National Take Back Day 2019

National Take Back Day 2019

Hello. This is your president. The opioid and drug
crisis has affected almost every family
in our country. It’s devastating and we’ve
made a lot of progress. A lot of tremendous progress. But we have Take Back Day. It’s called take back. We want you to go out and
collect all of those drugs and opioids and everything
you have that you know what’s good, and you
know what’s bad. And bring it in to a
location near you. There are lists
available everywhere. Get rid of them. We want to
clean out the United States of all of this excess bad
product that people can grab on to, they can do
things with. And when they do things,
that’s not good. We want to celebrate
our country. And one of the ways we’re
going to celebrate our country is Take Back Day. So go in,
do the best you can. Get rid of it. It’s no good. Not going to
do you good and certainly not going to do anybody
else any good. Take Back Day is this Saturday,
October 26. And I want to just thank
everybody because our drug crisis is always
going to be a crisis. But the numbers are way down. We’re very, very proud of it.

100 thoughts on “National Take Back Day 2019

  1. Dear President Trump, You are loved beyond comprehension by the people of this country and all freedom-loving people worldwide.  You WILL be our beloved president again in 2020.  Nothing can stop the unity of good people everywhere.  Love comes naturally, hate is something that’s taught by sick and evil people.  The traitorous deceivers were blinded by their own arrogance and stupidity.  LOVE ALWAYS WINS!  Because of your honor, integrity and bravery in keeping your word, we have work for our hands to do so we may feed our families and enjoy prosperity offering a bright future for our children.  I do not hate the traitorous liars, I pity them.  They are lowly scoundrels that come from a very dark place.  John 4:16  – And we have known and believed the love that God hath for us.  God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.  We have been reinvigorated with this self-evident truth.  Thank you from the center of my heart!  You are a good man with great wisdom.  God bless you and yours! J

  2. Trump supporters are AMERICAN TERRORISTS allowing their wilful ignorance from their CHRISTIAN-DOLLAR-GOD to be a Excuse for their horrendous intolerance of malice.
    They enjoy their self induced Fahrenheit 451 book burning parties in Trump's pedophile Fascist KAKISTOCRACY.

    WE Love & Suport, Protect & Defend Our Uniq SuperStar, Top Hero Wining & Warior Leader. 

  4. Howie in da backseattt!

  5. 2pacalypse now

  6. You people condemn people like el chapo, then when the Sackler family is on the noose for their crimes, our "justice" systems gives them a petty little fine. Your lip service does nothing Orange man.

  7. That's great, but what about the meth&meth labs!!!!!! This is also very dangerous drug. Need it all too STOP! Mother against drugs🇺🇸

  8. This should have been all over the news today. It wasn't. This has reached unforgivable levels. Our "News" is worthless. Worse than that, it's an intolerable liability.

  9. It's me the woman behind the computer this s*** is so scary that literally I believe that you have telepathic abilities

  10. Thank God for President Trump and all God fearing patriots… Together WE have taken back our country, now is the time to pray for thanks and healing.

  11. When you come to this White House channel the only thing you get is a lot of Trumpers kissing ass. These are the ones who get ALL of their information from one source so "Trump is a victim" and everything is a conspiracy, which anybody knows is your typical disinformation campaign. Praising your President isn't going to help him now. You could have steered him and guided him but you didn't MAGA hats. Instead you treat him like he is your savior. You are like an enabling parent or spouse in denial, whose kid, husband or wife has a serious problem. But you refuse to see the problem and do everything in your power to pretend like the problem does not exist. And yet it does. It is no surprise that MAGA culture would be this way given that many are so tied to religious authority and military authority. And so ANY dissent is seen as being disloyal, but it is not. It is actually more patriotic to tell the President what he NEEDS instead of what he want. There were those in the White House that could have saved this President had they had your backing. But unfortunately for him, he fired and pushed out 80% of those people, and professionals who HE appointed. So do your President a favor and stop feeding him bullshit and USA flag emojis and heart emojis. This does not help him perform better as a President. He is NOT YOUR BOSS. He serves America. He is suppose to defend the Constitution through an Oath of Office, however with his attacks on the 1st Amendment press, the shutting down of the Constitutional Government, and the blatant disregard for the Constitutional balances of Power, and attempting to extort foreign countries for political favors, he will will be impeached. YOUR FAULT especially all of you at these rallies. Pathetic. When he told you that the press were the enemy of the people, YOU should have defended the press DESPITE what you may think of them. He would have gotten that message real quick, but see what I am saying? You are enablers. This White House channel is full of enablers, just like the enabler of a drug addict.

  12. And it turns out the pharmaceutical companies have more suicides and overdoses than the street drugs so if you're going to take back something why don't you stop taking the Kickbacks that pharmaceutical companies keep filling your pockets you lying pathetic old fool! And while you're at it take back the lies and deceptions of September 11th 2001 and add all the rest of the false Flags you keep throwing out at the American people you can take those back too and shove them up your big fat arse!

  13. Thank god the world is once again safe from terror & destruction

  14. Gracias saludos cordiales bendiciones en familia equipo 2020_24_ Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo excelentes por siempre!!!!

  15. Trump is DEEP STATE SWAMP RAT. He will lose the election because he is a liar. he is not leaving syria. He is immoral clown. Impeach him. American military protecting syrian oil fields. he supposed to leave. what a bummer. Thief become security guard for the bank.

  16. Remember… the US military is strong. Any hostile nation wants to destroy you, they'll attack you where you are weak. Best monitor the chemical industry and who works at these companies.

  17. I've never used any drug, never had a sip of alcohol, never smoked a cigarette, and I don't even drink caffeine. People that need substances are weak.

  18. I'm guessing drug sells are down, need to get rid of the stockpile so the government can make bigger profits. If you think Trump is any different than Obama you are wrong. If you think Syria used Syrian weapons to "gas" the Syrian people you are wrong. The chemical attack in Syria was an attack by the "rebels" using AMERICAN made weapons. If you think this was done under Obama you are wrong. This contract was renewed and runs from 2018-2023. Our TAX dollars are still funding terrorist EVERY DAY. Watch the link below it includes names, invoices and lot numbers of AMERICAN weapons being shipped every day to terrorist.

  19. thanks it,s president Trump's tickets and momber it love but country why's support and really powber who might be able it is really nice luck

  20. This is a video of a new addiction sweeping America.. but can the DEA do anything about it?

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  22. This is a great step toward public health! Thank you, Mr. President. Now can we have "Give Back Day", and stop the war on adult vapers who never want to smoke tobacco again? Also, legalize THC products federally so they can be regulated to protect the public from Vitamin E Oil and Pesticides in black-market THC Products , the real cause of these recent lung illnesses.

  23. People take drugs (especially opiods) bc theyre in pain. Drugs arent guns; you cant tell people to "give them back" like they collected them for funsies.

  24. My Praying for you Mr. President Trump, and May God, have Mercy to our Families, and our Celestial Earth and Universe, Light, True, Love, Pace, Kindness, Hope and Compassion, Shalom 🙏🏼❤️🗺❤️🙏🏼

  25. i have watched so much loss from these pills was on them from a bad accident for many years it angered me when finding out what these people did knowing what the out come was just really pissed me off i was worse nothing was getting better my body was falling apart from these meds i stopped cold turkey and started all natural yes i still have alot of pain but my brain is so much better that i can deal with it im on the road to healing i have a long ways to go but i will get there and yes natural does work it just takes time all these people that knew they were creating addicts and disease from these pills they all need to be in jail

  26. Trump why don't you take back that money you spent on golfing and bullshit! Spend it on the American people!Not hard to do at all is it?

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