Nationalism vs. patriotism vs. globalism

Nationalism vs. patriotism vs. globalism

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  1. Thank's ThinkProgress excellent description of what we are facing even if Trump is gone. We need more of these kind of articles to wake the masses up to the fact that the collective Republican Psyche has been changed and it will take generations to deal with the fallout. Edit: I'll be sharing this video as much as possible. Thanks for the great work!

  2. Nationalist 1. a person who advocates political independence for a country.
    If you have a problem with the meaning of the word “Nationalist” take it up with the people that wrote the dictionary.

  3. Wrong. He's exactly right. Nationalism simply is any being that puts his nation's interest first. This is what the Constitution was founded on. Obama wanted to kill this foundation and replace it with "the world first". Any nation that put other nation's interest above their own, no longer exists. You can't help the world if you don't take care of your own nation first.

    Liberals don't think logically about what nationalism vs patriotism is because they don't understand it. They put "PC" before it. Any person that belongs to a nation, is a nationalist by law or birthright.

    Patriot does not mean "being a individual whom watches the government, keeps it in check". Patriot means to belong to a just cause or system of thought. Hence "American Patriot". Also, you are a white nationalist. You belong to a nation and you are white. Which has absolutely nothing to do with racism or white supremacists.

    "Nationalism means that whatever my nations decides is the right thing to do". This is nonsense. The Constitution is what guides an American nationalist, our system of government and laws. The same people that believe otherwise are the same people that believe we live in a rape culture. No where is it written in law that rape is legal.

    Fascists are those that are the opposite of American or Constitutional nationalist.. i.e. Globalists as its termed. "Everyone else first, than us belief". Except no good is ever done by Globalists that benefit anyone long term unless they are getting power for it.

    "we associate nationalism with the erosion of democracy". You mean "your" democracy. The party of the left today is the same party that historically voted against freeing slaves, allowing them to vote and the creation of the KKK.
    If you don't stand for our Constitution our "national" Constitution, than how can you possibly know what true democracy is??

    "nationalism erodes democratic norms and that detestable democracy" . This says absolutely nothing. You defined nothing in this statement. Let me help you.. " Upholding Constitution and putting this nation first, creating wealth, jobs for all in record numbers, stronger military, ending corruption, securing the borders is "destabilizing us as a nation" ". Really?

    Did you ever stop to think that your views here are very vague, of non-substance in any way to solving problems of society? Nor are they the talking points of any discussion of the above mentioned. We don't live in a Democracy, we live in a Constitutionally based Republic. The discussion of what America is and what our nation is founded on ended over 200 years ago. The non-nationalist are the only individuals trying to re-define America. America is her people and that is protected and defended by our "Nationalistic norm", as well as our law.

  4. Trump is exactly what he says he is, he's hasn't mistakenly used the wrong word for 'patriot'. His followers are just as steeped in this bigoted ideological position.

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