16 thoughts on “Niall Ferguson – Pitfalls of Nationalism

  1. Mr. Ferguson’s message is confused, ‘Britain shouldn’t love nationalism so much, cuz Britain has outsized influence over other countries.’
    Well, what if people in Britain don’t WANT to boss around other countries, and other countries don’t want to be bossed around?

  2. We certainly don't need any more cultural enrichment! Rape, knife attacks and shitting on the street!

  3. The British state is unraveling slowly but irrevocably,this is a vainglorious attempt to delay it.

  4. With the security and support of the EU, I think smaller states within traditional nation-states, especially those of a significant size and with a distinct culture, see a future as a smaller state within a “federal”-style EU. That’s what I think part of the underlying psychology is.

  5. ….Sooooo SAD , for some of YOU this is the loop you get WHEN THERES NO EDUCATION , this is not NEW ,we are doomed too reapeat over and over an…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..!

  6. I used to think Niall Ferguson was one of the good guys. Now I'm having second thoughts. Nationalism does have its dangers. In the extreme form it can spawn tyrants such Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin. But with economic integration these dangers should be mitigated. Where the EU went wrong was trying to integrate various cultures politically.

  7. Ferguson at one point in time had a scottish accent. then he moved to the US and developed an english accent. Interesting.

  8. People don't want globalism. Some global mono-culture where their communities are open to get demolished and filled with all sorts of different people who won't integrate and don't share the host country's cultural values. These people know full well why people don't want it, and it's human nature.

    This talking amongst themselves as if it is some mystery that people are revolting against extreme globalist immigration policies, is deliberate. It's propaganda. ''If we just keep talking about it, and labelling it nationalism and populism in the perjorative, a load of people will start following along and seeing it as suspect too and we'll finally have a world that revolves around making it easy for big business to profit and tap markets anywhere in the world, because we'd have conned the majority of people it is in their interests to, even though it very clearly is not''. .

  9. Let us translate what this idea of a constitution that is meant to " protect against Scottish Independence ". It is where a large country like England, France, Germany or Castille Spain, can conquer it's smaller neighbours then award itself " Permanent Right of Conquest ". Give themselves immunity from the UN Charter they signed or any external criticism of the violence they use against unarmed civilians. It is the kidnapper who chains and locks up his victims and when they try to escape shouts " you can't do that it's not allowed ". He then turns to his neighbours and shouts " this is purely an internal matter and none of your business ". His neighbours reply " oh that's okay we have victims chained in our cellar too."

  10. Niall Ferguson and the deeply creepy Andrew Neill, both particularly vicious British Nationalist. Ferguson well know for his attempts to excuse the depravity that was the British Empire. Neill a man with a past excusing the attoricities by British troops in Northern Ireland, Kenya, Aden and Iraq. For them BRITAIN has the rights of a pharaoh and can do no wrong. If BRITAIN does it it is by definition OK revealing in fact the definition of Nationalism.
    Because the are both rapid BRITISH Nationalist with the typical smug vainglorious demeanour.

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