5 thoughts on “New political party will be "unifying alternative" for Singapore: Tan Cheng Bock

  1. Sir, please makesure no more family and relatives are in your party to gainany benefits so to avoid same problems like now. Only the capable and responsible and willing to serve people can be appointed to hold power not relatives and family members.

  2. "transparency-accountability independance".. 3 pillars that has took 4 65 years under lee kuan yew… opposition comes n go n pap still reign supreme.. until tcb can come up with a better alternative 2 hdb-cpf health services-trust from foreign investors-sia-psa-technological supremcy-international recognization as the world's best nation… tcb is farting in the wind…4 being send out 2 pasture…. ",, come back tcb… come back …"""

  3. His name though. It could be a very dangerous pun:
    "Tak Ce Bok"

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