NFL Star Adrian Peterson earned $99M, but faces financial devastation

NFL Star Adrian Peterson earned $99M, but faces financial devastation

hey what's going on guys I hope you guys are having a good day I'm not gonna be in here for too long but I wanted to take one second to first of all welcome you to the black financial Channel well if you haven't subscribed you can go to deep black financial channel comm it's on YouTube and it's a it's a place where everything is black and economic so if you want daily economic updates from a black perspective join the black financial Channel com so today I wanted to talk a little bit about this athlete by the name of Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson plays for the Washington Redskins he's a very good player he's one of my favorite running backs of all time he's really really good really really fast really really talented and really really broke my a lot of the conversation about Peterson right now has to do with the fact that the media is reporting that he he's in a world of financial trouble right now having to do with I guess some lawsuits over old money and things like that I'm looking here at at the Guardian and basically I'll read some of this to you and then I'll give you my interpretation it says financial problems continue to mouth for Washington running back Adrian Peterson who was being sued for failure to repay 5.2 million dollar loan according to a report published on Tuesday in the Atlantic Peterson is involved in three lawsuits in Oh 6.6 million including interest in fees and he owes owes this to d'angelo vehicle sales the company filed the latest lawsuit in New York now Abdi Angelo vehicle sales I want to look that up because I truly truly hope that this brothers not six million dollars in debt because he was buying a bunch of cars I don't know maybe you guys can give me more information on this but what I mean obviously the Angelo vehicle sales is a car company and I'm looking I'm literally googling them right now to try to see if if these are luxury cars or whatever the case may be and but but either way it's it's it's kind of crazy that a car company will be suing anybody for six million dollars I don't know the situation though I don't know exactly what he from them or what happened with them then leads to this massive amount of debt I'll read more to you and then I'll give you a quick analysis on this so Peter said let's see here car-chase carlson who's his lawyer believes his client's problems involving a matter of trusting the wrong people quote the truth behind Adrian Peterson's current financial situation is more than is being reported at this time because of ongoing legal matters I am unable to go into detail but I will say this is yet another situation of an athlete trusting the wrong people and being taken advantage of by those he trusted Adrian and his family look forward to sharing further details when appropriate Peterson has made ninety nine million dollars in his career most football players do not make ninety nine million dollars because as LeBron James said and I agree with him the NFL is a lot more like a plantation for Big Buck at leats than it is a place where the athletes actually have you know the rights that they deserve the NFL is a place where they really need to have a labor movement because a lot of these contracts are ridiculous and set up construction in crazy ways and so he's made ninety nine million dollars in his 12 year career he's now playing for the Washington Redskins I think he's 34 years old now so that's a little bit old for running back so he doesn't have a lot of time to make a ton of money etc now I'm reading apple-cider says he hopes to the big stripper party in 2017 what else his business I'm not going this you know jump in it or speculate on that or or even pass judgment on that you know it is what it is I mean obviously you know if you're putting thousands of dollars into stripper thongs that's not gonna help your financial situation but you know maybe I'm just the nerdy old man because I you know but I bring this stuff up but people do what they're gonna do what I'm not gonna take time to judge that but what I will say is this listen to what the lawyer said about trusting the wrong people alright so the lawyer talks about trusting the wrong people now I'm gonna go in here and I'm gonna make this I'm gonna get real black for a minute I'm gonna get super black on y'all real quick I hope that's okay I hope it's okay I go can I be black writing it can I be black for a minute I hope it's okay for me to be black for a minute and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go out on a limb right now and I'm lawyer chase Carlson and from when I see chase Carlson the attorney then I miss coming up here is is basically a why do it's not a brother it's no disrespect to white lawyers at all but you know it's it's it's it's it's interesting right the other person that Adrian works with is this agent I looked up his agent his agents name is what's the agents name his agents name is Ron slamming Ron slapping and Ron Slevin is also not a brother now