47 thoughts on “New Nationalism: Far-right voices get louder in Japan

  1. at least they are not crazy christian fundamentalists who want to trigger end of the world, still ultranationalists are bunch of narrow-minded people trying to impose on others their weird definition of what makes a country

  2. If nationalism is the opposition to globalism being forced on western countries by corrupt governments than I must be a nationalist

  3. Funny thing is due to the declining population, preventing immigration will spell death to Japan as old retired citizens increase in number while not enough Japanese are born to fill the gaps (forcing them people to have children isn't an option).

  4. Don't you understand the stupidity of complaining about being fired because of disobedience against the school policy to prevent the duplication of Anti-Japan radical extremists?

  5. Good luck to them. America can stick there subservience to israel up there ass, Japan ain’t having it.

  6. You uneducated European right wingers have not studied Japan's Imperialist. You fucking idiots. You Europeans hate the EU, claim it's undemocratic and bureaucratic what a bunch of false lies.

  7. Germany & Japan were the only decent countries in the world during WW2. We fought the wrong enemy, folks.

  8. Japan should have nuclear weapons. For Gods sake, they're about the only friend we have left. Love ya Japan.

  9. Every single democratic country has had enough.
    It’s time the media stopped demonising right-wing views and embraced it as legitimate concerns and reported root causes instead of burying its head in the sand or denying there’s a problem

  10. I don't blame them. No nation is under any obligation to house other nations.

    Japan many centuries ago got sick of outsiders and closed their shores off from the world for a long time. It would be a shame to see the Japanese let happen to their country that the liberals here are doing to ours.

  11. 1:43 I would have never thought in my life you would gear about s teacher complaining about having to hear their national anthem and standing for it. Now if that don't tell you how bad of a state the world is in, I dont know what does.

  12. You know what it is the government don't care about the people.the government don't worry if the people eat at night .it like Americans people who try to live good bot the government don't allow it.this problem is everywhere

  13. They realized that globalism is killing their country . There is nothing far right on this .
    Good for them

  14. 日本人としてこの報道に抗議します。余りにも短絡的で浅はかな報道です。

  15. Most Japanese aren’t on these rallies. Most Japanese like foreigners. So these protests are for the minority.

  16. Yakuzas are not nationalists. They are “fake” nationalists. Most yakuzas are Zainichi Koreans.

  17. Young Japanese are not going to take care of Japan’s aging population. That’s y they need foreigners to do it

  18. I wish we were like Japan, Japanese are proud of their nation, and wish to preserve their homogeneity, and don't give a damn what the UN or the rest of the world thinks about it!

  19. The far right = Working class and middle class people who are sick and tired of being spit on by the liberal-left globalists.

    If you do not want your women and children raped and you do not want the citizens of your country murdered, you are a racist and a xenophobe.

    Japan sees what is occurring in Europe and in the United States and she wants no part of it! Good for Japan!

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