New Zealand Suffers Mass Shooting And White Nationalism Infects The News

New Zealand Suffers Mass Shooting And White Nationalism Infects The News

26 thoughts on “New Zealand Suffers Mass Shooting And White Nationalism Infects The News

  1. You never mention mass shooters by name after the first day? What is that, a joke? You still don't shut up about Dylann Roof nearly 4 years later.

  2. 5:47 YOU polarize everything you ALWAYS blame almost every problem on the life of non-white people on white people being horrible racist bigots. For fucks sake YOUR FAN Gavin Long Kill 3 cops in part because he believe in YOUR rhetoric about cops.

  3. Turks killed over a Million Armenian Christian's which Cenk the Turk who names his show after the group who called themselves The Young Turks and perpetrated the genocide of Armenian Christian's.

  4. Just compare Cenk's tone talking in this clip. Compared to when he breaks down the Paris shooting attack where 126 people died. He sounds so more angry when 59 Muslims dies. in this clip Rather than 126 people dies in Paris. Because in the Paris video. He's so calm he almost laughs. He sounds happy honestly. Its so obvious that he look down on white people. And don't value us as much. And he doesn't mention what radicalized the Islamist's. They won't mention how to stop that radicalization of Islam . Because our radicalization must be exposed but not theirs. This is anti white media everybody! Wake up! PS: In the Paris video. He doesn't bash their ideology. He never bashes Islamist extremist ideology. He's so calm and collective about. it Because he doesn't actually care, when white people die.

  5. The argument that white NZers or Australians can't be worried about people from different cultures immigrating because Europeans replaced Aboriginals or Maoris doesn't make any sense. Those serve as an example of what happens if you fail to defend your culture from foreigners with a different culture. So what is the point you are making?

  6. Why always bring up the Old Testament which Christians rarely pay attention to anymore in favor of the New Testament. Maybe because equating Muslim violence to a virgin hippie wouldn't suit your narrative.

    Also the number of Fundamental Christians are far lower than Fundamental Muslims. Another difference between the two is you don't see Christians stoning women or throwing gays off buildings. That is solely things Muslims do. Muslims are even trying to have LGBTQ+ teachings removed from American schools. Where are TYT speaking out about that?

  7. Hahaha polarizing so your standard is if Trump does it it's okay for you . . . . But left-wingers aren't reactionaries pathetic excuse Dung Lunger

  8. Hey tyt how many Christians are being killed yearly be Muslims worldwide.

    You guys are just propaganda.

  9. Muslim ban? How is implementing a travel ban which allows 90% of all the worlds Muslims to successfully enter into the US somehow a Muslim ban? come on TYT you're better than that…. wow…..

  10. Look I’m kiwi, firstly I don’t hate any groups or stand points. I disagree on your points and many right wing points also. I was in Christchurch a the time at school was in lock down for 5 hours.

    Some of your points are not true he said in his manifesto that he does not support trump but likes him cause he’s white. IS is already wanting revenge. You guys and many others are blaming trump there is no way in the world that he will even be partly in the blame. You Americans (no offence) but you guys need to find a reason for anything happening in the world. You blame trump for what happened here in NZ why don’t you blame Obama or Bush for what happened in the Philippines when IS shot up a church killing 30 people. What is happening in the Middle East happened because you Americans. I also see that you and many other left news outlets didn’t report that in the Philippines.

    Yes I’m 14 but I’m very interested in politics and war. So sorry if I offended anyone but that is my stance on the subject

  11. “Turkish President Erdogan airs mosque shooting video at rallies, threatens New Zealand, Australia” ……….TYT??? Crickets

  12. Hey Goat Fuh-Krr..Yeah YOU Uygur….How many "Christians" go around "Chopping Off Muslims Heads" ??? How many Christians have been killed by Muslims around the world in the last 3 weeks ? 120…But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,,,,Not One Peep from the Main Stream (Demon-Stream) Media which is owned, controlled and operated by the Synagogue Of Satan.

  13. So……the religion of peace gets a taste of its own medicine and everyone is shocked? I hope the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting feel some satisfaction today.

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