revolutionary Goins have condemned chief minister dr. promotes oven for reportedly making a statement against reservation of jobs to locals in private sector in Goa this pertains to the statement made by 7th in the assembly on Friday that the Andhra style 75% reservation for locals in industries will not stand the test of law and courts would strike down such Kota revolutionary Goins have slammed the government for failing to provide job opportunities for goin youth and accused the government of failing to plan and implement skill development initiatives needed in Goa speaking to the media revolutionary Cowen's president manoj / upset that unemployment in Goa is at the highest level with most companies hiring migrants as the Chief Minister said in assembly the government is not having any data of locals was his migrants ratio for jobs in the private sector in Goa he did to me sorry doing this for DNA egg add this for dissing don't state man I'm Jessie M promotes on the jiggli at this party terminology going so grab your gauge object or Natasa then Jonny Gorman job expect your body noumenon government uh berlin but a bargaining i can and that's a realities of any expect or bajeena doing this for detainee iconic statement Galecki go on Jake bye alaikum ice companies as a gram Delta Company eighty percent reservation the local Sangha me demonical later do you pack the cathode giant ax a Tau C among which are box of dodger two more men to job nom de to it am job private company new Jetta to Nam the government job to guarantee do bugs IANA delicacy arm amphitheater Ikeda I'm tiger gang objector not anguish a Utah Oslo cmj Ikeda Jennifer D to carve are a Carelli Jian law election rally tena queen anchor job promised core package Angela moon Jenna to go J Assembly in power loss and not a job promised Corp exam yet so meaning they had to go around 2 cm by liqueur not another landing be hard ozium una casa dorsal ollie sad or solitary Wan ice a company in titli going car c'mon asana delicately a vile a locum honest and total number of Keithley employs a company in how data is in Marina every election every statement every time she general meetings at Anatomy statement or saga going car and robbed it's a job creator curtilage job create call a infrastructure developed or by the job creation and kurta by Lana me company in white kurta think I'm a job creator Parker the hook the job job furnaces are job choice large object Allah said to me later when I suppose in a job key that creates Elena any son to McCoy last Elaine I'm JJ Minister Ashley boiling and thing guys are property a lot s of gray a pond with lily cameras are gonna Krueger about the didn't say comes a box within the require those abduct bathroom when I'm doing a pasta Ernie teca's our paella tow a savvy hey Santana a pedo bleeding typical image together take a dog Travis also Ally McCoist Auto PWD Minister – law Jenica after the Commish ticket is lavender honey developer over 800 Gerdau local hockey tape where labor in lip damn commies oliver passe oliver a lamb connie light a the car which are told a neighbor Keala Kennelly ani their data from children in other word I really saw that I thought they oughta without Jake I know known only Ethan Lieber to forgot the loss I mean labor on Labor Day After Tomorrow I'm the COO projects Allah saw honey it's all over South elegantly Labor's I am kala kalah technically the project gets a low caliber the highest AG or osteoporosis I think it is all of it what you to know the youth um chief you deserve that gendarme to youth private and Bedford that was back then the private and then she bosses thought migrants Zeppelin enlisted and in paj asatyam to occur and circuit coupe Trask ordered coupe trans modular are the density of the tension straight inches of much Coney a log Osama Sam Cheon industrial camcorder the left-handed Elvis's RV park auditor handing am Chichibu gasta going change a fillet camper pecan Anita tank at a folk art observe sathya's ROG Parker the death it let Selena any general to me you get that you get the answers or going to Djibouti Elsa take the dagger gently was tentatively because Eva Tanguay transcoder Sochi Italian teacher was thought she was a private and coming with that teacher was ten general tiplar on nature that Italy or nazar that T the sandbox with Abdullah stuff Hoshi time together the revolutionary go on Sami migrants are against hasta maana lancha Gordon Cooper she kisses I thought Joe children chair of teacher that the co-inventor up Lobos Appalachia Nakata Ithaca Dakota Montana Keaton OSHA Guan who'd kidney Varla Punta Jarrett Lisa Rinna's guitar teachers or Quran yeah lucky day for prime video journalist Stephen Hawking car Pancham


  1. Manoj Parab is an unemployed youth, alcohol addict, & a disgrace to his family. All girls reject his marriage proposal.

  2. Why every department senior is outsider n goan r working under them. Train goans n give them high class job n let outsider's work under them because outsiders came in their state(goa) to work.

  3. It High Time Goans should understand BJP ll never give jobs as seen all over india. Economy at collapse at all levels. CM of Goa can promise jobs to Karwar people and goan no jobs. Jhumla. This is the party of Commision not vision

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