25 thoughts on “NATIONALISM GLASSES | Republic Day Special | CCTV

  1. Nonsense Nationalism ko mazak samajhte hain. Muft ki azadii mili hey na iss liye gyan dene asan hai.

    Intellectual na frauds retarded people.

  2. काश ऐसे glasses सही में होते। इनकी बहुत जरूरत है जेएनयू में।

  3. Outstanding…hahaha…kaafi bdi sankhya ne ye chashma lagaya hua hai aree apna chashma utaar un kitaabo ke gyaan ka istemaal kro jo bchpn se pdhi h apni khud ki soch develop kro…

  4. So creative video!! This video means that if you blindly support a party, you will see/judge everything through the eyes of the leaders of that party.

  5. This one is cool ..I am a YouTuber from Chennai. Just got to see this video in FB and searched in YouTube to check other videos of yours . Fantastic idea bro

  6. Ab desh me ese environment banaya ja raha hai ki beef khana…… Afsal guru ko support karna……. Secular mana ja raha hai………….. Aur bharat mata ki jai bolna comunal mana ja raha hai…….

  7. CCTV Comedy good adaptation and relevant too, but I think you should've been honest enough to mention the film "They Live" in the credits as your inspiration (since the idea has clearly been borrowed from that film)

  8. I think u hired by Mr. Kejriwal and Young Charming Handsome Bachelor Single R. Gandhi. Waise bhi paapi pet k liye bhai kuch na kuch to karna padta hai👍
    A friend of mine share me on whatsapp, He thinks I'm a BJP supporter.😂😂😂

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