National Enquirer Shredded Documents To Protect Trump’s Campaign

National Enquirer Shredded Documents To Protect Trump’s Campaign

According to an explosive new book by Ronan
Farrow, AMI, the company that owns the national Enquirer actually shredded and destroyed documents
and stories that would have damaged Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Here’s the story that Ronan tells in this
new book, back then 2016 we’re coming up towards the end of the election. Polls are tied. Hillary’s slightly ahead in AMI by way of
national Inquirer had gotten their hands on stories that Donald Trump and Michael Cohen
had paid $150,000 to former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal a to keep her silent about
the affair that Trump had with her. And national Enquirer bought those stories. They caught them and then they killed them. That’s the catch and kill and they put them
in a safe, according to Ronan Farrow right there at AMS office along with some other
documents that implicated the company in some of the arrangements of the hush money payments. Cause David Pecker, the guy that owns it was
good friends with Donald Trump and wanted to protect him. So that’s why all of this happened. And then on the day that the story broke because
they were called by another reporter saying, Hey, we’re reaching out for comment about
this story. You’re implicated in it. Then they came in and said, take it all out
of the safe. Get a shredder up here and destroy it all
because they wanted to help Donald Trump win. Now, last year, AMI and Pecker were given
immunity by investigators in the state of New York who were looking into whether or
not these payments constituted a campaign finance violations along with the catch and
kill, which may not have been something that physically was money, but it was something
of value that was given to the campaign. So that’s potentially illegal, but they were
given immunity so that they would cooperate with the prosecutors. But because this is a criminal investigation,
they destroyed evidence and unfortunately they were given immunity probably before we
knew that this story happened. Now, is it possible to revoke that immunity? Maybe depends on the terms of it. If, if the prosecutors in New York determine
that AMI and David Pecker were not completely honest with them when entering into the immunity
agreement, then yes, that immunity agreement can be canceled. And if they didn’t disclose that they had
already destroyed evidence relevant to the investigation being carried out by these prosecutors
in the state of New York, that to me, legally speaking, would constitute a breach of that
immunity upon entering and therefore would wipe the slate clean and then AMI opens themselves
up to prosecution unless of course they’ve got something bigger or better that they’re
ready to divulge about Donald Trump. So we’ll see. This is a very important story by Ronan Farrow. It’s a very great new book out by Ronan Farrow,
and this is just one of many explosive stories that he has about how corrupt and deceitful
all of the corporate media is here in the United States.

100 thoughts on “National Enquirer Shredded Documents To Protect Trump’s Campaign

  1. Oh yea I'm so surprised.. A newspaper that says there are aliens doing anal probing is so legit.. Farron, we knew this about a year ago, where you been???

  2. I'm not shocked, but that news bounced off him before. The focus of the main impeachment will be his downfall. No need to muddle that up with this. Now I can see going after that dirt rag National Enquirer for helping this lowlife degenerate.

  3. Don the con deserves to be exposed for all his narcissism bragging and lying. Need to bring that ass down a lot of notches

  4. Wait a minute, The National Enquirer has been shredding the truth for years. This is nothing new. That's why it's at the supermarket checkout counter oh, so you can look at it, laugh and put it back. 😉😉🤣🤣🤣

  5. We are finding out that all types of unscrupulous activities have been going on with regard to keeping Trump's criminal activities under lock and key.

  6. All these people behaving criminally and nothing happens to them. If I get a ticket, can I refuse to pay it pointing at the president, the Trump Adm, GOP and his enablers? Why should the law treat me different? After all, the lawlessness of this administration should be common place for all.

  7. Don't be so critical of the Enquirer!
    I've always been a devoted admirer.
    They broke the story that Elvis lives on.
    And that his babies are alien spawn!

  8. Now imagine if a group shredded OBAMA related stories, the cult would demand blood. But since its Trump stories, they of course don't care, or call it fake news.

  9. Trump is buying a stairway to his tall walled prison.
    Al Capone was never convicted of crime. He cheated on his taxes.

  10. Some sleazy tabloid disposes of incriminating evidence of Drumpf's crimes & allows that Orangutan to become dictator.

    Like my mother said, the only thing good about the National Enquirer is it makes a colorful litterbox liner.

  11. To get legal immunity, there is a deal made between the two sides. If one side lies or doesn't keep their end of the deal, then the immunity is revoked.

  12. Friends in high places kill bad news. Problem is, they can't cover everything when you have total lawlessness taking place every day.

  13. If the Inquirer went to all the trouble of paying big bucks for these trump stories so that no one else could have them and then locked those stories (and photos?)
    up in their safe for for ages, it had to be something that could really damage trump. And I ask you did trump's paid off affair or his fling with the Playboy chick harm him in the least? HELL NO! If anything it made his male base admire him all the more. He became the political version of Ron Jeremy without Jeremy's equipment.

