20 thoughts on “NGOs, the Pentagon, and the Human Rights – Industrial Complex

  1. This story about NGO’s gets even worse when considering they are also tax exempt 501c3 organizations spreading lies and deceit around the world. Just like churches who propagate perpetual wars on the taxpayers’ dime and claim 501c3 status! The hell with the separation of church and state! They are one in the same evil.
    The 2013 IRS targeting scandal reveals the pervasiveness of tax exemption for so-called charity organizations who spread political views. No wonder that story dropped out of sight due to the massive scale of corruption it revealed. Wish you had mentioned some of these points. Otherwise, great story once again!

  2. In hindsight in the post-Trump45 election days the progressive media propagandists of the mainstream U.S. press, who totally laid-down for the BarryHO'44 administration's wars are only anti- "republican wars" not really anti-war in general. #OrangeManBAD

  3. The difference between this and Bellingcat, and what makes Patrick Henningsen sound like a conspiracy theorist and Eliot Higgins sound logical and believable, and the reason the media will then use Bellingcat reports whilst dismissing a 21st Century Wire, is solely because Bellingcat presents evidence. Evidence sourced from a broad, international community. Evidence anyone else could acquire. And compiles it into coherent and transparent reports. What Patrick Henningsen is saying in this interview doesn't have the opportunity to be transparent or believable because he says virtually nothing conclusive or evidence based throughout the entire interview. Just "basically…" this, or "what really happened was…" that. Why is what you say more correct than Bellingcat who have some foundation to their arguments?

    On a side note, the idea that an entire open source community and movement is under the thumb of Nato is like catching the wind in a jar.

  4. Imagine all the people showing their middle fingers to America, it's easy if you try, imagine living life in peace, you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope some day you join us & the World will be as one! …Individuals we are numbers together we are One!..PEACE!

  5. I need to inform you, self supremist piece of shit, I am a special education teacher. I come of engineers, mathmaticians, and THE MEXICAN MAFIA. COWARD, TRAITOR, Gatekeeper, my second graders, poor, dark, insinificant, "dumbed down" children can see through your superfluous bull shit.

  6. war of information without borders…
    Manipulation instead of mind and rationality…
    humanity itself here get destroid. Taking down all institutions.. perfect chaos and total war…

    These creatures have a black black picture of human nature… Very good for them.. justifiing their universal criminality. And they have their domestiwues at universities and thinktanks… under dark stones, they love so..

  7. und hier sind offensichtlich welche bereit, jeden ungeheuerlichen Preis zu bezahlen… von dem, was sie in unseren Taschen noch finden können..
    Für ihre Albtraumwelt… sind sie bereit, bis zum Ende jedes genuinen Eurooäers und jedes white christan Anglosaxen in Amerika zu kämpfen.
    Dazu gehört natürlich, ihre Werte, ihre Symbole, ihre Institutionen .. gewachsen und erkämoft in Jahrhunderten zu ZERSETZEN.

  8. Another great show, James. However, I've a big problem with your use of the term 'the left' when referring to Obama and the 'Democratic' Party, etc. I realise this is probably just a comparative term in relation to U.S. politics i.e. to differentiate between the ultra right-wing GOP and the right-wing Obama Party.But it's offensive to anyone who associates 'the left' with socialism i.e. your taxes are redistributed to benefit the majority. Not the War Industry and the Elite, etc. As has been said, the U.S. is effectively a one-party state since both political leaders are financed by the same corporatocracy.  Selecting which one is less of a liability/damaged goods, at election time. (Same as Butcher Blair-Labour vs Tories). But there's a definite glimmer of hope on the horizon when a guy like Sanders dares to call himself a socialist and actually gets  a sizable amount of support. Other examples are the Occupy movements. Keep up your great work, James.

  9. Human rights. lmao. Rights are only rights if they can't be suspended or taken away. We have Human Privileges. lmao Human rights!. lol lol

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