let's go back to that statement shall we trusting the wrong people now I'm not gonna sit here and say that integrity runs along racial lines that would be an incorrect statement to make but I want to make this systemic for a minute I want you I want to ask you this question do you think that the black man collectively does better in his life when he's consistently trusting non black people to manage his wealth do you do you think that that he's better off when he's away from his community and he's connecting with a bunch of people who are not black I'm not trying to say he can't get robbed by a black person we didn't trying to say that at all cuz ya'll guys see we got some black people here to some dirty don't dirty dogs right and you got some white people that are honest but I'm gonna be well I'm over I'm gonna go out on a limb and I'm gonna bet you this I'm gonna bet you that uh Adrian Peterson's broke but I bet you Ron slapping his agent ain't broke I bet his agents doing quite well I bet if I look and see what his family's doing they probably living in a nice house driving nice cars his children and Yale or Stanford to somewhere else his children are probably better off than Adrian Peterson his children I bet if I look up this other guy this other this this attorney chase Carlson I bet chase Carlson he's it's gonna keep on moving for him the money trains gonna keep taking for him even when the money flow stops for Adrian Peterson what am I getting at here what I'm getting out here and I thank y'all for letting me be black for a minute that's why I have to have my own platform cuz I can't say this on TV because people will misinterpret what I'm saying they'll think I'm being racist I'm not being racist I'm being real I'm not the racist I'm the realist the realist approach the realist understanding of this whole situation is to say these athletes get financially screwed because they disconnect from the community and the people that love them that built them and they go run off with people that are literally gonna dip their hands in their pockets and eat off of them like a fucking piranha they are literally going to just gobble up you they they just like e-40 said in his song they'll find a new nigga next year a new athlete comes along all he's thinking about is ballin and booty right and they're like okay i'ma get him on legal fees we're gonna get him on consulting fees imma get a percentage of his salary I'm gonna get all of that and all that wealth millions of dollars billions of dollars over time from if you add it all up in aggregate is being sucked out of the black community and put into the hands in the pockets of people that cared nothing about your son chase Carlson and this other guy that just slapping I'm willing to bet you Ron slobbing the agent I would bet y'all I bet you ten million dollars that they would have nothing to do with Adrian Peterson if he was not one of the greatest athletes on the planet see they don't really want people don't want the black man around if they can't make money from him they don't want the black man around if you're not a commodity and so what these athletes lose is they they if they get they allow themselves to get sucked into like the movie get out of the movie get out they allow themselves to get sucked into this environment that is not black they target them at the age of nine at the age of seven I'm sure Adrian Peterson was burning up the peewee league so I'm sure he was the greatest football player in the history of his his uh his you know the eight-year-olds in under football league I'm sure he was the greatest thing that they ever saw so he's burning it up at the age of seven or eight and they're identifying him as a sa cash cow before he gets out of elementary school he becomes targeted way back then so they can make big money later on down the line so these athletes they get pulled in the community their wealth just sort of gets picked away at them piece by piece and then they it's like a piece of meat they'll eat all the meat off of it and then they throw the bone back in the community so so they take this athlete that could be a billion-dollar asset to the black community they gnaw on him little pieces you know you got the lawyer come along iron you know the attorney comes a lot of the financial manager alright the person doing the taxes I know everybody showed up eating a piece of this do it does the white woman the Becky that wants to marry him right all right she's getting half of his wealth when after the divorce right and then when this guy who willfully went along with this process when he's when they've eaten every piece of meat off the bone and there's nothing left when he's a shadow of himself he ain't he ain't running for 340s no more he ain't filling up the stadium no more he can't make the roster no more he's not bringing in the millions no more he becomes that dried up bone with no meat on it they throw the bone back to the black community and your whole community's filled with bones the black community is filled with you you don't have to travel a half a mile to find some brother who's a washed-up