New York Times… Shame, Shame, Shame

New York Times… Shame, Shame, Shame

>>The goddamn paper right here, okay?>>What does that say now, Cenk?>>USA safer, Bush says. Picture headline, USA safer, Bush says.>>Bush says, okay.>>USA Today, you suck balls.>>That’s Cenk Uygur from 2006, saying then
what many are saying today in regard to the way headlines are written in The New York
Times and other mainstream media outlets. In fact, the New York Times kinda on a little
heat yesterday when it previewed what its front page would look like online. I’ll tell you exactly what the front page
said. There was a story with the headline Trump
urges unity versus racism. So, I’m assuming that was a story about Trump’s
speech in response to the two mass shootings that took place over the weekend. And it got a lot of negative feedback including
one reporter at the New York Times who said quote, I write for the New York Times. This is a terrible headline. Then you have Cory Booker saying lives literally
depend on you doing better, NYT, please do. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as always, hits
the nail on the head by saying, let this front page serve as a reminder of how white supremacy
is aided by, and often relies upon, the cowardice of mainstream institutions. Now, if some of you are wondering, well, what’s
the issue with the headline? I mean, I can’t imagine that many of you are
but if you are thinking this, let’s go back to that video of Cenk from 2006 where he’s
criticizing a headline with a different context but it has the same issue as this New York
Times headline. Take a look.>>USA Today, Bush says, he’s made America
safe.>>That’s where I-
>>That’s the headline.>>Okay, Cenk, you’re talking to that one
story.>>What’s in the article are never goddamn
mentioned in the goddamn headline.>>It’s impossible to talk to you about it.>>No, because here, I’ll show you.>>Well, I mean, USA Today, you’re not talking
about USA Today, you’re talking about one->>Show the goddamn paper, right here, okay?>>What does that say now, Cenk?>>USA safer, Bush says. Picture headline, USA safer, Bush says.>>Bush says, okay.>>USA Today, you suck balls. You are a terrible newspaper. You know what he did in that press conference
yesterday and how we covered it? He lied over and over about how this is a
war between Al-Qaeda in Iraq. It’s not a war between Al-Qaeda in Iraq. It’s a war between Shiites and Sunnis, civil
war that we’re stuck in. And what does the USA Today incompetent losers
say, USA safer, Bush says. That is a lie, they’ve done a terrible job. Every one of the these editors in every major
newspaper, in every major magazine, in every major television news organization should
be fired today. So that was 13 years ago. And I think that I was well within my rights
to be angry about the situation. And what started that conversation is so related
to what’s happening today. What started that conversation was all the
way in 2006, 5 years after 911, 43% of Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein had personally
attacked us on 9/11. In fact, when we went to war against Iraq,
that number was 69%. So 7 out of 10 Americans thought that Saddam
had personally attacked us. And I kept saying if I thought Saddam had
attacked us, I’d be in favor of the Iraq war too. But that’s not what the reality is and the
mainstream media is doing a terrible job. Why? They do false equivalency. They say he said, she said. The Democrats are generally mutes anyway,
they usually never even fight back. So then all they do is print what the Republicans
say. And that is why I was focused on that USA
Today headline. I feel bad for Michael there cuz obviously,
I was not exactly in control. But it was built up rage and frustration from
all of the media falling down at the job and no one recognizing it. So I’m like, look, if you put a headline like,
USA safer, Bush says, it makes it sound like the USA is actually safer, cuz it’s the main
headline. Now Bush says people see, but they don’t absorb
that nearly as much as they absorb USA safer. Besides which, it doesn’t really matter. You’re supposed to, as a journalist, say what
the reality is, not what Bush says. And so here we are and New York Times, 13
years later, does the same exact thing, now this time about Trump, but with a different
reaction. So when you get to a different reaction, obviously,
Anna gave you some of it in a second ago, and it’s a little bit more in a minute. But so their headline was Trump urges unity
versus racism. Now technically correct in a portion of that
