NEW Happy Planner Social Media Inserts + How Im Using Them | At Home With Quita

NEW Happy Planner Social Media Inserts + How Im Using Them | At Home With Quita

hey what's up guys it's marquita coming back to you with another video if you're new to my channel hopefully you'll stick around you'll consider subscribing and giving me a thumbs up if you like this video because today we're gonna be going through the new social media inserts from the happy planner if you weren't aware they have these cute and do social media and starts very functional I just picked them up from Michaels so they are a part of my haul and so I've decided to show them to you on this video in depth so let's go ahead and open this baby up and flip through it and I'll show you all the goodness that's contained here it's not much – it's just let me open it up and show you guys it's gonna be a super quick video alright back shows you how they look and I just decided to do a separate video on this because I am going to be doing a video soon on how I plan on using these inserts so I kind of want you to be able to see them by themselves so that way when I do that video I can post a link to the video to come and they'll be kind of together if that makes sense and you can see how they look then you can see how you can use them so again very simple at the top there it says get social week of and then it says account top number of likes top number of comments number of new followers the days of the week's Monday through Sunday and then this is the same it's just in a different color and a blue color and it says the same thing so it's for your different accounts on social media so that is enough space right there for four different accounts and then here is the back so on the back there's a place for those four accounts I'm assuming yeah because it's color-coded so this green is hardly gonna go with that and the blue and so on and so forth so it says the account and then it says read and reply to comments read and reply to direct messages create post content check all links check all spelling scheduled posts and then you have several additional lines there to add additional things that you'll need to do depending on that account so that's it y'all told us gonna be a super quick video oh wait that's not it wait there's more oh okay so it's not that quick but it's okay though cuz I want to make sure we're showing everything to you okay so that says plan of attack and then there's a place on the right hand side for the date and then you've got some sections here and I love that it's neutral y'all you guys know how I feel about neutral I love that it's neutral so we've got some stars here and then some gotten great over there so that way you can come up with your plan of attack and then when we flip it over on the back it says inspiration I love that you could put photos here if you have because what I do right now on Instagram is I have a little you know you can flag things off flag things and I created several folders within Instagram for my inspiration so that way if I need to post something and I'm just lacking a little bit of info I can look at those photos to see you like what I can do to make my Instagram look better and so that says content ideas inspiration and that says hash tagging keywords that's very important theme ideas so that's awesome so I am working on doing a speaking gig coming up soon in September and I'm gonna be speaking on social media and so I will probably be showing these at that conference and how I use these in my planner so if you're attending that conference the planning a better me conference you'll see me there and you'll get to see how I'm using these as well I don't do a video beforehand I may do one beforehand because I'm gonna go ahead and put this in my planner now so as you guys know I do use the Erin Condren planner as my business's social media planner this is not the Erin Condren planner but I do have a section within this planner that says business as you can see a business and I'm gonna pop some of these inserts in here because I think they'll be very beneficial for planning out in this planner as well because I do still use this as you can see I have all of the videos that I have films so I have to add this video to that list and then I have planned out my whole entire month full of videos so I like to have it here although it's my own car as well this is the vintage botanicals planner which is the monthly planner and I love it because it just has checklists and daily tasks so it's not a full-on weekly planner so I love this for business to just jot down ideas because a lot of times this is with me morale so then the Erin Condren planner sits on my desk down here and so when I have this and I have an idea then I can quickly turn to the business section and I can write down the ideas that I have so I'm going to go ahead and pop a couple of these in my planner so that way I'll have them here and I'll be ready to go when I get ready to use them but I think they're super cool and functional to just track your social media posts especially if you're trying to grow on social media I think these will be very beneficial and especially if you're gearing up for 2020 2021 happy planner squad and so you're trying to get your Instagram in order these will be ready are very helpful for you in that process as well so that's where I keep them in my planner and that is it for this video guys I just wanted to quickly show you these social media planner inserts I think they're super cute and functional and great to add to your planner lineup so hopefully you enjoyed this video you got a little inspiration out of it those inserts are available at Michael's I did get them paid for them with my own money they were 30% off right now and then I had a 20% off coupon which I stacked on top of that and so I picked up a lot of things from this Michaels release I didn't think I would but there was tons of cute things that I just had to so stay tuned for more videos on my channel showing you some of the stuff I picked up and thank you guys so much for stopping by my channel today hopefully you'll come back by to catch another video in which case I'll see you then [Applause] you

5 thoughts on “NEW Happy Planner Social Media Inserts + How Im Using Them | At Home With Quita

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to see how you use these pages! Right now, I’m trying to organize my thoughts and make notes and get my social media life together!!

  2. Thank for sharing, I cant wait to receive my planner tab that i order from you…… Want to setup my new planner setup with them …Love your planner setup video..

  3. @homewithquita YESSSSS, doll I am a new subscriber. I just got my Michael's order in the mail myself. I adore this new release. I bought so much of it, I had to break up my in store haul & my online haul into separate videos! A lot of the things were sold out online, so I just HAD TO do the brick & mortor thing. hehehe I am loving your channel.We seem to have very similar styles!!! Love the positivity…. it is just so evident that you are all about spreading the good vibes; as it were! Tfs & have a beautiful day Marquita! 🙋🏼‍♀️ -Kelly

  4. Thanks for the sneak peak! Congratulations on your speaking engagement. I hope that everyone in attendance gets a taste of your amazing insight.

  5. Can't wait to see these used! The days boxes look small so I'm especially interested to see how they work out. LOVE the back of the first page. Thanks for sharing these!

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