37 thoughts on “Nepal Cracks Down On NGO Workers Exploiting Children

  1. Fifty years ago UNICEF was known to me at least to be a nest of pedophiles . Damn shame that these vipers hide among orgs. that try to help where there is suffering.


  3. There are scientific, medical research reports and short documentary films on the brains of paedophile's being wired differently.
    Researchers in Scotland have been attempting to create a reconditioning programme for paedophiles for several years.
    As with personality disordered abusers, dialectical behavioural therapy ("D.B.T.") can help paedophiles if experienced on a very regular basis over years.

  4. If they see him as a father they won't turn against him even if he raped them nightly. We know awfully abused children will stick with a parental figure no matter what.
    I don't like him. Something is off.

  5. there was this case where a american adopts a teenage girls takes her to US and forced her into pornography.

  6. ๐Ÿ˜’Nasty ass,perverted,disgusting Edomites trying to put their 'views' on the Global Plato….BACK DEMONS!?! BACK TO HELL WHERE YOU COME FROM!?!…

  7. This is not new, it happened in all over Asia, especially in Thailand because Thailand is dirt poor and the country is very corrupt.ย  The pedophile can buy their way out in Thailand.ย  Thailand government is not doing anything about it because the whole country is corrupted.ย  Sad for the boys and the boys families.

  8. How sickening !! This Daglish guy abusing young children in Nepal and all over the world ! An actual sexual predator, a pedophile! using the developing and third world countries as his hunting ground ! Wow, that angers me! He should have been killed on the spot!

  9. These high profile "philanthropists " like the Clintons take advantage and use and kill kids in their sick rituals. Pizza gate reminder. Clintons go to the pedophilenisland in Haitib every year,and theyve murdered people that spoke out on that shit people that had buisness with Clintons that had to do with a "non profit".

  10. An obvious red flag. Had no children of his own, was a foreigner, was white middle-aged or old ( they love kids of color in foreign lands)

  11. But do anyone thought that he might be was falsely blamed. The court should judge him. As was said there is no evidences. Police just told that something exist but didnโ€™t provide it. So there is a chance that in such poor corrupted country someone decided to jail him for some reason and might be not linked with paedophilia

  12. I'm living in Philippines, some places have white men lurking around. They give gifts and that's very bad sign
    I'm married to Filip man here, we talked about canaduh trash, and bad attitude of men from canaduh

  13. Oh Brother get the fk out of here ''It is Shocking that the Precarious Situation of these Children may I have been Used for Their Sexual Exploitation" Thats Exactly always what happens all these organisations are just Fronts and even these Cops are just puting on a show They fucking KNOW exactly what is happening…Usually the Law enforcement are involved as well…Like in Turkey-Philippines-Romania ect its often the Police who facilitates for these Pervs to get kids because its really a lot of $$$ Cash and if not even the Parents are selling their own young children to Pedophiles in all these poor countries!!! Its one of the Biggest Cover Ups of our Existence…fk everywhere you look behind the curtain looks like its all about Fucking Young Boys in The Ass also Girls But Mostly Boys…The Vatican…The Government…. The UN…fucking World Wide…its a sad Reality that We are Born into a World of such Filth Millions of us have been Abused in many Cases often the Victims were so young they barely remember…and even their own family hides the Truth from them…for fk sakes even Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa turned out to be Pedophiles and Sick Evil Agents Brainwashing the Masses…shows really how stupid and ignorant we are of our own world and existence on this Rock!!!

  14. what a scum bag…he groomed them 2 boys very good kinda same like Micheal Jackson did…fucking walking around always with 8 years old boys specifically White boys aged of 8 right in our Faces!!! Society is just Trash People are worthless…and for all you comment warriors out there just always commenting the same shit like " Pedophiles should be killed " or Blablabla How sad…shut the fuck up you aint doing fuck all back to jerking around with your Iphones!!!

  15. This is a global issue, and countries should take this seriously, this disgusting behavior has to end!๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

  16. Africa is a continent Afghanistan is a country in Asia. Why not just say Africa and Asia. Educated foolishness.

  17. Sad to know. An NGO could do that? He should be locked for life. He is no difference from catholic priest abusing young boys. This is difficult to watch knowing he spent helping poor community, and at the same time doing evil ways?๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

  18. He's there to help children, but yet, he's living in a house that's worth more than the whole village….unbelievable.

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