National Day Outfits | $20 vs $200 | EP 4

National Day Outfits | $20 vs $200 | EP 4

Such a pretty dress but I can’t get a one-piece. Hi, I’m Chow. And I’m Peps! Welcome to another
episode of $20 vs $200. Today, we’re going to battle it out to find the most
Singaporean outfits just in time for National Day. What I remember most [about
the National Day Parade]… I think for me it’s fireworks and then,
like, a lot of the planes flying and, like, performances, maybe the songs? Most importantly, everyone’s P5 moment
of watching the parade, you know? Because that was the one and only time
in my life that I’ve actually seen the NDP. So what do you wear on National Day? I realise as I get older, I don’t really celebrate. Back then, when we still did it, I remember
we all would wear red, be in the… – Patriotic, look like the flag!
– Yes! Yeah. If I head out on National Day, I think I would want
to be decked out in something comfortable. To deal with the heat! Okay, so I don’t know who’s gonna get
the $20 and who’s gonna get the $200, but if I were to get the $200, I think I will try and
layer my outfits because I’m all about layers. Over here, we have the real $200! This is the first time in my life someone has
handed me their card and be like, “Go shop!” Okay, honestly I got a $20 before. So I am up for the challenge, okay! – Okay, so are you ready?
– Yes! Let’s go! Hello, so I’m here at Peninsula Plaza, opposite is Peninsula Shopping Centre, where I will try to find my $20 outfit. Ah! Oh my god… Oh my god, this is red? It’s $10 though. What is this? I’m looking for red or, like, white, like a shirt with collar. This is harder than I thought, oh my goodness. Such a pretty dress, but I can’t get a one-piece. So, this is a nice floral print and I’m thinking
that Singapore is, like, a Garden City right? And I can somehow try and
incorporate florals into my outfit. I literally can’t get any of these because
you guys set this one-piece rule. Friends, this is not going well. These are all male stuff! Where are all the female stuff? Mid-rise crop? Nope! Oh man, Look! It would have been nice, it’s just that I’m real short. Alright, I’m going to go and try these on, and see whether they fit me well. It’s really long. I’m not a fan of the cut so much. A little bit loose. And I’m not a fan of the ankles. Yeah, I’m probably going to change up this top too. I’m a little disappointed because I tried everything on, but nothing seemed to fit well enough. So I’m going to browse my other options first- before making my decision
whether or not to come back. Hello, do you sell shorts? – I don’t sell others, only this.
– Oh, okay, okay. – Mostly for men.
– Right! Where are all the female stuff? We’re heading back to Peninsula Plaza. So they’re actually across each other. This store is huge! I think the looks here are a lot more casual. This is really nice. This is very Garden City, don’t you think? I can try. Oh, real nice! I’m gonna go and try out this winning outfit on. I really hope it works out because
I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Chow, I hope you’re having a good time, because I’m… stressed! Okay, I’m so stressed. I just tried everything on, it
fits perfectly, I really like it. And I’m going to go pay up now before
we head off to get some accessories. Let’s go! Okay, so i’m here inside the store. Um… There are a lot of whites. I saw that there are denims. For $7. So I’m going to switch things up with some denim. Okay, so I just bought my stuff. I’m, like, having mixed feelings about it because, like, I don’t know if it’s up to standard or something. So I’m like… (Struggles to speak) Okay, but never mind. Can’t find any bags that are suitable. I think this bag up here, that I cannot reach,
will add a great pop of colour to the outfit. (Struggles) Oh, easy game. That was easy, wasn’t it, Seb? Okay, I could afford this, yeah. We have returned! It was so stressful, man. – Oh my god.
– I’ve been there. Because all I saw was shoes
and male stores and I’m like… One piece of clothing was $20 and I was like… I do not relate. I’m sorry. I feel like with the $200 budget, I had
a lot more leeway with my outfit. And I didn’t need to worry about things
like looking in the men’s section. – Shall we go and get changed?
– Yup! Let’s go! Okay, ready? – Yeah.
– Okay, 1, 2, 3! Oh! Wow! Oh my god. Do you feel the Garden City vibes? Yes, yes, yes, the summer vibes. Yeah! This is a very Peps outfit. I mean, I was going for layers. I would say the shirt is $25? Close, it was $20! Oh wow, that’s the cost of my entire thing. She has a total of 3 items in this outfit as well, and she spent under? – Or within the total budget?
– It was $21, I had to top up $1. Oh my god, you overbudgeted! Yeah, by $1! – Naughty, overbudget.
– I couldn’t, oh my god, it was so hard. Alright, let’s go see what other people
have to say about our outfits. Yup! And if they can tell which is $20 and which is $200. Let’s go! Are you on the way to the rehearsal? Oh no, I’m not. How do you like our outfits? It’s nice, it’s nice. I wish your shoes were different,
but I like the rest of your outfit. Thank you. I guess this is, like, more girly. More girly fashion. And this is more like a dancer look or something. Oh lol. Dancer look, okay. Does it channel National Day vibes? The red and the whole tropical thing… – Yes, that was exactly what I was going for.
– Damn it. National Day is all about red tops
or white bottoms or both. – Right, yes, yes.
– Yeah, so I feel you need to have at least one- to make it feel like National Day. Personally, if I’m going for National Day,
then I would choose that outfit. Yes! The thing is, we were put on a
challenge to shop for clothing, and we were given 2 budgets. Can you
guess which is $20 and which is $200? $20, $200. Oh. Um… Wow! Plot twist. $20, $200. Gasp! What? Why? This is the $200, this is the $20. – Oh my god.
– Oh no, no, no, I feel bad for her. I change my answer. No, cannot, you cannot change. – Actually, this is the $20 outfit
– Yeah, this is $20. – And this is the $200.
– Okay. Yes! Yeah, um… This was $8, this is $6 and this is $7. Oh well done. – He’s impressed.
– I am very impressed. So what did you girls think about the challenge? It was really challenging for me. Having the $20 budget is already quite tight. I still think you did very well. In fact, so many people thought
that this was the $200 outfit. If you all are talking about, like, oh who has the
National Day vibes, it’s no competition there. Honestly, there is really no competition. I was taken aback that people
thought my outfit was $20. ‘Cause how can you get an outfit like
this, with this bag right, for $20? Singapore pride! To showcase your Singapore pride in your outfit, the go-to is definitely still, the red. Because nothing screams Singapore
more than this striking red colour. Yeah. Thank you for watching this
episode, if you enjoyed yourself, don’t forget to share in the comments section
down below what you want to see us do next! And remember to like, share and subscribe! Bye-bye!

15 thoughts on “National Day Outfits | $20 vs $200 | EP 4

  1. I love Chow's outfit!! But sorry Peps's outfit didn't resonate national day vibes to me but tbh with $20, that outfit combo would be great and cheap for casual wear! <3

  2. A Friend of mine challenged me to do a $20 outfit for her from fast fashion outlet, Zara to be specific during the GSS and yes it is possible!

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