27 thoughts on “NCERT Class 10 History Chapter 1: Rise of Nationalism in Europe | English | CBSE

  1. hello Ma'am ! I like your videos very much but can you please tell me some important questions that can come in exam of CBSE class 10 2019 -20 or tell that what is not important in this chapter 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Mam plz hindi se bhi explain kr diya kijiye hm me se kuchh jyada english nhi smajh pate
    So,I want you convert this chapter in hindi also.

  3. I am from Tamil Nadu .I am also reading ncert portions for my board exam.Few weeks ago I was searching many videos for history.But I am not satisfied with any of them because all of them were in Hindi which I cannot understand. I was expecting some one who will teach whole portion only in English. Now u full filled me!
    Thank you so much mam🙏🙏😍

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