Nazis & Nationalists: The Rise of Greece’s Far-Right – I Ελληνικοι Υποτιτλοι I

Nazis & Nationalists: The Rise of Greece’s Far-Right – I Ελληνικοι Υποτιτλοι I

37 thoughts on “Nazis & Nationalists: The Rise of Greece’s Far-Right – I Ελληνικοι Υποτιτλοι I

  1. left in Greece is part of the problem thats why syrizas government failed tremendously. the failure of leftish ideas and being in the problem with no willing to solve real problems from real people gave rise to nationalistic golden dawn. golden dawn is more leftish than the greek left. 🙂

  2. It is the LEFTISTS that are VIOLENT.They are NOT Patriotic,they want to give away Greece to MUSLIMS and COMMUNISTS.Golden Dawn is the only force that will save Greece from this NASTY EVIL JEWS,Globalists and Communists.Leftists are so STUPID AND NAIVE ,they are the first ones the Muslims will murder,along with the HOMOS and Christians.

  3. Nationalism is to love your country your land your people.. It's not about to hating the others…hating other nations is racism and its a total different story… Of course a nationalist can be a racist but this don't mean that nationalists are racist.. like a Christian can be a murder.. Does that means that Christians are murders?.. Of course no..

  4. The #1 rule of 2019 YouTube: If your video contains the words 'far-right', it will have a like/dislike ratio of at least 50% and most of the comments will be offended far right idiots who can't watch a fucking video before commenting.

  5. The left is fighting for issues that…. aren't issues or our issues. Fuck the left cancer. Greece should indeed be far-right, when scum like this still walking and rebelling in our Hellenic National streets.

  6. Fuck off rats and shut the fuck up. These news are actually Great! We get to realize that the Hellenic defense is still alive. The Greek "Steiner" WONT FAIL. Ax and fire to whoever will stand against Hellas of tomorrow. National-Socialism is the next stop! We won't be silenced as you want us to be! Expect us! We will FUCK you all.

  7. Papadopoulos fought italians-germans- and communists ( after the germans when they tried to take over the country from inside). He made greece rich and safe.

  8. It's funny
    Im mixed
    I have Greek, Asian and a small American blood
    And i support the conservatives
    And now
    The far rights

    We are infested with 99% of young male so called refugees
    Where are the kids and women and the elderly?

  9. Θα πλενετε το στομα σας οταν μιλατε για τον Παπαδοπουλο καθικια

  10. Αφού χτυπάνε και Έλληνες ωραίοι μαλακες είναι

  11. This would never happen in America, this is why we have democracy and the constitution and the 2nd amendment. We'd kill these fuckers.

  12. Syriza (radical left) has connection to similar groups like antifa and anarchists. They are as violent as golden dawn members

  13. 🇬🇧 It seems a lot of Europe has nationalist parties rising up. Good! Sick of left wing parties and the EU not listening to the people. None of this is ever in the press or on TV, because the politicians don't want others to get the same idea!

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