athlete who used to be great back in the day who used to make big money back in the day right but who now is a shadow who he used to be economically in otherwise right so what I'm trying to say here is when you talk about that conversation with Adrian Peterson trust the wrong people that's deep because I'm gonna look at his agent I'm looking at his lawyers I'm looking at all the people that were around here I'm like you're right he's trusting the wrong people but he trusted you how did that happen cuz cuz I bought an Adrian Peters financial manager y'all know I'm team I'm teaching him power now makes principles and got him studying in the black business schooling and I'm preaching this whole black wolf thing to him every day in his ear and Ruth Ann Peterson does not go broke if Boyce Watkins is his adviser not that I want to be an advisor for him not that I want to be his agent I don't want to do none of that I don't care about that but tell me yes or no yes or no do you think that Adrian Peterson would be broke and in debt if he had somebody that like me in his ear every single day do you think that he'd be broke if he was trusting people like me or like you and we were talking this black shit every single day in his ear this black wealth stuff every day hey bro you know they got ten houses on this block that you used to live on that are on sale for thirty five thousand apiece you can buy the whole block and we can rent it out and let people live there and you can make money they they get a place to live the hood gets better man you know what Amen you know what we could go build a chain of schools like you got an extra million don't put it in the strip at all don't give it to your lawyer don't give it to your accountant don't go give it to all these other people that are gonna take it out of your community take some of that and let's go and let's build let's go fun this African Center school that's educating black kids that we're gonna get a hell of a ROI because we can make it profitable and the children in your community are gonna be better off like hey man there's there are 20 black entrepreneurs that have billion-dollar business ideas each of them only needs 10 grand to get off the ground so what we're gonna do is we're gonna find 20 businesses give them 10 grand apiece and then support those businesses with your rich wealthy NFL connections and give them a customer base give them training given what they need to become great black entrepreneurs and not only will you be helping these people elevate their lives and building your community you're gonna get rich – because you own a piece of all these businesses you'll be making more money after you get done playing football than you ever made scoring touchdowns for white people do you understand what I'm saying to you right now do you get what I'm saying to you so I go back to the basic point the basic question I ask you if you're the lawyer sit next to Adrian Peterson and you say well it looked like he trusted the wrong people who are you talking about are you talking about you know I know what he's done I think he's talking about the homies from the hood you know you got that you become a big athlete about it you get the hanger on you get the Siraj maybe you get a baby's mom or two maybe you get you know people around you they want you to help them pay the rent and that's that's cool but that ain't even a fraction of all the money that's been sucked out of his pockets by these professionals these agents and lawyers and accountants and financial advisors so so when you say he's trusted the wrong people guess what he was trusting you and now he's broke but that does not relinquish Adrian Peterson from the responsibility for his situation at the end of the day you can talk all day about what other people did to you but I might have to also talk to you man-to-man about the fact that you might have made yourself into a victim homie you got played people got rich off for you when you made 99 million dollars do the math simple math people he makes 99 million dollars and now he has zero like close to zero money doesn't disappear like that it's not like the money's gone the money didn't go to outer space it didn't get flushed down the toilet oh that shit went into somebody else's pocket so so so you might have lost all the money but the money is not lost the money has just been reallocated and it has not been allocated to the people that you love not it not a huge percentage of it maybe you paid a couple people's rent bottom a car somebody maybe got you mom my house good for you but that money has been allocated outside of your community somebody got that paper somebody got that money and that lawyer all these lawyers and agents was sitting around saying such a tragedy that's a soul so unfortunate that these Negroes get into these situations I mean my god it just breaks my heart bubble and they sitting there in a damn three-piece suit they were they were at a $5,000 Armani suit hopping into a $150,000 Porsche driving to their million-dollar mansion talking about how it's a shame that Adrian Peterson lost all his wealth by