39 thoughts on “Nationalists Advance In Brazil & Germany

  1. He won because the majority of the people finally ignored the midia’s political agenda, and refused to continue into the dark path of socialism. We went deep enough into this pth, and now we value capitalism, strong economy, and dry states, with minimum influence in the private sector. We want more jobs created by the private sector, inflexible justice for criminals, and less people depending on public money. Now, I wonder how deep are Europeans willing to go into this muddy path.

  2. I love how they not only take away credit from Trump but they try to paint nationalism in a bad light. What a mess of contradiction that they don't even realize. Don't they want to make Trump look bad and blame him for things that are bad? They just can't give him credit for anything good but they can't say this movement is good either. Nationalism isnt far right. Its a subjective term that can be applies across the poltical spectrum. Stalin,Hitler,Roosevelt were nationalists but all were leftists. The issue is communism/socialism/fascism vs true liberalism aka classical liberalism. Nobody is buying this lie anymore RT. Better switch to reporting the news before you become a leftist npc echochamber.

  3. the rusian tv media russia today RT is scare of people waking up against communist movent around the globe

  4. Quanta bobagem e total desconhecimento o que aconteceu e acontece no BRASIL, uma mídia esquerdista que somente desinforma e é dirigida aos militantes comunistas e nada mais.What nonsense
    and total ignorance happened and happens in BRAZIL, a leftist media that
    only misinforms and is directed to the communist militants and nothing

  5. Germans in Germany makes sense for nationalism. Europeans in Brazil with hate politics on non-Europeans a nationalism ? Doesn’t make sense.

  6. All….be careful with RT media. It is a Russian media organization. Remember what RT stands for. It is funded by the Russian government, meaning they will have their spin on it. Remember when Putin took back over the media when he was reelected? "Buyer beware".

  7. People are fed up of women being raped and murdered by Muslims migrants let into Europe by the far far left .

  8. You know why he won he won for the same reason trump won people are tired of the bullshit going on in there country and need some who’s going to put there country first

  9. Saying he's hostile to blacks, gays and women is a LIE created by the very left we're ousting from our fatherland now. A LIE!

  10. Merkel is a murder…
    Many rape cases and violent crimes in Germany due to the fact that she plays blind eyes with the Muslim immigration that she's allow in. She is a bitch.

  11. We Brazilian don't like Muslim and they are not welcome, our president support Israel coz Muslim don't respect the coutries that they move in, they don't have chance in Brazil. Go with your drama and victimisation to UK where they buy this shit!

  12. The root cause is easy. Survival necessity. If we don't kick the parasites out we will be replaced and genocided.

  13. I have no idea why anybody should even consider to compare the political situation of Germany to that in Brazil right now, the difference is huge. That's really far away from any facts. But however, when I read through the comments which are mostly likely to 50% written by troll-bots anyway, I stop wondering why people are believing such nonsense. Go learn about the things you are talking about, before you are talking.

  14. Viva o Brasil!!!!! enough shit from the globalists and this socialist scum, its about time of waking up against this movement. The migration point was bullshit btw, it wasn't the main reason jair was elected, but I guess people don't want islam in brazil, we can learn from europe and the no go zones. Multiculturalism destroy nations. it is just sad that the european media seems to ignore completely that allowing their countries to be destroyed
    slowly, luckily, the change is coming

  15. Russian Government funded "RT" is pointing their crooked finger at the WEST? What nation has a more nationalist agenda then RUSSIA? FO!

  16. “Consistently hostile against blacks, women, gays and indigenous?” What’s wrong with y’all? His campaign was NOT based in those things at all! Is that the only thing that you have to say about
    Bolsonaro? You mention things that he said freaking 15 years ago! He already apologized for it! And by the way, his best friend is a black guy named Hélio, which used Bolsonaro’s last name in his campaign, and won as the most voted congressman in Rio! How is he racist? The most voted congresswomen in the country was Bolsonaro’s partner during his campaign! And Bolsonaro also lead a manifestation in the 90’s asking for equal wages for men and women! How is he sexist?

  17. As a Brazilian, it is ashaming to hear you lie about our future president. Please do your research before speaking.

  18. Notice how everyone in the media industry doesn't hesitate to say "Far-Right" but NEVER says "Far-Left"

  19. This is BULLSHIT, Bolsonaro's speech is not in ANY WAY hostile towards any minorities, thats what comunists do, make up labels for people and repeat them to death, this is BULLSHIT!!

  20. Socialism, globalism, communism, bullshitlism correctness n so… all of these crap will soon be over…
    People are tired of such dumb, criminal stuff…
    Regards from Brazil
    Here we go…

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