National Weather Forecast For Tuesday 19th Nov

National Weather Forecast For Tuesday 19th Nov

Kia ora Aotearoa Angus Hines here with
you National Weather Forecast. And yesterday Monday conditions aligned to
create a situation favorable for Tornado development in the eastern parts of the
South Island. Today not expecting the same but we are expecting some further
convection with Thunderstorms and Hail possible through parts of the south and
the east yet again on Tuesday well at the same time we have Heavy Rain moving
into Western Areas. As we push ahead to Wednesday the Front which is causing
this Heavy Rain out through the West moves north and starts to weaken as it
crosses the North Island but it still has enough oomph 🙂 with it to bring some
wet weather to most places in the north. At the same time that that’s happening
down through the South Island a pool of very Cold Air is crossing over the
country enhancing further convective activity so more Hail more Showers more
Thunderstorms all in the forecast for some southern regions. Let’s start up the
top of New Zealand it’s a fine and dry start but becoming cloudy during the
morning then you get showers as this Front does pass overhead so that’s mid
morning for spots like Taupō and Hamilton probably dry until afternoon
for Auckland, Northland and Bay of Plenty. When that Front goes through you get a
couple of hours of shower activity and a change to cooler southerly winds during
the afternoon and evening though those showers are clearing up and we’re
returning to mostly fine but slightly chillier conditions overnight. And down
South all that same stuff is happening just earlier on in the day in fact the
bulk of the rainfall probably will have cleared by the time you get out of bed
it is occurring in the very early hours of the morning then we have
predominantly fine weather for the rest of the day on Wednesday winds will waver
for a while west southwest west southwest when the secondary Cold Front
comes through in the evening then we firmly established that cooler southerly
flow at the end of the day on Wednesday and the second Front could potentially
bring a late shower back into Wellington or Masterton after a good sunny
afternoon. Crossing the Cook Strait now and for the South Island
it’s the flanks of the country which see the shower activity so that is Kaikōura and Christchurch out here through the East as well as Westport, Greymouth out there
along the West Coast for those places it will be quite a
showery day and by their very nature showers means there will be some good
gaps of clear and sunny weather in there but you probably never too far away from
some rainfall and when you do get caught under a shower you will know about it, it
could be heavy could be some hail could even be some thunderstorms during the
afternoon hours. By evening much of the shower activity has eased off heading
into a finer day. On Thursday central places such as the Southern Alps and
Nelson quite sheltered from this winter direction so they get a nice dry day
with some slightly cooler southwest winds. Down South there are Cold Winds
there are showers there’s the risk of Hail for all southern areas again I
would like to stress that showers will have some good gaps in there so you
should see some sunshine but keep the rain jacket handy and you can see
temperatures have taken quite a hit from the warmer days earlier around 14
degrees here Dunedin just 12 degrees the maximum for Invercargill. During the
afternoon showers clear out of most of these Eastern regions but they will hang
on down here for Invercargill inland places do avoid the worst of the shower
activity as well Queenstown, Alexandra Wanaka the risk of an early shower then
mostly dry from the day onwards. The following day a much awaited ridge of
High Pressure moves on to the country so settled weather for the North Island
Thursday looking nice and sunny for most areas the only exception to that is a
few early showers which could impact Eastern places before they to clear up
and enjoy the sunshine. And down South more of the same lots of fine weather
for you guys on Thursday down here there will be some cloud around at times also
some good breaks of sunshine a lot of temperatures in the high teens so not
the warmest today but still a nice day to be outside . During the evening a
little bit of scattered rain does push back onto southern spots everywhere from
about Oamaru southwards could see a late rainfall. If you would like more
information about the fine weather to end the week you can find your local
forecast at the MetService website for now, kia pai i tō rā.

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  1. is there a chance for another tornado in christchurch tommorow cause seen footage of yesterdays tornado it must of been scary for them.

    why is it always christchurch. whats wrong with christchurch. that is not a safe city. especially after the quakes and the terriost attack and now a freaking tornado? joking. i still cant believe tornado hit christchurch.. quite rare there. although whats weried is that last year marked one year since that big dusty tornado near ashburghton touch down.

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