6 thoughts on “NGO-Surfing: Each one, teach one…!: Mathias Haas at TEDxMuenster (TEDxMünster)

  1. Congratulations for sharing with us your experience. You are an exemplo for all people that have a social cause to fight and improve the world. We need make this exchange for unite people and break stereotypes. Thank you for knowledge! KEEP LEARNING! 😀

  2. Very interesting video. As a Youth Ambassador of Brazil, I had the opportunity to visit the United States and various Non-Profit Organizations in order to represent my country and learn from their initiatives as well. By getting to know people's issues in other places, we can definitely have a better understanding of the social and historical structures of various societies. Furthermore, people can be empowered and inspired, as you said, by learning and sharing ideas to solve common issues.

  3. Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak at TEDxMünster! Let's explore the world through NGOs… 😉

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