speech, he spoke out against white nationalism almost for the first time, right? So, but the full context is this was an exception
for the president. His actions show that he has supported a lot
of these people, including saying there are good people on the Nazi side in Charlottesville,
and you know all the stories. We can go on and on and on and demonize minorities,
especially Hispanics and Latinos. And the shooting in El Paso targeted Hispanics,
Latinos, immigrants, etc., just like. So if you put in the article that at some
point Donald Trump spoke out against white nationalism, that would be good. It’s not just accurate, you need that in the
article cuz he did say that. But if you make that the headline, it makes
it appear like Donald Trump is busy fighting racism, which is definitely misleading context. Now the reason I was in a rage back then is
because no one would agree with me. Everyone in the media and every one of the
Democratic politicians are like, well, I don’t get it. What do you mean, USA safer, Bush says. It’s totally fine. Cenk, you’re the crazy one, right? Now, because of Trump, there’s this fascinating
moment where people like, yeah, that wasn’t really the thrust of Trump’s speech, was it?>>Right.>>Wait a minute, maybe these headlines are
a little misleading. Maybe the mainstream media goes out of their
way to bend over backwards to aid and abet Republicans with their talking points by highlighting
their talking points and making it appear that that is the thrust of what they’re saying,
when in reality, it’s an exception to the rule.>>Exactly, so the 2006 clip that we showed
you, guys, featuring Cenk going ballistic, is a video that I like to use in my journalism
classes.>>Really?>>Yeah, 100%, I’ve used it in every single
one because, first of all, it’s entertaining. It’s an entertaining way to get an important
journalistic point across which is that you don’t have the luxury of providing context
in a headline. And so, when someone sees a headline, especially
now online, that is literally all they’ll see. Because most Americans don’t live in this
hyper politically informed bubble where they live, breathe, eat politics all day long,
right? So they’re busy, they gotta provide for their
families. Most Americans now have to work two jobs just
to make ends meet. So they’re gonna read the headline, maybe
if you’re lucky, they might read the first paragraph, and that’s it. That’s how they become informed on these political
issues. And so you wanna make sure you don’t regurgitate
the lies by the political elite. And that headline by the New York Times and
back in the day by USA Today, regurgitated talking points and lies by the political elite.>>For example, we know that Iraq did not
advertise to Al-Qaeda. So if the giant headline said, Bush says,
Iraq has ties to Al-Qaeda. Technically correct and a terrible awful misleading
headline. So and they did that over and over and over
again. I’m so thrilled that the battle is now joined
even establishment for years now of course the Democratic Party cuz they’re so opposed
to Trump. But even guys like Nate Silver are like, I’m
not sure I would’ve framed it that way. Okay, wow, you’re on edge dude, bring your
bag. So the New York Times responded. Now of course the Republicans are upset that
the New York Times responded. They’re like, how dare you be more accurate. Remember, you’re supposed to be politically
correct. So then they changed the headline to assailing
hate but not guns. Well, okay, marginally better but, again,
not the thrust of the speech. By the way, one of the things that Trump did
on the speech was attack the media. And in his tweets afterwards he said, it’s
the media’s fault that there was this attack. What? And what did the media do? Because they are cowed by the Republicans,
they’re like, sorry, sorry, he assailed, hey, he is against, hey, he’s against racism. No, no, do your job. And what the New York Times has been doing,
and if you notice, so back then I was in a rage over a lot of the media. Now, I specifically talk about the New York
Times a lot. And if you watch this show, you’ll have seen
me do that for a year now. Why the New York Times? They are the most cowed. So it doesn’t mean that they don’t have great
journalism, they do. From time to time, they’ll have wonderful
journalism. But they’re the most intimidated, the most
pro status quo, and pro establishment. So when an official, especially from the Republican
Party, even Donald Trump, who now the establishment doesn’t even like, doesn’t like at all, but