trusting the wrong people well guess what he trusted you and ultimately he should not have even trusted himself the dumbest thing not gonna say dumbest let me scratch that I'm not trying to call anybody um the silliest thing that an athlete can do is to not listen to people that he really can trust Shaquille O'Neal trusted his mother who had those old-school grandma financial principles she might not have been a big investor she might not have went to business school but she knows how to get a dollar and hold on to and a black woman can do that my grandmother did that and she basically said baby look here's what we're gonna do you the biggest athlete in the world you will not go broke suppose she set rules in place that protected him from himself and she he was his first employee she was the first person that he trusted with his money all the checks that came in she would look at the checks she would decide where that check was gonna go and she'd say here's Shaq here's some money so you can ball out if you want to go do you want to go and put money in stripper thongs that's on you you want to go buy you fancy cards that's on you but I'm gonna take a percentage of that money and I'm gonna allocate it in such a way that you're going to be richer when you're done then you are when you started and you're gonna make more money when you're done than you are right now so right now as a result of that wisdom hey Shaq got people he really could trust he now makes more money now that he did when he was an NBA player and he was one of the greatest that there ever was Shaquille O'Neal to this day is the only NFL player I assume an NBA player I have ever seen that could not be stopped by anyone nobody nobody anybody know you might know basketball enough to notice nobody ever figured out a way to stop Shaq except himself because he couldn't shoot no damn free-throws so so my point on all this is to say when you say he trusted the wrong people who did he trust he trusted you so shoulda trusted you and then the other thing is he shoulda trusted himself you know he had no financial literacy yeah a lot of athletes will put so much more time into learning football and basketball than they put into learning how to protect their wealth and that's why a lot of athletes go broke so if you're not gonna take the time but you gonna spend more time that's cool you you bet greatest football player in the world one of the best if you're gonna spend more time learning football then you spend learning how to play the game of life how to protect your wealth and protect your assets and protect your family then at least get somebody in place who does who understands these things who's gonna have your best interests at heart because once your talents gone you can't go backward in time okay now all you got is 50 years to look back and feel bad and angry about what happened now you got 50 years to think about you had 12 years to make the money now you got another 4050 years to be upset about what you gave away the empire that you handed over to other people who could care less about you that's all I have to say about Adrian Peterson I got a meeting to go to I love all you guys please hit the thumbs up button and the share button and subscribe button before you go also if you if you want to come to Chicago I'm gonna doing investment seminar on the 28th feel free to come check it out it's dr. Boyce Chicago com it's a day-long event it's amazing you'll love it if there's money-back guarantee if you don't love it but everybody loves you so nobody even wants the guarantee but but if you want to come to that dr. Boyce Chicago com next month is Los Angeles as dr. Boyce Los Angeles comm if you can't go to Chicago or Los Angeles we do a master class every Tuesday so if you want to come out and check out and hang out with us online every Tuesday night to talk nothing about nothing but finances and investments an investment strategy Theory everything else then go to dr. Boyce masterclass comm that's dr. boys masterclass com last but not least I should remind you guys I just have to tell you guys about these things because I can't just tell you to do something and not offer you the tools to do it so we have tools specifically for black people we also have great financial workbooks for children I think I have one around here somewhere I can't find it but anyway you'll feel free to go check them out it's great for putting together curriculum for your kids so they don't end up in these devastating situations so feel free to go to financial workbooks calm that's financial or books calm so anyway I'm out of here guys take care have a good day and I'll see you soon and an Adrian I wish you the best boy there's no disrespect this stuff just makes me mad and I just think we need to change the paradigm as black men and understand that when you get a lot of assets if you don't protect them somebody's gonna take that stuff you just got to understand that if you get something people want they're going to try to take it and if you can't defend it and that's on you that's it I'm outta you guys have a big day I see some big lip peace

