18 thoughts on “NGOs, an extension of US foreign policy

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  3. It's extremely amusing, there are NO SHORTAGE of Foreign NGOs in America. many funded directly by Russia, Venezuela and China. The Chinese have established Confucius institutes which promote Chinese foreign policy and Chinese interests. Russia's Russia today freely meets with the most outrageous political leaders in the United States, like Lyndon Larouche and promotes there viewpoints. Venezuela funded Venezuela Information Office, but you don't see Obama getting all whiny about it.

  4. @TrebuieSaStii

    They allow a few, most of them been kicked out.. They are carefully monitored and get kicked out.. Most notably a Britih NGO got kicked out.

  5. NGO = Government operations and government spending with NO FOIA REQUIREMENTS!

    It has never bee so easy to fund secret black ops groups to influence the worlds politics under the guise of "helping people."

    These people see no borders, just them having power over us, were ever we may be! Bill Clinton's CGI talks openly about striving to pay people $3 a day for their labor. The US-China trade ambassador for the US says that an one room apartment with a tv is a good life in China.

  6. Nothing spontaneous about these uprisings. I am torn because I sympathize with these people who want to throw off these autocratic governments, but at the same time I supsect that the U.S. wants to put new puppets in place. I do not trust the U.S. government.

  7. FUCK YEAH! Just like we funded Hitler until he banned foreigners from owning businesses in Germany.

  8. To date no other country has bigger number of NGOs that Russia
    all covering for the so called human rights. lake Baikal, Chechen war etc ? a tribunal lobbyist for the corrupt western strasbourg court influenced via lobbying

    why not make NGOs in AmUrica and go back to where you came from The United Shits of AmUrica.

  9. NGOs are used by the AmUricans and British
    Government + Corporations – Hiding Under the Pretext of Human Rights
    Funded under Government/Corporate Money

    NGOs are breeding grounds for spies via the CIA Mafia
    and the to stir destabilization and Lobbying.
    In some cases the Banking mafia Cartel of IMF and World Bank are Part of this

  10. The US is failing and the whole world is connected. Just like the central nervous system, we have a virus or more like a venom here called greed attacking us. The first one's to feel it are the appendages, fingers & toes then the arms & legs. Just let it happen… The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes! The meek shall inherit the earth & the fat cats shall become our food! The south shall rise again! And we'll make it taste good too! Stop tearing up your own stuff! Target State & Government shit

  11. The "Government" is made up of over 185,000 Corporations. Therefore it is a de facto government. Not for Profit Corporations usually end up getting the "government contracts". But if you look into their financial statements, I will guarantee the Board members are making plenty of profits. Those "Government Agencies" have controlling shares in all the Fortune 500 Corporations. Watch the movie Corporation Nation.

  12. Why are they called NGOs when they're funded by government, usually USAID? In Canada, they're usually funded by CIDA. They're proxy organizations for neoliberalism and imperialism.

    Care International, World Vision, Oxfam International, and the rest are all front organizations posing as humanitarians.

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