mm-hmm and people eventually gonna get tired of the chaos even if you like Trump that's what I think their plan was the left just constant chaos with this guy accuse him of everything and eventually even the people in the middle of my god we have to this is tiring right have to even though I love what he's done I love how he's exposed the swamp I really you know I didn't like him as an entertainer and stuff a lot of imprint I never watched any of that garbage I loved him for what he's done to expose these liberal fascists and their crazy idea you can almost get them to make take any position now too because if Trump says anything they're automatically against it so when he's anti-war they're pro war I mean it's actually an unbelievable item yeah it's like we're scaling back wars and now they're for more war in Syria you're for staying in Afghanistan like what the hell is going on here I know you were the anti-war progress we know they so blinded and again and nobody mentions this everybody's way so why do they hate him so much I go because he's an alpha male blond-haired blue-eyed billionaire that's why nobody brings that up he embodies the devil for them an older white guy billionaire yeah you know alpha male who great you know says he likes to grab women's boys that's that's evil to them all that is evil nobody ever brings up why you know they always dance around this yeah shows on Fox and I'm trying to think what you're gonna get in the most shit for in the last hour well I'm gonna watch where you're gonna get her the most shit for it for the last hour what do you mean just as you said Aryan it's grabbing by the pussy it's like you know because there's always people waiting yeah to you know watch something for an hour and find the ten seconds that they can grab them and edit it yeah I don't give a fuck yeah yeah that's all he can't hurt me anymore but that's not why I love him cuz he said that I'm just saying yeah yeah no no I got you I got you we have that in the back of my head you know oh absolutely no I don't like right before I do an interview I go yeah this is how it's gonna go what how they gonna hurt me are they gonna kick me off my own podcaster it's not like I'm on an ABC sitcom or right well they could start going for servers and you know try to bump everybody off all of these social media sites I mean that isn't perhaps there's some people working on a solution to that if you know what I mean I heard that I'm praying that it's true I'm in the middle of reading his book right now that guy that guy and he's brilliant in the I was I get from the book is you're supposed to do the right thing who wants to look that way that's very boring yeah it's better than the alternative right but you know yeah yeah I hope that comes to fruition all right well all right let's uh let's do a gig together absolutely yeah please yeah all right we're gonna make you happen all right cool everybody can follow Nick can I sell them to your Twitter send him to Nick dip bitch abduction that's not my show the Nick DiPaolo show it's it's free on Monday and Wednesday it streams on YouTube and Facebook live at a few other places and then Tuesday and Thursday it's a patreon but you could do it all at my website and we made it so simple because I'm not a tech ie that yeah but Nick dip calm and that's where you go and come see me live because it's still my bread and butter Nick dip calm and don't forget to try the veal

30 thoughts on “Nick Di Paolo on Offensive Comedy and Political Correctness (Full Interview)

  1. The younger people are a brunch of pusses mainly men are cowards who will not stand up and be real men theses days. Men now don’t even know that real men back in the day would stand up for themselves. Not theses days men have been beaten down so much that they don’t realize what it was to be a real man back thirty years ago. Watch TV you know have all of theses women being super hero’s. You watch your TV shows where they have one woman beating up ten guys. That is bull shit . I know that it is TV but they have went way to far with bull shit. White men are always the bad guy. Gays are everywhere on TV black male are with white Women you still don’t see to many white men with black Women. TV and movies always make heroes out of white Women black people and gays. Everyone hates the white male and everyone loves putting the white male down and want to treat white men like shit.Just listen to what Nick is saying. He is just saying what I have been seeing going down for years. Everyone is against the white male . It is such a dam shame that the white male can not even depend on the white Women and more. What person has done more to try to make this a better Country for everyone. I believe that it is the white male . The more sacrifices we make the less and less respect we get. Everyone may think of me as a racist but just look at the facts. I am glad that I am a older white male because I don’t see a very bright future for my two white grandsons.

  2. 36:45 Uhmmm, yeahhhh, black. hes black…. black people just CANT be racist riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight? twat.

  3. I got interested in Nick DiPaolo after a Bill Burr mention in one of his podcasts. Burr alluded to his brilliance and I concur. Thanks Bill, great endorsement. I love how these guys are not threatened by each other's talent but actively support and advertise for one another.

  4. The evil blind white kid in the Letterman jacket with his blind cheerleader girlfriend became the main villain because of all of the Jewish writers that were the brainy artistic kids cool we're jealous of the popular good looking athletes. Just look at revenge of the nerds

  5. I've been watching stand up since the late 90s. the kings of comedy, the cellar crew, Comedy central presents, comic view, I love stand up. this new cry about everything complain about getting offended is only getting worse. being politically incorrect is what I believe to be brutally honest. people don't like to hear that they're full of shit. we're all full of shit. pointing out societies flaws while acknowledging your own hypocrisy is becoming a lost art.

  6. The trick is to take all social media apps off your phone. They are going to email you anyways. They SHOULD be called social engineering media.

  7. If Nick knew Patrice then he knows about the new world order. Patrice exposed it alot. I wish more people would learn about the agenda trying to enslave them and who the players are because it’s all there. The world would be a better place if humanity got this agenda off their backs forever.

  8. Di Paolo is hysterical… Its so sad that young people are being taught that stand-up comics are hateful sexist racist bigots bla-bla-bla.  Laughing at non-PC jokes like his teaches us to be better people.

  9. One of my favorite Nick Dip moments from Tuff Crowd was, he was sitting next to Patrice O’Neil and Patrice was talking away and waving his giant hands all around and Nick was like, bobbing and weaving in his chair trying not to get hit by Patrice’s hand and Nick finally turns to him and says something like, “hey! Can you stop waving your hands around, I feel like Fay Wray over here!” I almost fell off my chair…. for those who don’t get it, Fay Wray was the chick in the original King Kong movie and Patrice was this huge black comic, super funny guy too!

  10. "A Civil War? I'm on the side with the guns." Brilliant line, Nick. Judicial Watch is choppin' away. You two keep me sane.

  11. Hate to hear he doesn't support the 2A; I get that he's a city guy but it's such a no brainer. Still a funny motherfucker though.

  12. Nick is the funniest comedian i've ever heard. I couldnt help but notice how uncomfortable he gradually got from the chair. He couldnt stop shift feet back and forth BAHAH idk why thats funny

  13. I never understood why Nick isn’t ranked nearly as high as he should be as a comedian. He’s funny as hell. I think the racial jokes about black people being natural born criminals, and other stereotypes my have done him in.

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