26 thoughts on “NFL Star Adrian Peterson earned $99M, but faces financial devastation

  1. As African-Americans, we don't wanna acknowledge ugly truths about our condition in this country. In reality, the Sports Industrial Complex is a glorified plantation that exploits the breakdown of the black family. Single black mothers push their sons into sports to keep them out of trouble and as a pathway to college via scholarships. Again, black poverty and the instability in the black community supplies the NCAA and NFL with an endless supply of black male bodies. Who in turn create billions in revenue for whitemen. We got blinded by shiny things as black people. Us being ballers does nothing for the black community. Money is transferred to white folks…White Colleges, White Owners, White Agents, White Lawyers, White Jewelers, White Realtors, White Females. So, the pale ones are getting the most benefit from the finances of Black Male Athletes. As long as we stay on the grid, these realities will escape us. Which is why I stopped consuming Sports and Entertainment…The Joke Is On Us As Blackmen!

  2. This video was total foolishness and why exactly I hate Dr. Watkins and his fake ethnocentric black pride. He can make a whole video about how Adrian Peterson is a victim of white establishment without talking about how Adrian brutally abused his own child right after another one just died due to neglect. Fuck Adrian Peterson, he’s another hood stereotype that’s going to get used by the industry and forgotten. (11:45) Dr. Watkins wants to pretend AD cares about kids when he doesn’t even care about his own kids. Adrian Peterson is a dumb nigga who cares more about strippers than the black community. Even if AD had a savvy black mind next to him all those years, he wouldn’t listen. He was another egotistical know-it-all who at the height of his success breaking records as an MVP…wouldn’t even listen to God. Stop it with this black pride shit. AD might be black but that’s all he is to the black community.

  3. Before the black Athletes sign to any University their parents need to make sure their son or daughter get very educated in investment class and real estate classes and business class needs to be in the package before signing and think hold the University accountable. Hold the HIGH Schools accountable in teaching business classes to athletes point BLANK PERIOD. Parents you need to take business classes to help your son or daughter understand business. We got to stop letting these people stop doing black people any kind of way hold them accountable for your talent that brings millions of dollars to these Universities.

  4. This a slippery slope because Mike Tyson had white handlers who really nurtured and loved him and all his craziness. Mike fired all of them and brought Don King and an all Black crew. Mike Tyson was used by them along with Robyn Givens and her mom.

  5. The agents know it's like taking candy from a baby. People who grow up with few resources are looking to be accepted by those who wouldn't give the time of day if they didn't have talent to play a kid's game!

  6. Everyone being critical . But let me remind you . Woman making 30k buying luxury handbags , men buying cars for 50k making 80k . Blacks as a whole ,do not have any money. (Check the data) we just have the most Air Jordan’s

  7. Other cultural groupsi.e asians have a interesting way of management. They is a place for organized black accountants as a team to manage these individuals , institution and groups. It would be the ultimate power economics ,,banks and investment companies

  8. man, if you can't find anyone that you can trust with your money, just put that money in a regular savings acct and just let it sit until you figure out what to do with it, like marshawn lynch did—now marshawn has $70-$80 mil just sitting there in the bank at the end of his career that no one's touched that he can pass on to his family…anything is better than this shit..tired of reading stories of bruthas squandering millions of dollars…

  9. When wealthy, indications are you, your wealth and location of each is studied like a science for separation. One term to remember is Power of Attorney. Don't give that right to anyone. Most don't live in the reality of net income. Gross income is a "you think you're doing alright" mindset. Don't take recommendations from anyone about investments, do research about results as in the green balance. Having multiple baby mommas is Adrian Peterson's first indication of lack of knowledge about economics.

  10. NFL money Is not guaranteed you have to make the 53 man roster in your contract you can get some guaranteed but not all then factor in 16 games a year playoff checks are less if you even make them

  11. Just another insufficiently educated Athlete, wasn't he arrested a few years ago for beating his son so badly the kid had to be taken to the hospital to repair body injuries.

  12. Things to invest in, or do to maintain your wealth.
    1. Invest in box of condoms
    2. Invest in yourself
    3. Count your own money
    4. Never give access to strangers
    5. Invest in safe investments
    6. Use reputable sources.

  13. Black people need to learn to "invest in knowledge". So you can "hire the right people for results. Learning "contract law" will keep you from getting played. His lawyer definetly had to be in on it. The PEN is mightier than the SWORD.

  14. Exactly why I never made it big on music, I refused to let them folks exploit my talents and make more money off it then ME

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