13 thoughts on “Ngo Dac Na Seminar Hosted By Do-Krav Martial Arts Academy

  1. Love how you break it down. Sifu Phu. I'm assuming this seminar approach is the same during class time. Only way to learn is when an instructor (Sifu, Sensei) takes the time to break it all down and explain it. Demonstrate. Too many just verbally tell you want to do and stand around. Are are too brief. Like my JP sensei. He knew his stuff but not the best teacher. The classes were more about exercise than learning how to apply techniques. One of the reasons why I quit when I was a kid. I wanted to learn something Not just do Karate conditioning and kata's. And un-ref'd "point sparring" (some students were "cowboys"…didn't always know how to control or pull their punches/kicks).

  2. Where is your school at?  I can't find it anywhere.  South Jersey Wing Chun, doesn't list you as a sifu.  WTB website.

  3. Alight this was kick-ass. I've been doing thing naturally with no martial arts background. Driving the force.. I should pick up Martial Arts. Thank you Sifu Phu

  4. funny thing is that when i first saw the vid i could tell how to redirect the energy to stop the choke and now wen i rewatched it im lost

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