Nationalism Is About Love; Not Hate.

Nationalism Is About Love; Not Hate.

greetings true friends today I want to elaborate on a topic of utmost importance and that is nationalism nationalism is about loving your own and putting it on first and what I mean by your own is the nation is an extended version of your tribe your tribe it's an extent version of your family so ask yourself this do you love your family most of you will probably answer yes and that is good that is absolutely natural and the way it should be this also means that you put your family first that doesn't mean hate anyone else it doesn't mean you hate some children somewhere else no it simply means that you put your own children first you love your mother it doesn't mean that you hate some other random woman somewhere you put them first because they belong to you they're yours did your family just as you put your own nation and your own kinsmen first because he shares something deeper than what is available in the modernist consumer society and that is something that needs to be celebrated so if I am a Swedish naturalist it means that I put the Swedish people before all other peoples and that is absolutely natural I put my own family justice when I have children I put my own children before other children and this does not mean that I hate anyone and this is something we need to stress and emphasize time and again because a lot of people will always misinterpret this as oh you know your our Swedish nationalists or you are nationalists for this nation and you think it is based upon these necessarily think that Swedes are so much better than anyone and you hate other people no I don't really care that much about other people yeah if we can help them find but it must not be on it at the expense of our own people or own family just as if you have a house you wouldn't kick out one of your own children to accommodate for a complete stranger that makes total sense so I would argue the case that you're mentally insane if you're not a nationalist so if you don't have any sort of loyalty to your own then you're probably not a very good person to begin with so naturally some piece of old lava for your own so I hope that dispelled the common misconception that nationalism is about hatred for others no it's absolutely not just as I love myself doesn't mean I hate anyone else I want to focus on myself make myself better doesn't mean I tried to hinder anyone else from becoming better it simply means I focus on myself and I stand up for myself Who am I the glorious champion xxo you

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  1. Hi man,i am from Brazil, and congratulations for the very explanatory video, and a great contribution to your nation, will make many dispertem, unfortunately I see how this situation there, Brazil is not very different from Sweden, here passed scraping from being governed by Marxists, who previously ruled for decades and almost failed the country, here in Brazil have youtubers that make people wonder, and a great primary contribution was the teacher and philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, who helped to go against this globalist agenda. (Sorry my english =/)

  2. Its always about love to start. Then you learn that your neighbor says he's white but is 75% chinese. Then the old greek couple next door accuse you of being filthy and then you have a street brawl.

  3. While there's nothing wrong with wanting your people to improve, how does it work for a country that was made of immigrants, such as the United States of America, that is made up of immigrants? Should we only care about a certain people group, or work towards the betterment of every citizen of the country?

  4. Nationalism is completely independant from hatred, you can be a murderer multi racialist and you can be a murderer nationalist, Nationalism encompasses all political, socio-economical, and economies, it is not a mandate of a specific soceity, it is simply a framework in which you are in, that you are connected to your nation, to your ancestors, to your tribe and nation, any murderer should be executed regardless of any intent, if all nationalists were those of good hearts, kind souls and such then we could progress but we can't progress if all the evil of society filters into our beliefs and then with their unwitting assistance with the help of the anti-nationalists they define nationalism as evil and immoral, take heed of so called nationalists speaking of any evils, most likely (((shills))).

  5. @The Glorious One
    We each as individuals, families, ethnicities and nations have more in common with each other than we do differentiating us… How do you not get it?
    You call yourself glorious???
    I am clearly more glorious than you because I am willing to defend EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in my ENTIRE EXISTENCE. All that I experience makes up my reality and who I am. I love solely myself, so in turn I don't love one QUANTA more than any another.
    What does that make you if you can only cherish and protect what's close to you?

  6. Tarzan. Germany really needs help. But you swedish guys have tha same problem with the institutions and minds behing it i think.

  7. agreed golden one. we are going to make America great for Americans first and then tourists can come and enjoy for vacation or immigrate legally and then return to their home or assimilate to their new country.

  8. This is the problem with nationality bullshit. you automatically love your country that you are born in. When you are brought into the world, you don't even have the path to love that country you were born in. You love that country because your parents and your people teach you about your country and mold you into loving it. Kids are molded by grown ups to learn and love that country you were born in. If you were born in america, you would love to be american just because you were born there. But let's say you were instead born in Germany, you would love to be German, only because you were born there are encouraged to love it by your parents. What is the point of nationalism and ethnic pride if you would like any nationality as long as you born there. Also, you people keep on taking pride in what you are because of past accomplishments. Those accomplishments were done by other people from the past who have the same nationality as you do. You had nothing to do with it. Why take pride in something you never even had a part of other than being the same nationality as that person did that accomplishment. Besides, nationalism most of the time makes people think of themselves as superior to others who are not like them. They always think the only people who are normal people are the people who look, talk, and are born the same place as them; pride usually makes people blind to what is really in front of them and makes them forget that everyone no matter who or where they come from are human beings. you should take pride in who you are, not what you are. The stupid Klan and Black Panthers are pride fools. A white guy would say that he is proud to be white. f course he would say that. he was born white and had gotten so use to being white while growing, he would love to white. If that person was born black, he would be doing the exact same thing. Why take pride in something that could go both ways; pride in nation and ethnic appears to be a huge waste of fucking time.