still The New York Times’ like, can I say anything against the Republican? Can I say the truth about a Republican? No, no, no, no, no, no, right? So the reality is stop doing the political
correctness, do your job, do objective reporting. Objective reporting would tell you, the headline
should be, after years of promoting, and you don’t have to say racism, but after years
of promoting division, I mean he has that for really benign word, Trump finally mentions
white nationalism. Okay, you’re beginning to get there. That said a headline that gives you a much
better context for what the story is. Why don’t they do it? Because they’re afraid. They’re afraid, and political correctness
is literally changing the facts for political reasons. And that is what the New York Times, the mainstream
media has done for decades in America. Cuz they’re afraid of the Republicans. So one more thing. Now, many people are calling for, hey, all
the people who write the headlines should be fired. If you go back and watch Cenk goes ballistic,
the whole video, and my editorials back then, I said fire all the editors, okay? Because it’s not the reporter on the beat
who’s doing the bad job. It’s the editors that are choosing the headlines
and what to focus on, on what to put on page A1, and what to put on page A17. And it’s those same editors that are constantly
bullied by the Republicans and do political correctness.>>Right, but I think, look, sure you can
make the argument that the editors need to go. But the editors are a problem of, in my opinion,
systemic negligence within this profession, right? And this desire for access, the desire to
be politically correct toward politicians, especially on the right, in order to get that
access, in order to get those interviews, and also so you don’t deal with, I mean, we’ve
seen how the right-wing fights and they are very persistent. They will harass you to no end. And they will rally the troops and by troops,
I mean their followers and their supporters to join in on the harassment. Look, journalism is not supposed to be like
some cushy job. It’s not a cushy job. Journalism actually sucks if you’re doing
it right.>>Because everyone hates you if you’re doing
it right. People hate you on the left, people hate you
on the right, cuz the whole point is to tell the truth. And so if you’re uncomfortable with that,
then don’t work in the profession.>>You know what, then we must be great journalists.>>I mean, look, let’s keep it real. Everyone hates us, and that’s fine, right?>>You know why? You’re supposed to be watchdogs. So here, equal opportunity cuz it’s reality. If they wrote a scathing headline about Nancy
Pelosi, do you know what kinda hate the New York Times would get?>>Done.>>They’d get more hate than this.>>100%.>>Okay, then the establishment is way more
pro Nancy Pelosi than they are Donald Trump. Then it’ll be like, how dare you? That is the beloved, knighted Nancy Pelosi
master legislator, bow your head, right? And then they do political correctness and
they need access, etc. Now, it is the Republicans who intimidate
the press way more, that’s absolute fact, calling them the liberal media for decade
after decade. Now Donald Trump actually going, I would argue
threatening their lives by calling them enemy of the people.>>Right.>>Etc, but the Democratic establishment is
brilliant and using access and pressure and intimidation to get the media to be pro establishment,
pro status quo. That is why the media have great disdain for
challengers, nonpoliticians, outsiders. They always treat them as if they’re not worthy,
but real Democratic politicians, the Republican politicians, and incumbents are wonderful
and amazing, etc. So that’s why, look, I don’t feel good about
criticizing the New York Times. I want the New York Times to be great at journalism,
and from time to time, they are. But most of the time, they’re so biased that
they can’t see their bias. Because if they could see they are bias, the
first headline, immediately, someone in the building would have said, you guys sure that’s
the right headline? That seems like that’s really helping Donald
Trump and not at all giving the context of the full story, right? But they’re like no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
you have to make sure that you give the Republicans credit, etc., etc. And they gotta snap out of it. I don’t attack the New York Times or criticized
the New York Times cuz I hate them. I do it because I want them to be better and
I believe they can be better. But they gotta go back to being watchdogs,
instead of, most of the time, being lapdogs.>>Ooh.

