26 thoughts on “Niall Ferguson moderates Francis Fukuyama and Charles Murray on "Inequality and Populism" panel

  1. Fukuyama couldnt even get passed his opening without showing he is not a true intellectual but is in fact a political hack…no politician in history has ever spoken for "everyone" and always speak to "subsets and groups" so his painting of Trump being a populist is disingenuous…he even had to toss in old dominant ethno-racial to the definition (which has nothing to do with populism) to try to paint him as some kind of white supremacist. Really sick of these pseudo-intellectuals.

  2. I am sitting here with the stomach pain caused by three Texas M.D`s who complained about Medicare through all three procedures. I am not amused.

  3. The welfare state is resented by the white middle and working class because it nakedly benefits non-whites more– and non-whites are given so much privilege in the form of affirmative action and a mass of other programs, they really have no excuse to be on it. And yet they still have a chip on their shoulder and hate Whites! All the while we pay for them!

  4. Mr. Fukuyama, Trump is a reaction to identity politics, not the cause…the end of history my booty

  5. Western governments could not deliver their effective and good outcomes, then the right wing is rising in the western. Why? Very simple, it is their system theory problem. Western "democratic" theory has been based their religious thinking. Western religious theory considers our human as rational (that is why they choose election). But Chinese 5000 years philosophy concluded that each individual as a human is not rational, rather selfish, non-disciplined, narrow-mined and rarely having visionary … (although everyone is innocent by birth), only well educated, well disciplined, open-minded, under well monitored and long time experienced one with very good record could be recognized as being rational, and then could be selected to take over the important role as country's leaders or governors. We also call it meritocracy system.
    Western has not been correctly analyzing and failed frequently in predicting China since long because they could not understand nowadays Chinese party and its government, they still think both are the same as those 40 years ago. 
    As I said before, no system in the world is perfect, no matter it's western or Chinese one. It would fail unless it could continuously reform or modify itself.

  6. Fukuyama endorsed the fiction that the electoral college is a part of the definition of democracy, as does Ferguson, which it isn't, leading to a BS in BS out position in their initial remarks. Trump was not elected he was appointed. Trump encourages class warfare dampened by wedge issues, which like to rods in a nuclear reactor keep the masses from reaching a critical mass, from which a bloody revolution could ensue.

  7. I'm a progressive millennial, but when I heard that Murray and Fukuyama were going to join Ferguson on stage, I was super stoked and couldn't wait to open this thing– they did not disappoint.

    Fukuyama is the "father of neoliberalism", but just because neoliberalism was a disaster, I don't lay that at Fukuyama's feet. There is a class of genuine thinkers like Fukuyama or David Frum who believed in the ideals, but abandoned the establishment when it became clear that institutional betrayal was becoming a threat to the people.

    Charles Murray calls himself a libertarian, but his whole body of writing has been about the nature of inherent inequalities and their profound injustice for equality of opportunity. The left cannot govern, the left cannot forward human dignity without contending with the measurable reality of the human condition.

    The evil neo-con Fukuyama argues here for a more robust socialized medicine. The evil libertarian bigot Murray here argues very good reasons for universal income. While an either/or debate was put here, as a progressive I would say that having both medicare for all and an adult-only libertarian style universal basic income are the two best, and most practical social programs that the left should implement as part of a new new deal.

    It's easy to point at "the establishment" or "racist science" and try to run a witch hunt– but the left would be shocked that in these two men are sympathies aligned most with the social democratic left. We may have disagreements, different degrees of distrust in the current institutions, but both of these men have wisdom that the populist left must contend with in order to evolve into a movement that can govern.

  8. I think that Fukuyama is a prime example of the elite who simply do not understand the average American white guy.

  9. The EU and East Asia both have a higher level of tariffs on the US than the other way around. Germany, Japan, S. Korea, and China have all pushed down consumption and increased savings leading to higher levels of investment + more exports. When the US says this is not ok they all throw a big hissy fit and insist that the US is being protectionist.

    This is absurd. The issue the US is having is clearly linked to trade. The states with the worst economic data for the last 7 years are all states where manufacturing was their primary industry. What, were they all lacking in high IQ people? Automation is another joke of an answer. Japan is further along in automation but maintains a lower unemployment rate and higher workforce participation. Japan was forced to automate faster because of their demographics, automation is often more costly than human labor.

    The real economic scarcity in the world is consumption. The US has the most consumption by a long shot and has opened it to the rest of the world while the world is protecting their own at all cost (especially China).

    Another bone to pick. The idea that academics are doing fine and dandy because of their huge IQs seems rather suspect to me. There are massive wealth transfers to these folks. State + Federal money, to federally backed student loans, to grants, to alumni donations. Of course academia has its place in society and is important but we all can see the proliferation of new disciplines. I mean does anyone really think that gender studies are creating anywhere near the value that gets pumped into their programs?

  10. Best moderator ever. Seriously… how many people could not only grasp the essence of the disagreement, but be able to keep Fukuyama and Murray focused on it, despite their turning away from the point?

  11. It's always astounding to me when supposedly intelligent people say such stupid things. Fukuyama is a great example of the complacent elite that Murray is talking about. What person with any up-to-date insight into what's really going on in terms of class warfare in the Euro-American world would say the welfare state is a good thing?

  12. FRANCIS FUKUYAMA: 'discovered' him in Our Postmodern Future in the 1980s; and – together with the great Theologian, JURGEN MOLTMANN, they have provided me with such insights into what it is to be 'human'. God bless them both!

  13. Francis sort of messed up describing Poland. He seems to miss that the court system is similar in structure to Germany and Spain and that the previous government, PO lead, tried to do exactly what PiS is doing today. PiS should not be able to get away with it but the constitutional crisis far outsrips them and the EU should be more uniform in how they enforce laws and punish Germany and Spain in the exact same way or else further bolster PiS support. I don't want PiS to win again but you have to see the reason why a court system that was set up by the communist government needs to be changed and the majority PO representatives on the judiciary do need to change, not to PiS but to something more independent of the other branches. Judges do need to be held in higher account when the majority of people disapprove of their privledges. Otherwise this whole issue seems like the EU is just trying to threaten Poland because they don't agree with the migrant quota system.

  14. Why do you think it's okay just to show up here and demand we educate and give jobs to anybody that can illegally make it here? And FYI we already take in over 1 million legal immigrants every year.
    Americans LOVE every immigrant every single 1 of them. We really do.
    Illegal Aliens are NOT immigrants & they never can be
    They are law breakers & all Need Deported ASAP
    Remember we live by the rule of law so we never turn into those countries that illegal aliens try to escape from.
    Again for the slow learners > illegal aliens are NOT immigrants

  15. It's Sad Progressives & Liberalism has lowered all humanity down to the level that even INCEST isn't off limits to them.
    It brings a whole new meaning to Family Day at a democrats home.
    When does it stop when you lefties legalize sex with the animals?

  16. I'm very disappointed in this entire conversation.

    Educated men dancing around facts and compromising the truth which only hurts us all in the long run.

    Amateur hour.

    Thumb down.

  17. Great conversation. Charles Murray's whole demeanor and manner of discourse runs completely counter to the reputation some people have (very unfairly, in my opinion) saddled him with.

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