New Conservative GREEK Government DEFENDS BORDERS and the CHURCH!!!

New Conservative GREEK Government DEFENDS BORDERS and the CHURCH!!!

alright there everyone the new conservative Greek government has gone full-blown naturalist that's what we talking about on today's video you know one of the frustrations of European politics of late has been the stubborn resilience of Greece to embrace the new right the nationalist populist right as so many other nations have been doing throughout Europe so when we're looking at Britain in the brexit or the rise of the Nationals right in Scandinavia or Lipan and France salvini in Italy or Bonn and hungry the rise of the Vox party in Spain the Nationalists run in Poland and George and Estonia Moldova and Armenia and of course Russia one of the nations that's remained an absolute frustration has been Greece with their embracing of the far left the radical left sit as a party over the last few years well of course all of that ended a few weeks back when Greece held snap elections throughout their nation and this is on the heels of the humiliating defeat of the ruling sit as a party in the European elections at the end of May and so it was very clear that Greek voters wanted them out and so they held snap elections the results were hardly a surprise Greeks overwhelmingly turn to the conservative opposition party called New Democracy led by Kyriakos Mitsui takis and in so doing defeated the left-wing sit as a party led by Alexis tsipras now new democracy got 40% of the vote serozha got barely 30 percent which represents a pretty sound tufi a landslide in parliamentary terms and while Golden Dawn which is one of the Nash's populist right parties didn't even make the threshold of the 3% of the vote many analysts have argued as we have as well that that was because so much of the nationalist populism that was animating Golden Dawn switched over to new democracy there have been and I I really I can't even count how many articles have been written since the election that warned I mean they're literally warning of the amount of so-called far-right of radical right influence that swarmed in to new democracy and it appears now that we're beginning to see the fruit of this national Spago's influence in their political policies and the new Greek government has recently announced its intentions to re-secure its borders in response to an uptick in the number of refugees crossing over from Turkey they're making plans to boost border forces reinforce Coast Guard patrols with upgraded equipment and speed up the asylum process so as to restart deportations particularly to neighboring Turkey again this is in response to this uptick in migration from Turkey which is thus far exceeded 12,000 refugees since the start of the year and the government said that it was committed now to deporting those who don't belong in Greece as quickly as possible now in addition to the resurgence of border security the new conservative Greek government has turned to cultural security by restoring relations with the Greek Orthodox Church citizen was a radically secularized political party that actually passed a measure in the Greek parliament barely by the way but it did pass to sever ties with the Greek Orthodox Church and if I recall their prime minister tsipras who was a self professed atheist was like the very first Prime Minister to refuse to be sworn in through an oath taken in the presence of the archbishop he was sworn in simply through a civil oath and thus began four years of hostility with the Orthodox Church that's been so central to the Greek national identity but literally the very first act of the new prime minister Kyriakos matsutakes was the restoration of that cultural identity was indeed sworn into office by the Archbishop of Greece and he assured the archbishop that his government would nullify any efforts to sever ties with the church and remove priests from the category of civil servants which is what sitter's was trying to do let on interestingly enough by the cheerleading leftist disguised as journalists in the globalist media I couldn't believe how many articles I was reading they were so excited that citizen ounce they were beginning the process of expelling the Orthodox Church from the public square in order to do it established cultural Marxist notion of religiously neutral state which is of course an oxymoron in a religiously neutral state the state becomes the new religions religious freedom we always have to remember is historically rooted in religion all right particularly the Christian religion and the irony is that religious is with religious freedom is that in order to protect in order for us to be free we always have to protect the cultures customs and traditions that are necessary for that freedom well the new Greek government recognizes us and has announced its unwavering commitment to restore the culture of Greek orthodoxy for the flourishing of the Greek nation now we talked about this in our last video when new democracy first won the election what's happening in Greece is very similar to what we're seeing happening in Scandinavia and Hungary Austria where the nationalist populist right parties are being replaced by what we might call nationalist populist light parties okay so the nationalist pocket is right is being replaced by the Nationals populist light in many parts of Europe and now especially here in Greece what we've seen happen in other nations throughout Europe is that the bigger better financed center-right parties has started to exploit the newer nationalist rights political positions and adopted much of the nationalist rights populist policies and platforms as their own and that's precisely what new democracy has been doing under the leadership of motoki's he's been absorbing concerns over immigration and border security and cultural identity that's been so central to golden Dawn's political platform and making it a central part of this more mainstream right so again for example it's talkies has been widely recognized for turning new democracy into what many are calling a hybrid of nationalism and extreme free-market neoliberalism it's very similar to what Sebastien Kurtz was doing for Austria it's a talkies deputy prayer Minh is a transfer from the or other nationalist right party that has so-called right party known as Laos and in fact a number of other defector from Lu vectors from Laos have joined new democracies since mid citta keys took over so there have been a number of reports of late that recognize that the Nationalists popular Potter's right has in fact taken over Greece and this is largely because of the strategy by mainstream centrist parties that becoming the new location for nationalist populist figures that's why Politico is calling MIT's a talkies the trojan Trump he's talking centrism while his party's moving farther and farther to the right the trojan Trump and it's proving to be a very very powerful and successful political strategy so of course we'll be keeping our eyes on how things develop in Greece but for now we can see two of the major platforms of the new Nasser's right being enacted border security and cultural security which promises a very very hopeful future for Greece in the years ahead as always please like comment and subscribe make sure to check out our merch that celebrates all things nationalist populist and traditionalist the links below that you're just going to love and if you would please click on either our patrons subscribe star or PayPal links below and consider becoming a monthly supporter of this channel and help us to continue to analyze current events and light a super-awesome conservative trends so you can live in the present in light of even better things to come god bless