    It's gotta be something much worse than that. THAT only made him look better to his base. So what could it be then. His base admires him for his cons, scams. And frauds so there goes another one.

    About the only thing that would be worthy of a catch and keep and destroy years later, would be proof
    (Perhaps even photographic proof) of trump having fun with Jeff Epstein whom he now claims he DIDN'T like much, but back then claimed was a "lot of fun." Maybe even something that backs up the story of the then 13 year old girl who claims trump had her tied to a bed and then raped her.

    I dunno, but it takes some heavy Artillery to do damage to a man who cannot be embarrassed or shamed. Just a thought.

  14. trump has been a self-serving liar his whole life and a con-man his entire adult business-man life… Becoming the
    President Of The United States, has changed nothing… He is still the little, thin-skinned child, he was at age five
    when he discovered that lying could get him out of trouble…

  15. America, if you are listening, if you cannot come out on the street to protest against having a criminal in the White House, please kindly exercise your conscience! Trump, is the ultimate fall down of the USA. Please be rational and open your minds.

  16. Unfortunately look at everything people knew before 2016 …
    He was a liar never a leader.
    if any president had said grab them by their p** or half of what he said they would never get elected. 45 couldn't get a job anywhere based on actions.
    This shall be interesting but will it matter?

  17. Does AMI face legal jeopardy if they try to enforce the contracts for the stories that were caught&killed if they destroyed the details&evidence for those sensitive documents? Can those ppl share&publish their stories to someone else now if destroying those documents resulted in the obstruction of justice plus in kind contribution and tampering or destruction of evidence?

  18. And if the Democrats take back the Country in 2020 and that’s a big fcuking mind. The Trump Administration I think will shred documents before a new President takes over in January 2021.

  19. Psychopaths love other psychopaths. They are obscene, evil, demented and pathetic "humans". They destroy their own species. You know who you are. You live in unending blackness and are never satisfied. Decency will win and all of you will be shown to be the despicable non-entities you burden the world with.

  20. Wait…Wait….Wait …..The National Sleaze Paper had trash on Trump and didn't use it ? We as Americans have been saying Trump's name wrong . It's pronounced Teflon and at the rate it's going nothing will stick to him . 😵😵😵

  21. If they did shred documents Then anybody who was paid off by the magazine to keep quiet should come forward. Since there is no proof on the magazines behalf that any agreement existed.

  22. I would be more interested in how many that Muller might of destroyed and why was David Pecker, of The National Enquirer, given immunity by Muller in the first place? Was it so Pecker would turn over his information then it could be in the hands of Barr? Was Muller more interested in protecting the Republican party then doing the job that he was paid, by the tax payer, to do? How much of the information that pecker turned over to Muller is in the so called Muller report? It seems to me that this information is being held from public view. why?

  23. There has got to be an abortion story or two in this…..but the people are still surely around. If there are illegitimate kids around then there is DNA.
    Surely other people will come forward.

  24. Trump is the modern Satan !! He's untouchable just look at his eyes they say evil 😠 with every fiber in his body !!

  25. No one believes the National Enquirer anyway. They are tabloid and onion story generator…shit like my wife got pregnant by a alien lol.😂 yah no!

  26. The big scandal it seems, was Trump was accused of raping a 13 year old girl.
    Her family received death threats, so the crime has been hidden away.
    We can only guess at what else was in those files.

  27. When is some of these so called reporters going ask:
    1- It the so called 'released 'transcript showed nothing wrong why was the phone call and actual transcript placed on a secret server? And why not release them?
    2- why is Trump so worried about the 2016 election, which he won?
    3- what was Trump going to do with any information on the Biden's if any was found?
    4- would Trump welcome a full investigation into his kids conerning thier business dealing while actually working at the WH?
    5- has the nearly 3 year audit of his tax returns been completed yet and when will he release his tax returns? And why did he not already release them when there is no legal rule about not releasing them while under audit?

  28. In Karen McDougals interview she never mentioned she was paid to keep quiet. Just that she signed the rights to her story away to AMI and was suing to get them back. Interesting. He was banging her and stormy at the same time. Probably others as well. melania says she doesn’t believe it. Lol! Money is certainly the almighty of this plane.
    Wonder who he’s banging now. Not Me lon ia. Donald lives like the world is his candy store and he takes what he wants indiscriminately. Doesn’t care if he’s caught. Just throws money and pays liars to cover things up. Wonder how many ppl he’s killed? Besides the Kurds.

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