  9. Open borders is crazy because you have no idea who is coming in and out of the country, and makes it easier for human trafficking. Why is it Racist to want to protect friends and family from people who might not have good intentions for entering your country?

  10. I think nationalism is fairly simple. If you saw someone smashing your car, you'd he super angry. If you saw some wrecking your friends car you would be upset too, but maybe not to the same degree.

  11. You might say Nationalism is not about hatred, its just not worrying about others before your own, and thats good, Nationalism is at its best when it focuses inwards rather than outwards. Yet there are clearly Nationalists who do some or all 'others' in the world(simply have a look at any nationalists channels comments section), and yet no nationalists I can see are speaking out against that sort of thing, not attempting to calm and redirect the rage into more useful avenues of those in your political community that are propagating the negative images that allow all nationalists to be labelled racists…

  12. now coming from someone who is in no way a full blooded European, my ancestry is of more non european blood but i wont deny that its there, id like to ask that is fighting for a land and country really worth it?, now dont get me wrong im a fan of the channel and agree with a lot of what you say too, but people no matter what race or country people can be idiots, they can be people you despise wether or not they are the same race, now the old cutlures are gone, the vikings are gone, the romans, the celtics, the zulu's, the huns, etc.

    now i know im going on a bit but, i respect all cultures, all cultures had great badass warriors that must be appreciated, but modern society is here and multicutralism has been around for thousands of years since the time people have sailed to other lands to trade, wage war and all that, it it part of human nature to do these things, now modern day there are people of different races everywhere and thats just a fact, im happy to be a son of europe even though i am not a full blooded white dude but i was born here and have adopted the language and customs of where i live, but im as much a son of this land as any other and to deny that is foolish, wether or not i have a certain skin tone.

    now i ask what are you fighting for exactly, yes youre fighting for you country but who, just the white people?, people who were born there?, people who follow the laws?, children of immigrants who are born into that country.

    now to end this, tribes of people started at the beginnig of humanity, they fought for there tribe, their closest friends and family, and village partners, now we are in the modern day and culture is now becoming a thing of history and thats just how it is, people move forward and never backwards. i asked what is the end goal of a nationalist?, if its to go back to a simpler way of life then im all for it, if its to get rid of people who try to destroy your land, then yeah ill back you up, but if its just to have and all white europe, then i think that even the golden child would disagree with you. well if you read this and can give some informative feedback i welcome it,

    greetings from a child of mixed blood and gods

  13. Our people falter, entrenched with faulty liberal indoctrinations.

    The proud nationalists will always be victims of a plethora of oppositions, but hopefully they will pulverize any barriers and prevail!


  14. Those that hate our Lord hate the nation, because it was our Lord who created the nations and determined its boundaries and borders accordingly (Acts 17). Those that favor globalism hate The Lord because they attempt to control the world, which belongs to Yehovah and Him alone. Viva La Nationalism from a Southern Nationalist!

  15. Well what if I dont like my nation or my people i get the part about family but other than i dont care. Like i dont care about a random finnish person any more i care about a random russian or swedish person

  16. Nationalism is natural, yes just as natural as invisible lines drawn on the earth with magical state powers. Nationalism is about creating in-groups versus out-groups, neither of which exist except by arbitrary definitions. The next logical step to defining our tribes is to look at genetic markers in our DNA, before I decide who to prioritize I need to see their DNA mapped out and compare it to my own… How about your family is who you can call as such, people you trust and love intimately, not "love" because they share some superficial quality? Let us advance as a species and not revive hunter-gatherer tribalism as if it was the glorious pinnacle of our social evolution.

  17. Nationalism invented by leftist idiots in 19. s centaury ! A nationalism only good for making creates wars and world wars and insane revolutions .

  18. If you're a nationalist, why do you speak a foreign/internationalist language? You should speak svenska. English is contributing to the destruction of languages because of its widespread use.

  19. There are no boundaries to true brothers and sisters of the earth. Nationalism is a political tactic to control the weak minded peasants. Golden One are you a peasant.

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