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  2. I am a 70 yr old Brit, woman was never political ,had a family worked hard all my life never asked the government for anything. Then Nigel Farage came along and I started listening to what our spineless corrupt politicians were doing to our democracy. Now I am a proud Brexiteers , and in my heart always have been. I love that Britain and America and President Trump have led the way and given the finger to globalists, well done Italy, Greece and all who are taking their country’s back. and to hell with the E.U.

  3. I'm confused. Golden Dawn was the greatest thing going in Greece — has it sold out or something? We certainly don't need anything 'lite' there or anywhere else.

  4. The socialists in the west are facilitates of Islamization by binding the hands of the Christians by socialism.

  5. In the EU, all countries should Terminate the positions of ALL Globalists to fully restructure the EU with New Legislation and Laws to reverse migrate all these SOROS induced cultural poison, imo! Good on Greece but rebel against these EU Globalists!

  6. Congratulations Greece!!!! I hope that Canada will be next…I am so sick of the complete pos that we have foe Prime Minister (Justin Trudope)

  7. From a PROUD Nationalist (yes, I'm white and I live in a Nation that was built by whites) I say hello to my fellow brother and sister nationalists in Ireland, France, Germany, Britain, Belgium, USA, AZ, AU, etc. We've sat on our asses for WAY TO LONG! Time to rock the boat and fight for we have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain for our "leaders" have "opened the gates of the city" and are letting in our demise. They are helped by their people in media, academia, entertainment, police and military brass, etc. who are against OUR Identities.

  8. I am so glad for Greece. I would like to get your take on how the EU bosses will react to this. I hope this movement keeps going to the extent that EU collapses and its out of their hands.

  9. Here in Canada, We have Rogers and Bell censoring true conservatives and trying to silence the rise of nationalism.. Sadly they may win as they control Canada coast to coast.

  10. I still can't believe all these countries have taken in millions of military aged muslim men. They that cannot speak the language of their host country, have cultural ideologies that is diametrically opposed to that of their host nation and have no desire to assimilate. They have a word for that, overrun, surrender and defeated.

  11. Greece and Europe needs to rethink their relationship with Turkey, Turkey aggressively push and Threaten for immigration from their country to Europe. Going as far as saying Europe will an extention of Turkey and part of the new Islamic state empire.

  12. well done Greece,welcome to the revolution,you suffered enough at the hands of the EUSSR. Dublin Ireland rooting for you. this ones for you

  13. Western countries need to all vote against these anti-Christian, anti-free speech, pro Marxist, pro Identity politics Leftist loonies.

    Hello to all our Greek brothers and sisters. 🇬🇷

  14. Just got back from holiday in Greece. It was unnerving to see a shipload of migrants get dumped off a few blocks from where we stayed. Also, the Greeks have a beautiful reference for their Orthodox church. We Catholics could take a cue or two from them.

  15. i don't have two cents for religion. but you encouraging the world to use religion as a fundamental program for peace i think is gifted. i thing it is the fundamental beginning of universal involvement. that is our only hope as a together people. the best of each of us

  16. Thanks Steve, good news for the Greeks. Greatly enjoy the detailed explanations. Some of the best on the internet I think, brief and clear.

  17. polish gov is not right wing. its rather national communism like it was in soviet block. we were in block but with some kind of independence. now its same

  18. I am impressed, glad to see they've come to there senses,it was sad to see the country that spawned such greats as Homer,Alexander the great and Leonidas slowly lose all its awesome culture. That's really good news Greece.. WWG1WGA. cA

  19. Are you following the federal election cycle in Canada? Maxime Bernier from the People's Party of Canada unveiled his immigration plan on Wednesday for a People's Party government. The full speech is on the official website –

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