34 thoughts on “NATIONALISM reDEFINED

  1. Wow, nationalist propaganda not even subtly veiled. Perhaps if countries were blended there would be no need to fight over preserving identities. All would be united with one common identity instead.

  2. The provinces of Balochistan and Pashtunistan in Pakistan loves India and have their own armed separatist movements.

  3. Best video ever 👍it should be a shown in every school though out the world and to every citizen of this earth …make this video viral


  5. Sweden to become 3rd world country by 2030… what utter crap. Places have changed through history, the names of states, the culture of their people, the languages spoken, the way buildings are designed, it's progress, it's life. We should be focussing on making a better future that is better for more people, not hanging on to 'what was' in the past…… You are aware that America has not always been predominantly white, English speaking and full of guns right?

  6. Why do is it always have to be a race thing, though? For me, it's all about the culture. I mean, you say that it's bad if all of the nations got jumbled up at Disney World, but the truth is, the English were descended from a combination of Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Celts, Franks, and various Norman/Scandinavian people. I have nothing against this. In fact, it seems to have made England all the more stronger for it. Same thing with America. We are a combination of several different kinds of people and I see no problem with that. The only thing that I want to point out is that people can mix and new cultures can come about and that's not a bad thing. Ultimately, though, I do think a nation has a right to decide what culture it does and does not want to embrace. I see no problem with people of other races, though. I just think that we should be able to say no from time to time, if there are things that we reject as a country about certain cultures.

  7. Watch "Eisenhower recalls sacrifices of D-Day, 20 years later" on YouTube
    Never forget the huge sacrifice, that was made to keep us free! 💒🗽🎠🇬🇧🇺🇸

  8. India is highly Nationalistic. so much so that its kinda genetic… Even 3rd generation American Indians get offended if u talk shit about India… some highly patriotic people there…

  9. Nationalism ≠ racism
    I can perfectly prioritize my own culture without discriminating or considering it superior to others

  10. Patriotism is loyalty to your country, nationalism is the belief that your country is better, so if you believe that your country should take over my Nishan, and that urination isn't the only civilizing force in the world then that's racial nationalism, however if you simply believe that you have historical claims to mile and then your regular nationalist, however if you're proud of your country but believe that other nations should exist means that you are a patriot, patriotism is not nationalism or globalism, it's the belief of diversity without eradicating other countries like nationalism Sikhs

  11. You gotta take a step back though and look at the time scale of existence beyond the past few hundred years
    You are the same organism on the level of organisms of all of the other countries in the world
    At some point in our timeline, "nationalism" is going to look as silly as little clubs that we used to have in school
    Growing as a species will only mean pooling our resources globally to propagate our vitality and save the planet
    I voted for trump and I hate the idea of "refugees". But still this selfish idea of 'well you can't be near us because we're from here and you're from there' will not help us in the longest scale

  12. If you had to take in immigrants, take Filipinos, we'd gladly love your country, learn your language and culture, name our kids using your common names and work for you with a smile. We might even join your armed forces and swear unwavering loyalty to you. Our only demand is that we can go home every Christmas and New Year. We'd marry fellow Filipinos abroad and live among you peacefully. We won't demand Catholic churches and/or Filipino restaurants be constructed for us. We love foreign food more than ours but we kinda miss ours every now and then but we can cook it ourselves. Bottom line not a lot of special treatment needed for Filipinos.

  13. Look what happen to Hawaii we became almost extinct because multiculturalism. Proud to be Hawaiian nationalist.

  14. I believe that Nationalisn's time is now over… "It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world. The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens." ~ Baha'u'llah

  15. If you play EU4 than you know the importance of converting provinces to your religion and culture. Same applies here

  16. 32m lives in Saudi Arabia 10M of them r not even Saudis or maybe less but still thinking about that is fucked up

  17. Well done sir!
    I have never fitted in and never understood why. After researching the left it made me hate them and pull back. After researching the right i understood why i did not fit in. Now, after studying Hitler i thort i was going a bit looney. After this video i think i might be a Nationalist. Thanks for that my freand!

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