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  3. editors aren't simply bullied by the right, they are bought too, even those who haven't received a bribe are unwitting confederates of the right wing, groomed though social and educational hurdles concurrent with monetary rewards for performing to their masters liking. The less thoughtful are unaware of their role in the manufacture of consent while the sharper minded choose not to rock the boat, any with ethical integrity are in independent media.

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    An American main stream news rag forgot momentarily that their main purpose is to trash Republicans – especially Donald Trump! They arent supposed to simply report what Trump said. That is only reserved for Democrats. What the HELL were they thinking, just reporting what a Republican president said? The fabric of the leftist universe has been torn assunder! (assunder… asundr… asunder… I never can spell that word right)

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  8. How delusional can you be? The NYT is totally against Trump. Like everyone but Fox. It is the yellow dog journalists like you that are xploiting the divisions in this country, and inflaming hatred and the resultant violence.

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  25. “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”
    — George W. Bush

    "Please clap." — Jebediah Bush

  26. cenk how do you not get establishment thinking yet, the NYT is the establishment so theyre going to go with what the establishment would prefer theyre never going to be honest except for when its insignificant

  27. It's not a shock for me. I don't care what the headline says. It's been three years now and he still isn't called out for all the things he does to women. I'm not surprised. And havent you learned by now to not take news sources seriously? They're completely biased. Do your research something.

  28. I took an advertising class in high school.. the cons are great at the scam… “he said..”., “it was said.”..”would you’s been reported… “. when they said or reported it in an oped. Many tricks in their reporting or talking to the public… liars liars liars and cons.

  29. Very dangerous. Definitely puts gas on the fire. There are no more credible news sources. It’s accident you only see one point of view in multiple media. We use to know the reputable sources from the rags. Not anymore.

  30. Cenk, is it that the NYT are afraid, or that they profit from republican (/establishment) rule, like other news outlets and because of that doesnt want to rock the boat – because it's their boat too?

  31. If the headline had been, "Bush claims X" that's fine. Says is too stenographic; can be taken that way, easily. You should have said, "Trump Appears to Turn His Back on His Past Rhetoric by Urging Unity over Racism."

  32. Ana Kasparian said her words not mine that she teaches in her journalism class the video where Cenk goes crazy yelling the truth nearly giving yourself a heart attack I the process is OK to do in fact it should be done because that how you stand up for your political opinion when your right! Am I the only one here that see the irony and the total BS hypocrisy in her statement! I read her net wroth is about 2 million dollars by the way! Journalist like Fox news and their journalist are rich millionaires lie all the time, because journalist are right, journalist are never wrong and, Ana Kasparian is a 2 million dollar journalist (the irony) who tell the truth trying to make her as Cenk hinself often does that is OK because their always right their are after all journalist! I have alway said yell the truth is the same as tell a lie because we as human at one point often unaware we even do it turn off who ever is yelling the truth and we no longer hear their point we hear I told I am right shut the hell up because I know better and you know nothing! I know Ana Kasparian knows this is bad and wrong to do but she push this brain dead logic often and that is where I call her hypocrisy and ask that her can have it back because no one tells me to be quite when she or Cenk is yell on their show I turn them off and have yet sub to their channel their are no better Fox News and becasue their call Fox News out I understand why Trump calls TYT News fake news! Because the truth never needs to be sold or push and Cenk and Ana both push and sell news as yelling he or she yells the loudest wins it no longer is true you must let us decide what is true! Did Trump lie? I don't know it if your yelling it at me! I know a lie when I see one and I had look else where outside of TYT to find out because all I heard and see are yell-ers! And what funny as hell is TYT helps Trump because his base laughs at you I see the thumbnails on videos made about you having a melt-down and you do Jimmy Dore spitting on someone and Ana Kasparian drops the "F" bomb on someone your little Trump's in your own right! Trump is an asshole I agree but I get the right to do that however you don't get that right because your journalist your job is to report the news not push your opinion! I see Ana Kasparian have opinion show and I don't watch it because I often disagree her opinion which she haves every right to do but not on the News show I want the News and I make my opinion but I cannot because your yelling so I leave but I left my opinion using your fact not my made up story like we see on Fox News nothing I said about you cannot be seen on your videos althought some are harder to find than others and I find them do your research before telling me I am wrong I have many year on TYT and I did all this as a Frenchmen and I know the French have made many mistakes I have already been there!! And you speak of shame Ooooh my!

  33. I’ve been saying all along that the MSM, is right leaning. How much coverage did the MSM give to Trump during the last election? Every time he tweeted he got 24 hr. coverage. Then he repeated over and over, about how the MSM was liberal, making the MSM go even farther to the right, out of fear of offending him. Trump and republicans played the MSM like a fiddle, turning them into a right leaning media machine.

  34. Wait, isn't being politcally correct them changing the headline based on fake outrage? Cenk actually thinks the New York Times is biased in favor of Trump? Interesting world he lives in.

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  37. Cenk, to talked yell to much.
    It's quite simple:
    – NYT/CNN/FOX/etc is a business.
    – They has one goal –> make money.
    – Everything else is tertiary.

    NOTE: If printing the English alphabet makes them money, all headlines will be ABCDEFGHI…

  38. Investigate, read between the lines, find the real meaning behind the story before you even begin writing a story.

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